It is criminal how natural immunity has been denigrated or outright ignored these past three years. My experience: https://open.substack.com/pub/monachopsist/p/how-i-kept-from-getting-covid

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They knew the poisonous jab hurt babies and fertility!!

Watch this short video on the Pfizer docs!


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And yet Pig Pharma, our government, and its agencies still advertise and advocate for the dangers of covid and safety of vaxx and boosters...for kids and adults.

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Public Health Agency of Canada: Rapid review on protective immunity post infection with SARS-CoV-2: update 3

October 2021

(see evidence: 82-99% protection against reinfection for up to 13 months, which was the duration of the study)


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Since the spike protein is "deadly" and it never leaves the body why are they therefore not saying "all" the vaxed will die if it's so "deadly"?

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Thank you Dr. Alexander. I am not a doctor but I research and most importantly I have common sense. Natural Immunity is the way to go. Are any childhood vaccines safe and effective? No. What is safe and effective? They move the goalpost all the time. Can anyone trust the vax manufacturers? No. They do conduct true blind placebo testing? No. Do they test vaccines given in combination with other vaccines? No. Do they have full immunity? Yes. Do they block effective inexpensive therapeutics? YES. Do they gaslight the public? Yes. Do they control the media? Yes Do they conduct long term studies? No Do they fund their own studies and staff these studies with hand picked folks? Yes. The time is running out on these folks. you can't hold back the truth.

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Problem is the other side are arguing that covid is far worse than HIV/AIDS and if you've ever had it, whether you're a kid or an adult, you're f-cked, you're a ticking time bomb headed rapidly for premature death. To see a real bunch of neurotics go to @1goodtern or @toshiakima, e.g.

"I teach my junior staff to beware of patients presenting with sepsis and post-COVID lymphopoenia. Extra vigilance is required in these cases, as their clinical course is often worse. The literature to support this vigilance is extensive and grows daily"

"Most immunologists seem to agree covid harms the immune system. Some are resistant and did not like my original thread of papers. Here I begin 36 more refs that show/imply immune damage. Many studies are for severe covid, but some mild.

"If you see non-clinicians decry post-COVID immunosuppression as a “conspiracy theory”, ask yourself why they're the same lot who've spent years pushing mass infection propaganda—herd/hybrid immunity, children-don't-spread-COVID…and now “immunity debt”.

" Decoding the “'mmunity debt' propaganda. It means that if there is a surfeit of infection, this can only have resulted from there previously having been insufficient infections. The solution to excess infections is always more infections."

"As a clinician, I've seen young patients die of sepsis from atypical organisms with lymphopoenia weeks after acute COVID. I've seen deaths from TB and endocarditis. I've treated multidermatomal shingles. I routinely look out for post-COVID lymphopoenia."


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Get a load of this … 😩

Dr. Francis Collins and Diane Baker perform a Covid version of “Puff, the Magic Dragon” for Camp Fantastic


Hat tip: Celia Farber Substack

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