another innocent is sacrificed to Satan by the satanic globalists. Rest in peace.

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So sad! I am glad the pain, expenses, and procedures I had due to my third dose was largely concluded within 11.5 months of injection.

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The antidote in part will be public hangings and the banning of all GoF "research" as well as all mRNA gene altering tech.

GoF <-> mRNA

There is no mRNA without GoF and vice-versa.

If this sociopathic technocratic madness is not stopped, then the human race is doomed.

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I rather suspect mRNA jabs have only made their introduction onto the stage.

I can see nothing at this point that suggests tptb are going to slow down this tidal wave.

Too few people are aware...or care...and getting thru to them seems more fleeting by the day.

The future..(near term)...looks pretty bleak.

The masses are still engaged with their televisions. As long as that continues...change is highly unlikely.

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Many people don't have even an elementary understanding of how the human body functions, what a cell is or does, or what DNA and RNA are. Their eyes glass over. And they don't have the curiosity to learn.

While I was horrified to read about the mRNA-LNP theory of "vaccination," they were unquestioning. And could only think about avoiding restrictions and what the best "prize" they could get for getting a covid injection -- from free pizza and beer or a free lottery ticket, up to $100 in some areas.

Some people cannot be reasoned with. They are too fearful of rejection by their peers and too uneducated about actual science to care.

As pathetic as this may be, I blame the doctors, nurses, politicians, and news media who took advantage of their ignorance for their own selfish reasons including financial gain.

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Tragic but I’m glad it got coverage. So many people don’t get any acknowledgment at all.

I know how devastating just the gaslighting is by insurance dictated doctors.

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May he rest in peace.


US Senator Ron Johnson Holds Expert Panel On Federal Vaccine Mandates - Nov 2 2021



BRIANNE DRESSEN: I would like to finish with a letter from a friend [pauses, starts to cry] that I received a couple of months ago.

[reading from letter]: "Brie, I cannot take this any longer. This has taken everything away from me. My career, my family, my life. My body will not stop attacking itself and this is beyond the worst amount of torture. They have further erased my very existence. Please accept my apologies, I must bid farewell to this world. Please tell our stories. [pauses] Please make sure the world knows the cruelty that has been imposed upon us. Goodbye my dear friend, I will see you on the flip side."

Rochelle Walensky, Janet Woodcock, Peter Marks, Anthony Fauci, you erased her, and the many others like her. Their blood is on your hands. You cannot bring my friends back but you can save others from their fate if you finally just tell the truth.

If the government won't help us, if the drug companies won't help us, who will help us?

Thank you.

SENATOR RON JOHNSON: Thank you, Brie. I want you to describe, because you talked to me after our June event, going to the June event there was something like 2,000 people on your various FaceBook groups, support groups of people like your friend there that were using that group to comfort each other, provide counseling to, in your case, you were providing counseling to people who were suicidal. Literally, within a week, I remember talking to Ken Ruettgers,* that group grew into about 5,000. And then, describe what FaceBook did to your support groups.

BRIANNE DRESSEN: They found us and quickly pulled us apart. They eliminated every single person in those groups, and we lost contact with a lot of people that were in crisis.

SENATOR RON JOHNSON: So you mentioned in your testimony that NIH knows about this, CDC knows about this, FDA knows about this. I appreciate what media came here. But not only did we invite these agency heads, we invited mainstream media, or more mainstream media, and of course they didn't show up. In our Milwaukee event in June, we had probably a couple dozen cameras. We had media show up. But unfortunately, not to tell these stories. They showed up, and this isn't about me, but basically, so they could then attack me as an anti-vaxxer, rather than, in the papers across Wisconsin, above-the-fold stories of Brie and Mattie, Ken Ruettger's wife, they didn't tell the stories, instead they just had a picture of me with the headline "So Fundamentally Dangerous." That's what we're up against. That's what these people are up against. This is why they are pleading and begging for help. Again, to be seen, to be heard, to be believed, so they can be cured. So they can recover. But again, all of you, thank you so much



# # #


Brianne Dresson is the cofounder of https://react19.org/ From the website: "React19 is a science-based non-profit offering financial, physical, and emotional support for those suffering from long-term COVID-19 vaccine adverse events globally. Our mission is to bring healing to the moms, dads, friends, and loved ones who are facing life-altering side effects from their COVID-19 vaccine. We build bridges between patients and research institutions in order to develop a better understanding of our vaccine complications."

US Senator (R Wisconsin) Ron Johnson's website is https://www.ronjohnson.senate.gov That website has a subpage, https://www.ronjohnson.senate.gov/covid on Covid-19 "Investigating the federal government's failed response to Covid-19 and demanding transparency and accountability through congressional oversight"

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It reads like that poor guy didn’t have a chance. His entire immune system went haywire. My gut says don’t trust Malone

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I believe Malone is working for the other side and he's raking in the $$$ while he lies about everything, I do not believe he took the jabs, why the hell would he if he knows what's in them.

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Yes, I 100% agree with you! He’s a charlatan, and no one should listen to a word he says.

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This whole Malone controversy is confusing. If he knew the tech was bad why did he take the shot? He says he was injured from it. Do you believe he is lying about taking it and the injury? His background makes me nervous so I’m not feeling the need to take a side. Just confused

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He didn't take it. He KNOWS what the ingredients are.

He consulted on hydroxychloroquine research in the fall of 2020. He knew how to "treat long Covid."

As an "insider" he knew about ADE (but said he was waiting to see if there would be ADE, but there were "rumors" that it helps treat long Covid, which he had).

https://www.fda.gov/media/143557/download - page 16 of the following document, from October 22, 2020 - -Vaccine enhanced disease - IT WAS KNOWN

A scientist who relies on "rumors" What a load of garbage.





It is his job is to take the narrative away from nanotechnology and put it on viruses

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I do NOT believe Malone's story that he got jabbed, no more than I believe that Keebler elves ate some bat soup in Wuhan and caused the whole thing.

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He claimed he took it to travel. Hmmm? Would you take cyanide to travel? Just saying I’m not so quick buy his explanation.

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There's a sizable group of them, and they take part in taking pictures with their victims and juggling words. They meticulously make sure people believe the viruses

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You simply used critical thinking

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My spouse's sister lives in Milano and health care system is *not* good there... but it doesn t matter where you receive "care" if a doctor ignores or downplays your health concerns & issues, and it's a boot on the face when your sent the bill for that kind of response from the health "care" system

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May 30, 2023·edited Jun 2, 2023

Yet Italy was the data model by which Dr Neil Ferguson used to sound the national Covid alarm and drafted lockdown procedures the rest of the world followed. Immediately afterwards during the time that I required papers to travel outside my home, be classified as “essential” and couldn’t get a haircut or proper healthcare, the married Dr Ferguson was caught visiting his mistress for a tryst during the very lockdown that he authored. Not worried about the big bad virus at all. That’s when I knew everything was BULLSHIT.

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May 30, 2023·edited May 30, 2023

A healthy athlete, beloved by his friends and his community, tortured and incapacitated in the prime of his life as the result of taking three covid shots, two Pfizer then one Moderna. Heartbreaking.

Yet tonight in the 7:00 o'clock hour in the New England TV market, there were three "public service" announcements pushing the "new" booster, as if it were actually "new" or "necessary." It's dishonest and sickening.

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In this video Ian F. Akyildiz says:

“And then here Internet of BioNano Things - this are for the health applications. I did also research on that for the last 15 years; Bio nano scale machines, but these are for the injecting into the body and always monitoring the health problems.

And that is also going really well with these Covid vaccines. It’s going that direction. These mRNAs are nothing than small scale nanoscale machines. They are programed and they are injected.

And then Internet of Nano scale Things.

Those would be a part of 7 G and beyond.”

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Really going well with these covid weapons of mass destruction, oh really now? HORSESHIT! HORSESHIT! HORSESHIT!!!! And what do you know the dead vaxed cannot speak for this now can they? How about the severally neurologically brain damaged?

Stick your technology up your asses, God made zero mistakes when he created man. It’s high time we got back to that and send this high tech back to hell in which it was spawned!

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For MANY victims, these pesky little "side effects" are truly a fate worse than DEATH.

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Why the hell did he take 3 shots?? Makes no sense to me to even take one. Thank you Jesus for protecting me and mine, and giving me Your discernment and Your Truth.

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With every one of these tragic stories I learn, there's a competition going on in me... seething rage and heartbreaking sadness battle for first place. It's usually a tie.

May God rest this young man, driven to his death due to abuse and torture by demonic powers-that-should-not-be.

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Some are asking why he got them, can I just 'try' and explain what it was like in Italy during that terrible time. It's hard to explain a culture in two sentences, but Italians have strong feelings about their health/their doctors/their faith in medicines. (maybe if I was a bit mean I'd say they are borderline hyperchondriacs ). Anyway, Claudio, being a personal trainer/swimmer, would not have been allowed anywhere near his gym/pool/clients etc, unless he had those damned jabs. Another thing to consider is, unless you have a solid contract (which MANY Italians don't have), then you do not get any type of benefits. So, I would imagine that Claudio felt he had NO CHOICE. There was a very strong coercion campaign and every single night on TV , for more than 2 years, there were numerous chat shows, saying the no vax should die/be imprisoned/be spat upon .....(you get the gist). It was very very VERY hard to resist. I have every sympathy for this poor lad - he was in a terrible situation and , as we all now know, he had NO NEED to get jabbed. May he rest in peace ❤

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Thank you for your insight. I don't doubt it. But I also believe everyone in the US, Canada, the UK, and Europe experienced the same pressures.

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Claudio's brain was hit hard by mRNA.

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