So,not only are as medical personnel required to receive an experimental vaccine which could cause heart inflammation and blood clots that could be fatal but also in addition the masks that you are mandated to wear could leave plastic particles in your lung tissue. Did I get that right?

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Thank you for posting one of the hazards to these blue oxygen inhibiting insignia’s of slavery

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If they can't kill us one way, they will kill us another. 😖😡🤬

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The black kn95 masks are just literally murder

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Good Lord, not another dangerous substance in them! Canada : Graphene Oxide / Biomass Graphene (from what I can figure out, it’s just a new word for the same thing)

Health Canada : Health Product InfoWatch May 2021 – Advisory on Face masks that contain graphene (I know they were found in QC high schools)

Health Canada advised Canadians not to use face masks that contain graphene due to the potential risk of inhaling graphene particles. Graphene is a novel nanomaterial reported to have antiviral and antibacterial properties. Health Canada’s preliminary assessment of available research identified that inhaled graphene particles had some potential to cause early lung toxicity in animals. Until the Department completes a thorough scientific assessment, it is taking the precautionary approach of removing graphene-containing face masks from the market while continuing to gather and assess information.


Then they were caught again – to the August 2021 edition – Advisory on Face masks that contain graphene

Health Canada assessed four models of face masks manufactured by Shandong Shengquan New Materials Co. Ltd. labelled to contain biomass graphene and found no health risks of concern. As a result, sale of these masks can resume in Canada. No other graphene face masks are currently permitted for sale in Canada. If additional graphene masks are permitted for sale, Health Canada will update Canadians


2016 paper : Toxicity of graphene-family nanoparticles: a general review of the origins and mechanisms

(Well worth reading the entire paper!)


Can GO be transparent? Here’s a 2008 paper on that subject

Fine Structure Constant Defines Visual Transparency of Graphene


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Maybe this will finally wake up some people to the adverse effects of these worthless masks. I’m a part of the airline industry and there’s certainly an uproar about the mandate being extended.

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This falls into the predictable bucket.....

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Note that there is no direct connection to the stupid masks in this study. The samples were from cancerous or emphysematous lung tissues of people from 32-77 years of age, and likely before widespread masking (the study is from a PhD research grant, so tissue acquisition likely 2-4 years ago, but not noted) , and because of anonymity requirements not identified for mask exposure.

Also note that there was a background exposure which had to be corrected from the air in which the samples were obtained and analysed (which was done very well.)

I would be hesitant to volunteer a bit of my lung for a similar assay, with 40 years of occasional exposure to surgical masks, but significant exposure on an amateur basis to epoxy and polyester dusts from sanding sailboats over 50 years. It was very evident over the past two years that blue masks when reused had noticeable fibre shedding, while I had never been aware of that with surgical masks, single use from 10 minutes to 6 hours.

Further research might be useful to compare lung tissues from accidental deaths in masked and non-masked jurisdictions, but it would be challenging to control the acquisition of specimens as well as was done here.

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