Okay Dr Alexander... I'ts my turn to BOOM!!! "you".... THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU


Not happy Jan, .... Outraged sovereign Aussie

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Yes. We’ve seen this with Fauci too. Fucker.

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His words were “we will make them as mandatory as possible”

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He gave them access to the Federal Immunisation Register. They wouldn’t have been able to mandate Jack if he didn’t do that.

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F$#kin idiot lying ScoMo!! 'Scotty from marketing' I am LEAVING Australia because of the HELL he and his idiot CHOs put me through. I WILL have better life, unvaxxed and free.

IF I saw you on the street in the week I have left here, I kick you in your soft nuts Ahole

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Paul, see my presentation on voluntary informed consent and the Covid jab mandates, which includes reference to that lying hypocrite Scott Morrison, the former traitorous prime minister of Australia...

Here's the link, runs for about 58 minutes, from 3:50, on Club Grubbery, this is the forum started by former Qantas pilot Graham Hood (Hoody) and John Larter, a paramedic - both unable to work in these roles due to the Covid jab mandates: https://rumble.com/v2c20qk-club-grubbery-doctors-with-voices-07-03-2023-elizabeth-hart-breaks-down-the.html

The bottom line is...no-one has given informed consent to these worse than useless injections.

Please see my presentation, we have to get people all around the world talking about 'voluntary informed consent', or more precisely the lack thereof.

When people fully understand how they were tricked into these largely unnecessary medical interventions, for themselves and for their children, the solids are going to hit the fan...we're sitting on a powder keg.

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Morrison digs himself into a deeper hole with each blatant lie and false denial.

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That’s why he was voted out.. In 22 .. so many knew he was lying..

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Fuck him. Gallows !

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People should remember one of his first utterances way back in the beginning was that this did not appear to be more than a flu. Add to that their is provision n our constitution for the federal government to control pandemics- if he didn’t want mandates we didn’t have to have them. Add the dodgy national cabinet shadow government crap - illegal and unconstitutional, a shadow government. The list goes on. We already lost our sovereignty we are being run and controlled by forces outside our ur country and unelected. Another country under blackmail?

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they just lie. they realize they made a big mistake and they're hoping no one will notice them back tracking

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The truth is out there but it doesn’t come from his lips. There is an interview somewhere, if my memory serves me correctly, where he basically says if you get vaccine damaged tuff luck you made the choice. What choice when people were FORCED to shoot up or goodbye job!!!

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Yep, biggest liar ever, this is also why we can't access "National Cabinet" meeting's records... He weaponised employers to push the vaccine... "Take it or lose your job"... I took the job loss... Russian roulette, no thanks... He also weaponised "FairWork" and "re-educated" the Vice President Hatcher and Comissioner Riordan for comments in judgements re Covid vaccination (they could see the writing on the wall and entered this into FairWork, who totally do not acknowledge the following judgement statements)

"Can COVID vaccinations be mandated by employers on health and safety grounds?

[130] The short answer to this question, in almost every case, is no."

[113] Before turning to a consideration of these reasons, it is important to set the context with some information that is publicly available and should be uncontroversial:

a. Unlike many other vaccinations such as those used to stop the spread of tetanus, yellow fever and smallpox, COVID vaccinations are not designed to stop COVID. They are designed to reduce the symptoms of the virus, however a fully vaccinated person can contract and transmit COVID.

b. The science is clear in that COVID is less serious for those who are young and otherwise healthy compared to those who are elderly and/or who have co-morbidities. In other words, the risk of COVID is far greater for those who are elderly or have co-morbidities. Around 87% of those who have died with COVID in Australia are over 80 years old and had other pre-existing illnesses listed on their death certificates.

c. The World Health Organisation has stated that most people diagnosed with COVID will recover without the need for any medical treatment.

d. The vaccines are only provisionally approved for use in Australia and are accordingly still part of a clinical trial 20.

e. There are side effects to the COVID vaccines that are now known. That side effects exist is not a conspiracy theory.

f. The long-term effects of the COVID vaccines are unknown, and this is recognised by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia.

Consent is required for participation in clinical trials

[114] Consent is required for all participation in a clinical trial. Consent is necessary because people have a fundamental right to bodily integrity, that being autonomy and self-determination over their own body without unconsented physical intrusion. Voluntary consent for any medical treatment has been a fundamental part of the laws of Australia and internationally for decades.

It is legally, ethically and morally wrong to coerce a person to participate in a clinical trial.

[115] Coercion is not consent. Coercion is the practice of persuading someone to do something using force or threats. Some have suggested that there is no coercion in threatening a person with dismissal and withdrawing their ability to participate in society if that person does not have the COVID vaccine. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

[116] All COVID vaccines in Australia are only provisionally approved, and as such remain part of a clinical trial 21. This is not part of a conspiracy theory. It is a fact easily verifiable from the website of the TGA, Australia’s regulatory authority responsible for assessing and registering/approving all COVID vaccines before they can be used in Australia.

[117] The requirement for consent in this context is not new and should never be controversial. The Nuremburg Code (the Code), formulated in 1947 in response to Nazi doctors performing medical experiments on people during WWII, is one of the most important documents in the history of the ethics of medical research.

[118] The first principle of the Code is that “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential”.


This judgement statement have been no use in mediation with FairWork, and court cases... So what happened to change the legalities mentioned here?

I fear our country's been invaded, and these statements were made by great legal minds, as a matter of record... That is the old Australia, full of legal rights as stated above, versus the new Australia run by the WEF... Who do not believe in human rights as stated by the Yuval Noah Harari at 1:59 in this video, human rights are just "a fiction" as he states, and this is how the elites at the WEF will argue it in their new world order...


It's not unique to Australia though, even the much lauded US Constitution is being trampled on, as are rights all over the Western World, pity is too many are alseep...

Sco Mo made his statements about "no vaccine mandates in Australia" as with the microphone switched off he negotiated workplace "policy" could be the mandate, and of course the above judgement statement from Fairwork, hidden under the carpet.

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Scotty from marketing gave himself three extra ministerial jobs to profit from the scamdemic... A liar too? Well, colour me surprised...

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Deception is the only play Morriscum knows.

He is a pathological liar, a narcissist, and a truly horrible excuse for a human being.

That he was our PM for years is a shame we'll all carry for a long time.


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Mr Morrison reminded the public on more than one occasion that he does not consider the injection compulsory; as he said, it was the states that made it compulsory. Few people know of Mr Morrison's push-back against Pfizer, dragging his feet with the signing of the contract and renegotiating the most egregious terms of the contract. People should realize that the Deep State has more power than the PM. Mr Morrison was punished at the next election by the Murdoch-owned media exactly because he tried to stand up to the Deep State, and I thank him for that. Blame our Premiers, they are the criminals.

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