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When US (and many other) authorities started dissing natural immunity, mandating jabs for people who'd already had covid, including much-needed frontline workers, and our military, I knew they were up to no good.


Jeffrey Tucker, Founder of Brownstone Institute on Immunity and the Tyranny of the Administrative State

Jerm Warfare Podcast by Jeremy Nell, June 20, 2022



[On the Problem of Lost Knowledge and Natural Immunity]


JEFFREY TUCKER: So early on in this thing, once I saw January 2020, once I saw the data coming out of China, that this wasn't, you know, a virus from Mars, it wasn't a bioweapon that's going to wipe out a third of humanity, or whatever, then I realized that the way out was to live a normal life. You know? And not fear, you know, don't fear the microbial planet. You know? [laughs]

JEREMY NELL: Isn't that what our parents taught us? I mean, when I was little, my folks told me to go play outside, and to get dirty and to play in the mud.

JEFFREY TUCKER: I know what you mean. I think so? I mean certainly that's what I was taught, that's my mother was taught, that's what her mother was taught. There was a great effort in the United States in [inaudible] public health to school people about natural immunity and exposure. Because it's a little counter-intuitive, right? You need to get the germ to avoid immune naiveté, which is ultimately very fatal to you if you stay in a state of immune naiveté because then the most mild pathogen will kill you. So I knew that. But for some reason that knowledge seemed to be I guess not really present in the general population for some reason.

JEREMY NELL: [laughs]

JEFFREY TUCKER: And you know, my friend Murray Rothbard* used to talk about this strange event that happens periodically in history where a settled proposition of scientific discovery that everybody knew about solves a major problem, and by virtue of that, over several generations, the solution to the problem is forgotten and the problem comes back. So this is what he used to call the problem of lost knowledge. And he would cite often the case of scurvy. That it had to be discovered, the cure for scurvy had to be discovered and then was lost at least three times that are documented in history, once in the ancient world, once in the middle ages, and the once, as soon as, most recently as the post-enlightenment period. Where— and it's a simple problem of vitamin C, which you get by lemons on board a ship. But it would be forgotten, once the problem was solved then several hundred years later, people would come down with bleeding lips, and get sick, and what's wrong with these people, we don't know, we have to— And they kept having to rediscover—

So Murray was obsessed with this problem of lost knowledge because he said it raises, it shows that the sort of what he called the Whig theory of history is wrong. That, you know, we're always getting better, we're always getting smarter, that the latest scientific information always incorporates all the past information, that whatever kind of stuff is coming out this morning, you know, just automatically absorbs by some magical Hegelian process, you know, the whole history of knowledge, the idea that knowledge is cumulative over the whole of human experience, he never believed that.

JEREMY NELL: [inaudible]

JEFFREY TUCKER: Yeah. So he was always looking for cases of this lost knowledge. So I felt like, in 2020, oh! Murray should be around today because he would see that the problem of natural immunity seems to be a case of lost knowledge.



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* Murray N. Rothbard (1926-1995). See his biography and a memorial at this link:


See also

"Is Immunity a Case of Lost Knowledge?"

by Jeffrey A. Tucker, January 21, 2022


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It just proves the power of mass media manipulation and programming through subliminal messaging in order to convince people something that's been a known fact since the basically the beginning of time has somehow changed and no longer works. Of course the destruction of our immune systems through various drugs and chemicals in our foods and sprayed over the land and water helps to make this more believable to some. Doctors treating symptoms instead looking for the sources of them hasn't helped either.

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Flabbergasting and dumbfounding. It’s perhaps acceptable to be “wrong” with the “science” when you actually DO SCIENCE-it’s quite another thing to be ORDERS-OF-MAGNITUDE WRONG 😑

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If natural immunity is a possibility, it should be the first course of action. When many countries focused on mandates, it seemed strange to me. It was a focus on isolation, not going outdoors, if possible, closing down social and exercise facilities at the beginning. Then it evolved into a situation of masking and novel health therapeutics pushed with fear. It was a campaign of discrediting anyone who asked questions, it was all strange. Now myself and many others, are seeing a clearer picture of why fear and confusion.

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Having such studies in hand is fantastic. Common sense also proclaimed this truth! What never passed the smell test was doctors, hospitals and our agencies proclaiming that unjabbed people recovered from covid had zero protection without getting the injection. Immunology 101 shows that to be false. The real question is WHY was the system overwhelmingly intent on gaslighting us? And how do they expect the public to EVER trust them again?

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May 21, 2023·edited May 21, 2023

Besides being completely unproven and dangerous technology, the mRNA vaccines had two other serious flaws:

1) they enter the body by injection instead of inhalation

2) They were monovalent. Even bivalent mRNA Vaccines don’t make sense because they’re still focused too narrowly.

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I thought as much.. Thank you!

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and this should be a no brainer.

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so more than 100 studies confirm what is known to common sense?

this is why i tend to regard studies as a waste of time

they either confrim common sense so were unecessary except to stroke the egos ot the scientists too arrogant to simply listen to common sense. Or perhaps, as an aside, should I be grateful that some scientists have given me permission to listen to comon sense after they ignored it???

or these studies peddled utter nonsense

so were worse than unnecessary

sorry, but that is the reputation of "science" in my eyes now

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I Heard the brownstone institute went a bit wlly nilly on certaintain topics

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You cannot name or prove any vaccine that is superior to anything the body can accomplish otherwise humans would have died off thousands of years ago. Vaccines are the number one farce in world history.

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