Absolutely tragic! Never before has humanity been under such an attack. We must bow our heads in prayer to God Almighty for these people. I fear many more have died, we have no idea.

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Heartbreaking, to see photos of young or youngish, fit, very happy appearing people, taken down like this.

We would be so much better able to oppose medical tyranny if everyone knew these stories. If asked, "Was it worth it?" even if they still believed those jabs protect some people, I think nearly all would say, "NO!" If not, add, "What if it happened to your son or daughter?"

The MSM is part of the criminal base, if only for not shouting these cases from the rooftops, so that only people living under rocks could 'not know'.

Excuse me...temporarily misplaced realization that MSM promotes the jab to this day.

My cousin, in her 70s, is jabbed and repeatedly boosted. This past winter, she had a strep throat for the first time in her life. Never had one as a child, she said. She also has a relatively new heart condition for which she takes meds.

She is a retired nurse.

She is unable to connect the dots, even now.

Total brainwashing, complete trust in the medical establishment.

She is intelligent, if by that one means capable of logical thinking. My own definition of 'intelligence' required reassessment, because of my cousin.

No one who regurgitates "authoritative" data and/or summaries, however accurately, is 'intelligent'.

A necessary base for intelligence is personal observation and contemplation, and possibly readings of studies, while armed with a good BS detector set to full capacity.

My cousin thinks about what she believes she knows.

But she believes falsehoods. She has very little that is factual to think about, due to misplaced trust in the medical establishment.

She's a nice lady, caring, and she tries to do good in her community.

But she cannot learn from life, for now, because she believes she is right on this, because she trusts her sources of information. She 'knows' the unjabbed are also unhinged, or propagandized and ill-informed, possibly paranoid/deluded, because MDs and very official health authorities told her that.

MSM does not disturb her impression of reality by relating discordant stories that might spoil the bliss of 'knowing' the authorities are intelligent and principled.

Her mind is so given over to the official Source of Narrative that she cannot take in, much less examine, alternative ideas for truth or falsehood.

It's rather religious really, her way of believing. She exercises a blind faith in authoritative voices.

She should exorcise it instead.

She doesn't realize she worships entrenched powers that consider her disposable. She does what they tell her to do, trusting their answers to her questions.

Maybe, the first commandment ought to have been, "Do your own homework! Be honest!"

But really, it is. The command, or wise advice, not to worship false gods does actually mean, literally, not to trust as an authority, anyone other than God. There is after all, only One real authority and source of truth.

I think, that does mean we need to do our own homework, honestly evaluate opposing narratives.

We can only look within for truth, after examining data, because our only potential point of contact with reality, truth, and God, is the awareness within ourselves.

An outside "authority" to which we surrender our minds, and for which we ditch a moral imperative to actively seek the truth, IS a false god.

It is really a "strange god", no part of us, and is an unworthy object of devotion and reliance.

I concluded that a willingness to investigate ideas under debate, against one's biases perhaps, and also to acknowledge whatever emerges as 'true' upon honest evaluation, is a necessary practical basis for intelligent thought.

Any computer is capable of logical manipulation of data, but that does not make it intelligent. GIGO.

People should respect themselves enough to access basic information, as much as possible, for themselves.

Too many, like unaware machines, accept the input, even the summaries, of others, as necessarily true.

My cousin is a nice lady. She means to be a good person, to contribute to the well being of her community, to be kind.

But sadly, she is very easy for "authority" figures to deceive.

One might try to speak one's own truth to her, but for now, she cannot hear or understand. Communication would strike the ear, to be rejected as nonsense. Blocked. Her defensive wall might even thicken.

Time? Other lifetimes? An event that opens her eyes? Yes, in her time, not my own.

No good thing or person will remain lost forever. I believe that, because it seems true from within.

All who can see through the false narratives, however lonely that status may be at times, are the fortunate ones, even aside from not being compromised by injections.

To be secure in one's knowledge base, to have "done your own homework" is good.

For the rest, I also believe that all human suffering serves a purpose, a divine purpose. And that no one who has suffered through ignorance or deception will not be compensated/rewarded/acknowledged with more life than they ever lost. It will be real, not a dream.

This world is difficult, relationships require effort, by design. By rejecting tyranny over our minds and bodies, we serve heaven.

Not one of us, they say (though I am inclined to be skeptical), gets out of here alive. That indicates it is a good idea to think, not in terms of winning or losing, but always in terms of how we play the game. Honestly? With integrity of mind and deed?

Peace to those who fell for the narrative, or who naively accepted an injection program in hopes of living a "normal life", not recognizing the dangers of unexamined belief.

It so often looks like "the end". But for those who tell the truth, here and now, this is only a beginning.

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countless ... literally. how could it be otherwise, given what we know to be the facts? utterly tragic.

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You are right. I will bow my head in prayer for those who have passed and for thier loved ones. Also for the survivors, since they may experience hell on earth.

Who is left?

I do not know if we will ever understand the death and destruction caused by this vaccine.

Again, you are right.

We have no idea.

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It's the Covid " Vax" no other answer seems plausible, a Global population reduction, and Control...Mandated/ Required, the largest scam perpetuated on Humanity..

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so our society has devolved especially the Pharma cartel to whereby they fear suicide of vax injured will effect their PR and pocketbooks not the truth a d remedy to right the wrongs they have inflicted on humanity. My father use to say living is hell and heaven will be one’s reward. God Bless and keep Carlo’s as perhaps his act of suicide will be his legacy by shining another spotlight on the satanic politicians and big Pharma execs who see the majority of the populous as useless eaters. My heart breaks for his friends and family but he is now free of the bonds of illness and corruption!

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" My father use to say living is hell and heaven will be one’s reward."

Your father was a very smart and perceptive man.

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You have no idea just how smart and wise another favorite quote of his was, All women are pretty some are prettier then others all men are bad some are worse then others.” I still laugh when I think of it he was a man so I think he had some valuable insites. He died way too young 66 another victim of Alliopathic medicine

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I am sorry to hear that. He sounds like a wonderful person...and a great Dad.

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It is not proper to give this a “like” - and no other outlets seems to be reporting any information about injuries except more or less here on this stack and a few select others. It’s like if you’re paying attention to the evidence on this subject, you’re in your own reality, which is sadly likely to make you either sad or mad. It’s difficult to see an answer to turn the corner and here in America, land of the free and home of the brave, our tax dollars still advertise “Covid is still out there....upgrade your protection for the sake of everyone...”

How is this possible is unfathomable.

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I, for one, DO like very much having these events revealed. Substack, for me, is a window into reality for which I would have no replacement if it were to disappear.

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When you give a "like" to a posted article, it doesn't mean the content made you happy all over or pleased you at all. It does mean that, however disturbing, you do appreciate being given the information. So, a "like" is appropriate, unless you really would prefer not to know. But then, you would choose not to read it, I expect.

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yeah I understand all that thank you for the clarification. the comment was meant as irony in that it is not congruent to like a report on such tragic content. anyway, i will just stay in my lane and keep my sadness to myself from hence forth, especially as it seems a fruitless use of precious time.

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Agree...no matter the explanation it seems weird to click 'like'.

I have a hard time with it too.

You are not alone in your lane.

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Oh no, please don't stay in your lane! Or try to repress the sadness.

I didn't understand your POV in text, because it has no tone, and I attributed an incorrect tone by being too literal.

Had I heard your voice say it, I think I would have got it, despite a tendency to literalness that text can't penetrate.

Thank you.

It was my mistake.

It may in part be attributed to that tendency to literalness and a lack of imagination, admittedly. Also, in part to following videos regarding geopolitical situations, since comments to those are replete with efforts of trolls attempting to shut down discourse while making a virtuous sounding appeal.

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Such beautiful, young talented human beings. I cannot forgive, ever.

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My adult daughter got a Strep throat just after she was jabbed. The worst thing was her regular GP medical practise refused several times to see her and treat her, telling her just to take pain relief. In the end, she had to get emergency treatment. Thankfully she survived. She hadn't told me at that time she'd got the jab.

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Frankly, I've grown exhausted from all of these reports? I don't think I'm alone. IT'S TIME FOR ACTION! How many reports of wrongful death and bioweapon injury do people need to hear/read before they wake the f$%k up! I want to see some heads roll! It would be LOVELY to start with Trudeau the tyrant

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All of these vaccine injured and families and families of the dead should converge enmass to their local legislators and voice their complaints. They should make the BLM riots look like a sunday school picnic. It doesn't appear that anyone is organizing mass protests, which is what it would take to shake things up.

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The evil doers know this, which is why they are able to operate with impunity.

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May 30, 2023·edited May 30, 2023

Once the WHO Treaty is final, they will release the next Plandemic 2: This one will Get your Attention (TM Bill Gates)

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May God save all their souls and all those yet to fall.

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There are many reports in VAERS and other databases regarding eye injuries. globalresearch.ca has many articles on injuries. LifesiteNews is one from already 2 years ago, May 2021, reporting 10k in UK alone and another from 2021 from VaccineDamage.news appearing yesterday, May 29, 2023. I went to optician, independent one man business, to make appointment for eye test which is well overdue. Whilst giving my details to receptionist, he appeared from examination room. I asked him if he was seeing plenty miniclots and other eye problems over last two years. He said yes. I took out the articles which I'd printed off and said these covid jabs are causing lots of damage and have been reported and handed him articles and said please read these. He did an eye roll to me, informed me he came from a medical family of doctors, pharmacists, opthalmolgists, did research etc. I said he should still read articles and then I left. In UK and I'm sure everywhere else primary carers were not informed of adverse events from trial data, only of sore arm, headache etc. so I'm not surprised they were unaware 2 years ago but not today. I will be printing off Pfizers trial data and dropping that off there as well as other places. The articles with actual victims pictures on are the most awakening ones. Everyone on here knows what's going on and we need to get the message out to those who stick to mainstream and don't click on links.

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May 30, 2023·edited May 30, 2023

Moderna - the feature film (2020) tagline:

"You'll never go in the water again".

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This is an absolute travesty and the media are covering it up. Where is the accountability for all these deaths and excessive all cause mortality rates beginning to show all around the world. The "conspiracy theorists" were absolutely correct and the prediction was we would SEE THESE DEATHS in the 3-5 years.

MURDER, that's what it is, STRAIGHT OUT MURDER.

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thank you

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These evils with their poison vaxes, jabs, shots are demonic satanist atheist communist insane queer murderous abominations WE KNOW THEIR NAMES AND INFORMATION . YES QUEER Ewevil noballsah hari kari HAHAHA

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