China, Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia would all join forces against the US. Almost 14,000 Russian speaking Ukrainians have been slaughtered since 2014 by the Nazi Azov Battalion and Ukraine military. They are still bombing in the Donbass. All those billions of dollars sent there is just being laundered by the Democrat party. Biden, when elected, said China was not a threat. Now they are? They ignored for years the treatment of the Chinese people, over a million Falon Gong practitioners were killed and used for organ harvesting, thousands of Uyger Muslims have been enslaved for years in "Re-education camps and used for slave labor for American products. The Elite have never cared, its all about getting rich on the backs of others. The US is still involved in Syria and four young people were killed the other day. Do you think I care if Putin downed a drone?

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Russia denies that it downed the military drone, and I think that they are more trustworthy than the US at this point. https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/russia-denies-it-downed-us-military-drone-that-crashed-into-black-sea-3861653

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Obama Biden got rich off wars, they have so many deaths on their hands. They're poking the bear and the dragon and we're at the mercy of being nuked and emp'd. They hate America. Biden has a history of corruption with both Ukraine and China. He really shouldn't be in office.

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Dr. Alexander, Please forgive me for using your most recent article to bring Jeffrey Tucker's revisionist history to your attention in his latest Brownstone piece. It is entirely speculative and, I think, irresponsible.


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I do. If Russia had joined the WEF the US would have been happy campers I suspect. That, I believe, is why they want Putin out and someone they can control in. Zelensky was placed in Ukraine by a Russian Oligarch to be a useful, controlled tool.

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You, your friends and your children are all going to war. They’re going to die.

Zelensky said so.

Your politicians don’t care because they always sit home in safety.

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When Metallica invaded Russia

To me, this is the greatest single example of the power of music.



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Totally agreed Dr. Paul. Thanks for stating the obvious so many times over top the blaring narrative that you so easily debunk

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Now let's play the fact game; When I want to know the TRUTH I go to TASS.COM the official GOV of RUSSIAN MSM site;

Here's what Tass says about this non-story

1.) It happens every damn day, USA sends probe drones out into the skys to see what is going on. This is not unlike weather balloons, BIDEN would like you ALL to think that before last month weather balloons didn't exist that they're a recent 'chinese spy' tool;

2.) Tuesday’s US MQ-9 Reaper drone’s crash in the Black Sea. Come to close to the fire you might get burnt; I'm going to assume that the drone came with 'laser range' of a high-power EM weapon and it got fried and just 'augured into the water as pilots say'.

3.) In star-wars the bad guys send out "Imperial Probe Drones", the good guys shoot them down and blow them up, or they self-destruct when captured.

4.) US-MIL brass " John Kirby as saying that US UAVs make these kinds of overflights on a daily basis." So why would team-biden aka soiled-diaper-face mask geriatric morons put this story front&center 14MAR2023? Most likely cuz lots of USA morons thought the world would end and this BS would be proof that WW3 had begun.

5.) Time for Austerity, its a War economy; Biden destroyed the banks and soon the currency, its the Russian & Chinese fault, but you all need to eat insects to support the war.

US drones gather data for Kiev’s future strikes on Russia — ambassador to US

Anatoly Antonov quoted US National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby as saying that US UAVs make these kinds of overflights on a daily basis


Can we all just say 'DUH"???

"What do they do thousands of miles away from the United States? The answer is obvious - they gather intelligence which is later used by the Kiev regime to attack our armed forces and territory," Antonov said.

"Let us ask a rhetorical question: if, for example, a Russian strike drone appeared near New York or San Francisco, how would the US Air Force and Navy react?


A rule based nation would know that "Pilots should be aware that proper application of transponder and ADS-B operating procedures will provide both VFR and IFR aircraft with a higher degree of safety."

Un-Manned aircraft are subject to the same rules;

The problem of course while these are USA laws&rules they don't apply to the CIA; Praetorian's by definition are exempt from all law&rules;

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God said the world will be ruled by children (decipher please. Our children are precious.) These lunatics are playing Nintendo on us. This is a Spiritual War. Game On! Keep God Almighty in your heart, mind and soul. HE our Father is on it! This will be a spectacular end to evil. Popcorn anyone? Yes Please. Lock and Load! Amen

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Nothing new! Spying has been going on since WWII!

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Nothing new here. Gary Powers flew over Russia and bailed out of his spy plane. Shot down. DC 3 spy plane out of Osaka , Japan in 1964 shot down. Spy games still active and more sophisticated. We hear only one side of the story.

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Thanks to Uncle Joe's extreme weakness, we've been putin an awkward position.

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Maybe talk to the goddess Melanie Joly. Suffocate the Russian regime': Joly says SWIFT decision puts pressure on Putin. Wtf was she thinking.

This SHITE comes the Trudeau Regime.

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The battle is neocons against the world. The us Is just the sucker....

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