Reverse transcription was my immediate thought when they first proposed mRNA technology. Am I a specialist in mRNA?


Understanding the basics of reverse transcription is all we needed to know.

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Like days of Noah. Matthew 24

Changing Gods design. Genesis 6

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This information should be considered in conjunction with the reports by Katherine Watt and Sasha Latypova giving evidence that this "vaxxxine" is completely in the provenance of the DoD, and thus not under regulation by the NIH or CDC, which are just serving as "cover" for the development of this bioweapon. By all means, see the evidence in the SubStack blogs of Ms Watt and Ms Latypova, and for a great overview, listen to Robert F Kennedy Jr.'s "The Defender" podcast episode entitled "Militarized Healthcare with Sasha Latypova".

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Malone will never answer you, you've hurt his feelings and I bet he has your name on a lawsuit. Malone is gutless controlled opposition. I say that because if he gave a damn he'd help the human race stop this demonic insanity.

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Why? Oh goodness WHY?

It is called DEPOPULATION.

This is an EXTERMINATION event.

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Rhetorical 'why did he not warn us'?

He only had one theme, go back and listen to his first ROGAN interview

Malone Conceeds he spent +20 years of his life developing bio-weapons, does anybody think he has an ounce of humanity in his blood-bag?

"Where is my Billions of USD"

Infamous Malone interview with Rogan


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Dr Paul I'm going to have to stop reading the comments section on your posts. You are stoking the 'divide and conquer' amongst the freedom side and activists seem to be getting in here and pushing it way further... :-(

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Thank you Dr. Paul. History will show you to be the Paul Revere of medicine for this century. The question remains can we change the long-term outcome and save humanity from further suffering and loss?

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This is older news. Critics argue that this happens in vitro only. Someone needs to prove now that this is happening in vivo so that these jab-pushers can be silenced.

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I don't know why you act so surprised. Of course they all lied to us. They've been poisoning us for decades. Covid was the culmination of the people's succumbing to being told what to put into their body. Nobody needs to know anything more than THAT IS WRONG. It is wrong to tell other people what to put in their body - period. Final. No more need be said. Why would you not look at yourself and why you thought it was alright to obey mandates that wanted to put things into everyone's body?

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Omg this just keeps getting worse!! 😲

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The entire Covid fiasco is nothing but a depopulation agenda by super rich people who think they control the rest of us. Now they're after our children and the unborn too with this dangerous jab.

The US will be the last country standing only because they are an armed society and will ultimately make the evil Covid promoters take an early grave. The US founding fathers allowed the people to be armed not to kill themselves but to protect themselves from a runaway evil government which is in power now.

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Can someone confirm the truth of this?

IMHO the alt-woke & woke COVID talking-heads all back-stab,


Just curious what do the people here say? Did he flip or not?

I'm seeing a lot of 'trump was misled' and the mRNA wasn't an intentional genocide, ...

Seems like the rats sense a change of winds and are running for cover

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Between this, graphene oxide and the fact we still do NOT have a list of ALL ingredients in ALL lots of this poison…WHY?


ART OF WAR…necessary to win, restoring Freedom and Liberty! Begins with UNITY 101…



A Fierce Mother/Grandmother Lion (of 6 and counting)

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Asked and answered: see pp119-43, "Lies My Gov't Told Me" by Dr. Robert Malone.

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