I think Trump will stand up in time for the people. He does not show any signs of being a sociopath. It just doesn't fit with his values, his special concern for children, his love of the United States and his respect and love for his wife, son, and all his kids.

But I do think it is not as simple as just coming out now and telling the truth. Powerful forces are arrayed against him. First he must become President, so he will have the power to really effect change. For him to discuss all this now would open the possibility of it all being used against him and used as a weapon to prevent his election as President. It is very dangerous to go against the global predators. You have to have a certain amount of power in order to effectively challenge them. Once he is Commander in Chief and President I think it will be possible for him to give speeches about the harms caused by lockdowns, business closings, and the bioweapons. He will be able to identify those who need to be investigated and brought to justice. For him to do so now might actually put his life at risk.

If he wins the presidency and tries to sweep what happened under the rug, then there will be a lot of unhappiness with him. His entire political base is anti-"vax" at this point. He is going to have to address this ultimately, and I believe he will come through for the people of America. Going by the way he functioned as President before the whole COVIID disaster, he KEPT HIS PROMISES. This is because of his integrity.

He hasn't had any kind of complete personality change since then, so trust him to honor the people of America once elected, as he did in his first term before the globalist-DoD takeover of COVID. I think he knew what was going on, but had to wait for everything to play out before he would be able to convince people about who the criminals are.

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Dr Paul what day / date did you first come out to warn people of the evil infection?

I myself know I was nearly convinced that it all was deadly but having voluntarily worked in a hospital where we only wore a mask when we had to visit a patient who was very ill who could possibly infect us did we wear a mask

Trump did not become president just for fun but to expose the corruption in his country

I am sure that he is still on that journey

So what are you about what side are you on

Give some real direction

You appear to be inciting but to what end

We are in real trouble

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Apparently. Talking out both sides of your mouth can cover both sides of the issue, then whomever hears it decides what they want to believe depending on which side of the aisle they are on. Sounds confusing, but that is what I am reading and perceiving in this post.

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I agree with you, Paul…. Though I am a big Trump supporter. Without him, which may be likely, America will sink into the abyss under tyranny. With all his knowledge , he is still an emotional human who was not a politician. He did not realize the depth of evil close around him, advising him. We would not have either. We live in America, for Pete’s sake . Who could imagine any educated group in the government would want to kill its citizenry and destroy America. That thought sounds insane. However, it is true!

Pharma, CDC, FDA and the others led by the insane psychos (Fauci) have been infiltrated by maniacs with money like crazy Bill Gates and others. People sold their souls for money or were blackmailed. Maybe Malone is threatened unless he, too, is also very evil. To me, those threatened are cowards, if they do not scream out truth to save our country. Death would be a blessing for me and my family rather than living under evil tyranny. Heaven is a place I look forward to -and thank God Bill Gates and all those like him won’t be there. They will be in the eternal Lake of Fire…. “It is written”

They have no clue. I must say, I get a bit of pleasure out of knowing how surprised they will be when they face the wrath of Almighty God.

God WILL be the judge…..

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By this time, Trump's vaccine-pushing looks evil. He should long ago have come clean about getting fooled (if, in fact, fooled is his excuse). The rest of us learned long ago. Why hasn't he learned yet? Or, is it worse than just being a chump?

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Paul and all,

Are you part of the SOLUTIONS or part of the America’s problems?

Nothing else matters in America unless SOLUTIONS start here…



For only Patriotic Lions who understand how important it is to do something at this critical time in America…



No 2024 ELECTION INTEGRITY = No More America!

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Very lengthy (2.3 hours) and important interview with Dr. Arne Burkhardt on his histopathology work on mRNA vaccines. Very scientific information followed in the last 25 minutes with his personal thoughts and recommendations. He references Ryan Cole. MD a couple times. Well worth the listening time.


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I liked Trump. But, after discovering that Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai went to Trump personally in 2020 to warn him that the (gene altering drugs) were deadly and the lockdowns would crush our country in many ways and Trump did not listen!! Trump is part of the “Not So Obvious Establishment.” It’s plain and simple! He is clearly not for us the working class people. He has also stated that he wants to build “Freedom Cities” which in every way but the title are identical to “15 Minute Cities!” He has rubbed elbows with the non elected globalist for many years prior to his presidency. Then because he was trying to get elected he tells us what we want to hear concerning Killary Clinton.. he was going to lock her up! After he became president he stated, “Nah, we’re not going to do that, we’re going to focus on other things.” This has all been a show and we’ve been pitted against each other as these non elected globalists play god with our lives.. including DJT. I too had hoped he was the good guy! But, he’s not!

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Why do you care about these empty suits? They are just jerking your chain. You want to love them don't you? You want to look up to them. You want them to present someone larger than yourself because you don't believe in yourself - you believe in outsiders. You know they hold your fate and so you keep giving them a pass, keep hoping they make some sense somewhere along the line so you can keep up your adoration of these husks. Actors, that's all they are. Please wise up - the world is waiting to blossom.

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Paul, i voted for P. Trump twice.

He will never acknowledge his own mistake.

He will only do what he thinks will make him win.

If he feels betrayed for instance by Netanyahu or even disrespected, he may take it out on the entire people of Israel. (America will either have the merit & blessings to aid Israel or Israel will win without America.

The whole world will turn against Israel soon so we can see how great is G’d)

Trump still brags about deadly Lockdowns, deadly ventilators, and deadly mRNA injection programme.

“You do realize that a lot of people like the vaccines…”.

The man will still be colouring his hair in the morgue.

That’s what we have with our dear President Trump.

He still might be best choice but I will hope he debates RFKJr so issues might be in front of the American People.

RFKJr also didn’t even mention the DEATHVAXX in his inaugural speech.

What is wrong with these people?

He wants to be seen as a “uniter”

We’ve been injured or killed our businesses decimated our jobs careers livelihoods stolen for refusing shit shots and these assholes just wanna be President.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aQXoKIRdQc VIDEO: President Trump posts message after leaving Walter Reed Medical Center...

He tried to tell us not to be afraid of the virus. He did what he thought he had to do to stop the commies from locking us down for 20 years!


When I was in Trump administration at HHS, we had data coming to us showing little kids across America were hanging themselves, media refused to

cover (see Vegas as one example) else would give Trump traction as he was begging CDC & HHS and school unions to open, he begged states to re-open,

he was begging Fauci, Brix the 2 criminals, many children hung themselves; Scott Atlas begged them to open.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1MVBB3EuV4 TRUMP blasts Democrats for efforts to bring back COVID mandates ahead of 2024


To every COVID tyrant who wants to take away our Freedom, hear these words—WE WILL NOT COMPLY!

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So you probably have not heard that Rothschild DS has a clone of Trump. They use CGI and clones to further their political aims. It could have been their clone... reference: Benjamin Fulford journalist who formerly worked for Forbes Magazine and goes to the source for his information

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Dr. Shiva has been telling the truth and is currently still working to get the truth out to everyone. The powers that be have tried to silence him but he continues to stand up for what’s right!! It’s as easy as that.. no side show just simple hard facts and above all rise the boldness to tell it like it is!! He is running for president as a working class person. Trump may be a good man, but he’s not showing his best side throughout all of this. There are several people who have made the truth the forefront of their lives. Stew Peters, Shiva Ayyadurai are two most outstanding people who are not afraid to speak up for us and against the evil individuals that have run our country in the ground.

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