If you are pregnant, you are more likely to lose your baby in a miscarriage if you receive a COVID-19 vaccine than if receive measles, mumps, flu, tetanus, or any other vaccine (CDC's VAERS database)
The Wellness Company’s Dr. Peter McCullough Vindicated in Court Baylor Scott and White Health System Against Dr. McCullough Dismissed
Dr. Julapalli says his colleague claimed that a high-ranking official at Methodist offered her the opportunity to fake getting the vaccine. 'She told us…
epidemiological, anatomopathological, molecular and physiological findings; supports our thesis (McCullough's & embraced by myself) that the 'DIED…
What she is saying is that the movement is feuding internally & she might be right; but sometimes it is good for it cleans house & crystalizes things…
IMO, this is what the FAA is saying and crying out for help!
synthetic mRNA technology 'as a drug' that is in COVID gene injections (Pfizer and Moderna) is devastating & as we see, has not worked, it's deadly on…
Re-peat post for this short McCullough interview is critical
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