There is also amother type of Jihadist targeting Christian women around the globe

Its names are Moderna and Jab Mandates and they are brutal killers:

Mother of deceased 21 year old

Moderna victim Natalie Boyce tells the Australian Senate of the shameful way her dying daughter was treated and why Moderna needs to be withdrawn immediately


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https://hias.org/who/ Let us never forget who precipitated the wars and importation of non-miscible Muslims in to the West. Same Tribe behind ALL the Psyop-19 mass censorship, and mRNA drug pushers. While I wish the US was 100% white, Christian/Pagan, I think the 2.5% Tribe, is the cause of nearly every problem we face, including Muhammad, being the number 1 kids name in Berlin.

Hail victory.

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I'm more concerned about the intentional rape and impregnation of European women by African and Middle Eastern barbarians welcomed by the EU and the UK.

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The people who invited the "barbarians" into the EU and UK did so with the purpose of "browning out" society because THEY want to be the ONLY WHITES. THEY are the real "white supremacists", still, and they use other stupid people to run interference for them, allowing the 'mentally lesser' to believe they are part of "the club" while doing their nasty bidding.

The sociopaths that do all of this always have some from every walk of life vying, competing to be a part of a club that wouldn't let them touch the hem of their clothes, their food or anything they would personally come into physical contact with, literally. The 1% have their minions positioned in layers of protection like an onion. The elite psychopaths are "Rome", and they are the best place for your ire.

Would you invite a guest to your home, promising them a warm, home-cooked meal and then shame them, hate on them for coming? Well, this is what is happening all over the world, invitations for a better life are being denied but NOT by the ones who invited them and those you call "barbarians" are very, very angry, inconsolable and TRIGGERED.

You might want to start at the root and pull that mother WEFfer out and let the light of the sun dry it out, turning it to dust and the ground from whence it came has no further memory of it ever having been there.

One last question: What has your "concern" done for rape victims? Dig deep into your own feminine power and wisdom and take a stand against the enemy. You won't clean up their minions, there are too many of them and too many more waiting for the illusionary opportunity for a little free sex, money, power or all of the above. These days, people will do anything for nearly nothing.

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It is the MOTHERS who shape the young men. In countries where the rape of women is most prevalent the MOTHERS are the monsters, first. They are the ones raising their boys to believe they are above everyone else and that NO WOMAN is "good enough" for them or they abuse their sons in retaliation of their own unresolved abuse. Many MOTHERS allow their own sons to abuse even them and get away with it because of their own consistent "you can do no wrong" attitudes toward their young sons.

I know families that the Muslim son was free to rape his own mother when he became a teen, without a word said. The only thing left of both families to this day is the silent pain that never ends. The mother forgives but never forgets. Her pain devolves into ruthless contempt for other women who don't suffer a similar fate at the hands of socially ill-equipped sons.

I'm a well-traveled person and I've seen this scenario play out all over the world.

It's NO WONDER that there are so many male monsters in this world given how women don't take themselves seriously enough to have an 'iron hand' when it comes to her children, especially her boys because it is just easier.

Every nasty, abusive male I've ever known or worked with had a MOTHER that had a part to play in the abusive nature of her son. MOTHERS need to take responsibility and accountability for shaping the behavior of their young sons, so their boys don't turn into monsters, themselves. Young boys need a parent, not a friend or an egomaniac. Unconditional loving acceptance of bad behavior in children leads to a culture full of victims and monsters.

Women need to wake up and realize that they are part of the problem with "rape culture" in a myriad of ways. No one wants to be raped and many (not all) who have been raped made an inappropriate choice. Most could have saved themselves from the pain, anguish and victimization, if they had taken themselves more seriously and listened to their own powerful intuition. In this day and age rape of boys is just as common. In fact, it is also an epidemic in Muslim countries and seldom mentioned.

I know a man from Kuwait that was brutally raped, repeatedly by young men and subsequently used his "lunch money" for protection before he was 10 years old. Apparently, it is quietly looked upon as a "rite of passage" and therefore lacks the necessity to be publicly spoken about so that change can happen.

Women are extremely powerful. When women misuse, deny or subjugate themselves to something they know is inferior the cycle continues.

Perhaps "feminists" should re-frame their approach to educating women about their power and perhaps we would see change. Feminists are ruthless but their approach has never worked, in part, because the most famous of "feminists" were transgendered at birth by families that thrive off of humanity's pain.

This is just one slice of the problem, and it is a real-time piece of it.

In every walk of life those that cling to "victimization" will generally experience it over and over, again. There are many that shape the minds of young people who know this and use it to their benefit and the cycle never ends.

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Israel is the number one location for convicted pedophiles to hide, and is a global leader in sex trafficking (Mostly Christian Ukrainian, since their pals Zelensky and Nuland kicked off the little squabble).

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"I have suggested in a prior stack that women who leave the workforce must be compensated if this is to handle the home, have children, and when she returns to work this is the employee we must consider (and do) compensating her at a level as if she never left the workplace and also position. "

I couldn't disagree more, this is antithetical to freedom and meritocracy. This is referred to as the "Escalator" principle and often applied to people who leave a job for military obligations. There is no way to ensure that that person will get promoted if they stay nor is a guaranty that they would have kept their job. You can't take an extended break and force private companies to re-hire and pay that individual as if they never left. Their break has an opportunity cost which is experience and skills on the job that enhances their value to the company. The cost of that break, albeit noble in nature and possibly beneficial to society as whole, cannot be borne by private companies or even government organizations; It's an economic, organizational behavior, and sociological certitude. You may feel good that you're promoting family values and helping a family unit, but you can't ignore the consequences of that action. It doesn't work well with military breaks and certainly won't work well for maternity/paternity breaks. Personal sacrifice, self determination, prioritization of values, and economic priorities (standard of living) are all personal choices that absolutely should not be legislated. That's not to say the government or businesses should turn a cold shoulder to the problem, but rather, any solution needs to be value based and require some level of personal sacrifice on behalf of the individual leaving the workforce. The government typically incentivizes pro-family behavior, usually in the tax code. There are other ways that should be explored to promote this as well.

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I could not agree with you more, JLo2112. The policy also punishes those women and men who stayed on the job and worked hard for their promotions only to have a woman return from years of raising children and receive an unmerited position above them.

It's a policy as bad as "affirmative action," race quotas, generational welfare, and "guaranteed" monthly income from the government.

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It is not fair to those that remained in the trenches and that has demoralizing effect on the workforce which also caries economic consequences.

I can see in some instances where the OJT of parenting brings a lot value to the workforce such as, strength of character, selflessness, self-discipline, and resourcefulness - these are noteworthy and merit consideration, but it's not a guaranty. Men and women who succeed after a break tend to be very competent, but they have to re-enter the workforce and prove it, it can't be granted as matter of course.

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It is not a "workforce" responsibility; however, I would argue that it IS a "societal" responsibility.

The powers that be will not allow society to be set up for the celebration and compensation for children and family, per se.

On the contrary, "they" are desperate to get rid of as many of us as soon as possible.

We have become too difficult to control and that's why they are openly weaponizing anything and anyone that will do the job.

Let us get back to the source of the unfairness, inequity, death and destruction of our dignity and the human population. Let's use our power to manage the 1% that have been managing us for so long.

These a-holes have us competing, arguing and fighting with one another while they are the true source of the problem and there are so few of them, comparatively.

The plight of the healthy family is only going to get worse after so many have been inoculated and sterilized or transitioned out of their reproductive capacity. Those people aren't going to care at all about future, much less the future generations. They will have their hands full with finding an outlet for their rage.

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Well stated, I agree, the US standard of living has gone down so much that most households can’t function without both parents working. This wasn’t the case not too long ago. Most just want to live their lives, love their family, and make a better future. The elite class said, no way, more for me. Now the corporations are run like pseudo monarchies, listening to government and hedge fund managers rather than the market. Meritocracy is dead among the working poor and small businesses are on an extinction path. They want a population that is dumb, content, with aspirations that don’t extend beyond the next beer or football game that don’t live much past age 70.

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This is NOT a surprise to anyone who has followed the "unarmed invasion" of mostly single, military age Muslim men to Western countries. It's been several years now whereby both Germany and Sweden advised women NOT to go out alone after dark. Indeed Sweden has been the rape capitol of the Western World for some time.

Search online for “The Hijra - American Thinker” website and read the book report of “Modern Day Trojan Horse:  The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration” By Sam Solomon and Elias Al Maqdisi and understand what’s happening all around us and what we can expect down the road.


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This is the same as dumping feral wet-backs from salvador in RURAL USA, its just to make all of the western world go nutz, courtesy of the new owners of USA&UK-Commonwealth, aka Saudi&China.

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Exactly!!! You just took my post away! I was going to say the same thing!!! Ladies in the US had better arm up!!! Law enforcement will look the other way as this will be permitted. Catholic Charities is undermining our country relocating these men and getting way with it!!! Make your voices heard!!!! Muslims have a very high opinion of themselves and have been even bold enough to act this way for years in America! I had Muslim man grab my arm over 40 years ago because I walked away from his friend after we talked briefly. I told him that if he wanted to walk out of the establishment in one piece he had better get his arm off my arm and NEVER touch anyone like that again! All eyes by the American men were on him for that move! His friend apologized for the behavior of the other one, which you won’t find in the ones coming over now!

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Tears and violence follow Islam wherever it goes on planet earth. Sunni and Shia Muslims have been fighting each other since Mohammed died 600 years ago in a quest to lead the religion.

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Just look at the cities they have already taken over in America! No go zones for anyone in their right mind!

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Yes, in Europe and Scandinavia fire and ambulance need police escort to run emergency calls into Islamic NO GO ZONES. YouTube has a video of a 60 Minute TV crew being assaulted trying to do a story in one of them while police looked on from the entrance.

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I’ve been reading about this for years and I can’t believe anyone thinks they are peaceful loving men who care for their women! This is OBIDEN’s and the liberals goal for America and it’s working! Except as others have said Thank God we have the second amendment. No women should travel unarmed these days. I have a picture I saved over the years with seven Muslim men walking down a road as they illegally immigrate into a country. They were fully clothed with coats and shoes. There was one women with them, carrying two young children, without proper clothing and without shoes! I will never forget that! They were younger men and the woman could have been their mother. That in a nutshell spoke volumes of the monsters they are!

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Yes Muslim abuse to women is legendary. Watch this Youtube link where a Muslim woman details how the mask wearing became abusive on women forever.


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And yet Islam gave birth to Sufism, a mystical sect of tolerance and love.

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Islam was created by "Rome" to 'take care of' their adversaries and it continues, today. It is written in the plastic pages of "sacred Islamic texts" that rape is not only acceptable but praise-worthy and rewarded in the afterlife. The books are made of plastic, purposefully, so that they will outlast all the others. "Rape culture" is a literally a 'fixture' like Pyrex glass, virtually indestructible.

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Buy a quality firearm, Glock, SIG, Beretta, whatever. 1000 round of quality ammunition. Become trained. Carry.

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May 11, 2023·edited May 11, 2023

Thank you for taking up this issue, it is sorely neglected by mainstream media.

Also, once upon a time women could comfortably stay home and take care of the children, if they chose. When I was growing up in the 1950s my father had a blue-collar type job, and my mother only sought part-time work after we children had grown to be teenagers. I think a society that forces families to need two incomes to survive is not nurturing its next generation nor the institution of the family itself.

This is another discussion that we, as a country, must have.

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In Muslim countries it isn’t only Christian boys and girls being raped. In many areas EVERY BOY is raped. Most Muslim men have been raped as children. I am not convinced all of Islamic aggression is not the result of raping of boys.

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When I say ‘most’ I don’t mean North American Muslims. I mean those raised in Mid East and African Muslim nations.

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In all of MUSLIM world including say Malaysia, white-women are assumed to be whores;

In all of the ARAB world including the Persian world, and in fact even as far north as Italy its assumed that white-women are sluts;

Like the US-MIL says, there are women for sport (fucking) and women for marriage (breeding)

In the MUSLIM world and even the 1/2&1/2 like so far north of turkey&greece, its assumed that you fuck white euro-women and marry arab/persian muslim women;

Lastly, white slavery in all of the arab world has been going on for 1,000's of years and still is a real thingy

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It really doesn't matter what any man thinks of any woman. It ONLY matters what a woman KNOWS of herself. It's also substantially helpful if a woman knows where a man feels the most extraordinary physical pain with the least amount of caloric effort. Men are like elephants this way, they never forget and very often the memory of extraordinary pain is 'imprinted' for life, just like rape. When the pain is 'imprinted' for a man, he will most often "auto-avoid" and "auto-correct".

Thankfully, I don't assume all brown men are stupid idiots.

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Brown men, black men, white men, yellow men; The common is the appendages, the difference is life experiences, and wealth & attractivity go a long way, and it helps to be charming with women;


IMHO we weren't talking about brown men per-se, we were talking about MUSLIM men, who can be white or black and in the middle, and for that matter there are a shit-ton of MUSLIM asians in the south of asia;

The muslim culture is very strict about the women, so there are no 'loose' women which makes a casual fuck very difficult for horny young men.

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I don't assume all Muslim men are stupid idiots, either. Some Muslim men are gentle, kind and make excellent leaders of their families and beyond. I guess it depends on which "Mohammad" they follow. Apparently, there is a newer 'version' that was created by Rome to put Muslims under 'Jihadist mind control' and it is still working, today.

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Yes, exactly, but the problem is that even to get married as a Muslim and to find a 'good' wife, you must be a good man and have made something of yourself, which excludes 95% of all males on earth no matter their skin color or religion.

Especially I would say Muslim, like India, if your ain't born rich, its virtually impossible to climb out of the hole;

But yes, a traditional Muslim is a scholar & gentleman, sadly the world is filled with sub 100 IQ people;


Jihadi mind control is/was certainly ran since the days of British occupation of arabia & persia; By picking the lunatic tribes, even most recently in Iraq with the Bath Party minority being the leaders; UK has long known, like they now do in USA that the minority's in power are the best, today its the WOKE-HOMOS that UK London entrusts with managing the dumb fucking GOYIM of USA;

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WoW....just remember, you are creating the box you live in. I guess I was born under a more diligent and inspired sky or something like that. I have faith that there is more than 5% of the human male population that are honest, decent, faithful men with integrity. They spare themselves of the routine aggressive, competitive, medical testosterone fueled, "victimized" women in the world that are known to carry the so-called "Jezebel Spirit" or something just like it in/with them. For decent men, remaining single and safe from the catastrophe of women who will lie and deceive to get what they want is well worth it and who could blame them. Wonderful men are becoming adept in avoiding hellacious, usurious bitches that will gladly ruin their lives. I cheer for those men.

I'm also saddened at the reality of the millions of men who've been duped, burned to the bone, robbed to infinity by these women who are consistent in their willingness to blame ALL men for what some man did to them. For now, avoidance of a 'pregnant snake's misery that loves company' is the best advice to become impregnable to leading a life of constant discomfort, chaos and impending, life-long financial ruin.

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Why does GOV hate its citizens?

Cuz they know that in any society 97% are morons, maybe 2.9% get it, but don't do much about it

0.1% actually make 99% of all shit happen;

U decide what group you belong to

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Hilariously, assuming women of any race are whores is laughable considering men are the biggest whores on earth and are the most promiscuous STD spreaders as gays compared to lesbians and some men will even rape each other in prison they are such sluts. Some men will practically hump anything including barnyard animals. Man, thy name is 'whore/slut' .

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May 14, 2023·edited May 14, 2023

Of course, gay men are the biggest spreaders on earth, its said that the average gay man at the bath-houses does 5-10 glory-holes a day in his prime; But that is nothing to African-Men, when I was in Nairobi years ago, it was said the average african man did 5+ women a day after work, in those day it was 5-cents a fuck, and you could only rent a room by the minutes, or hours, renting a day was un-heard and considered illogical;

The HIV rate for 15-30 year old black-men was 80%, the local newspaper were 99% obituary's, 1" thick news, an only first page was news, all the rest was obituary columns, where family would praise their dead;

Another tid-bit and I have only seen this in Africa, when somebody is killed they just leave the body to rot along the road, the story is 'the family will come to retrieve the body', even if say hit by a car while walking there are no ambulances, if you get hurt you must hail a taxi and request to be taken to a hospital;


But my worst experiences in life have been in Malaysia, say on Langkawi just staying to myself, and have white women approach me asking for directions and advice; To which later the local muslim men would tell me, "If we see you talking to a white woman again, we'll kick your ass and kill you", I learned from them that all the white-women only came to that island to be fucked by muslim men, an that by them talking to me, there would be no way for them to introduce themselves;

I though them to be all bat-shit crazy, an have never since gone back to 'Langkawi', never had any of these encounters on other Malay islands;

The problem is that the muslim men on Langkawi are beach bums and the muslim women will have nothing to do with them, so the only way they can get pussy is by sucking up to tourist women;


I would agree that men are whores and that is good, and if a woman behaves like a man she is a slut; It's always been that way, accept it or become and dyke and go live with some butch that does the exact same shit;

People are fucked up about sex, but in general say in Muslim country's if a man&woman are married, and the man is responsible then they get total resect;


I think its damn near impossible for a single-woman any where in a Muslim country, to travel alone, it assumed your only there looking for cock; They don't any other concept of tourism, travel, or self-discovery; The mind of these men is no different than a horny cowboy you might meet on the trail any where in the USA rural west, they see a single woman and just assume she's there looking for cock;

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Most men are delusional if they think the average woman is looking for a penis considering it's nigh impossible for women to orgasm during sex with a man.

Hell, cats for company and batteries look a lot more promising than some rutting beast thinking he's some stud getting himself off with the female body. *shudder*

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As a student of PUSSY my entire life, and having mastered 'bedding women' by 19 to perfection, I find these MUSLIM men to be totally fucking idiots about 'women', recall that most of them the only pussy they will ever get is their little brothers asshole;

If they work hard and make good money and are good men, they just might find a decent muslim woman, problem is almost all muslim countrys allow a man of means to have four wives, so why in the fuck should she pick a fucking loser & idiot

So most of these fuck-heads end up being taxi drivers, and spend their earnings on HIV whores and become women haters, which of course begats less pussy ...

I have know lots of women to gain orgasm by cock, but generally if they don't get an orgasm by the penis, the oral method always works, the important thing is your woman must get her orgasm, and preferably before you do... Well if you want more of her pussy.

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This was a truly weird conversation (my bad, as I started my goofy rant on man whoredom).

The PUA is strong with you I see.

I find celibacy far more liberating and soul enriching. I would think heaven is that way...hell would be sex for all eternity...disgusting.

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Pretty much agree with Paul in this post. As a feminist activist all my life, I will add that we live in a white, male supremacist society and structural laws are created to keep it this way. The Women's Movement has been all about creating personal agency and independence. Financial independence is key which is why women have been kept out of school by their male family members and partners. Yes, this still goes on despite the number of women who have gotten graduate degrees and entered professions. But yes, women still make less than men and women of color make less than white women. This is a double whammey for women of color, Black women in particular. Back in the 1960-70's there was a Wages For Housework Movement in England recognizing the work that women did by taking care of the home and children. We still have no recognition of this as legitimate work in this so-called advanced western culture. And violence against women is astronomical with murders of women over 3/day in 2005 but tripling in the last year. Rapes of women are about 600/day with most of them still never reported. Sexual abuse and assault has always been used as a method of terrorism to control women and often even the culture where women's 'purity' is held as a primary value. The current male resistence in Congress to vote for the ERA is one example of maintaining structural sexism. It denies women the legal right for equal protection under the law. Religions are also part of the problem when they promote subservience of women to men, and many sects still do, often Christian ones. It is wrong to focus on other countries that are Muslim or are people of color as that is a diversionary tactic to avoid looking at what happens right here in this country, and probably Canada as well. Gatestone is a rabidly racist journal and I find myself always in disagreement with its prejudicial commentary/reporting.

Here is one article on this problem:


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You would be better served to take "white" or any other color out of your arguments. It was ALL set up many years ago by a bunch of psychopaths that have for generations sat in their big chairs at their very long tables and decided your fortune and your future. Yes, those men are pasty white but they are not 'ALL WHITE MEN'. In fact, they are a very, very few that have you seething like a rottweiler, generations later.

Would you choose hunting for weeks for some meat grilled over a self-made fire in unknown parts or letting someone serve it to you on a nice, shiny plate in front of your companion with nice music in the background? Which one would you choose? Why?

The color of a man's skin does NOT portray his character, nor does it make him a horror show for choosing the easier path. You fell for it, too, sorry!

You fell for a "feminism" that was being spoon fed by men dressed up like women, years ago, transitioned at birth by their psychotic parents before it was en vogue.

I quit 4 different colleges/universities because the mind control and indoctrination were so blatant, polarizing and disgusting to me. I had to go to another remote country for an education that praised hygiene as healthcare...go figure.

As far as the "women's movement" creating "personal agency and independence" for women is a load. How is using abortion as a form of birth control that is celebrated any kind of "personal agency?" How is aborting a child so it can be fed to a satanist in some form "personal agency?" It's more like personal hell.

What "equal protection under the law" are women denied any more than men?

We are under Maritime Law (the white psychopaths put us there) and that means that human beings have NO PERSONAL AGENCY by LAW. When ANY of us enters into their courts we become "harvested".

STOP with the "women are victims". As long as you and your feminist friends keep blaming all "white men" for your own lack of "personal agency" and deeply forged victimization, you will keep running on that wheel. Sooner or later, you are going to conclude that you are the one making it spin round and round. When you look up, you will find that you are in a multitude of company of others spinning their own wheels, still barking about equality and the bad, bad "white man".

If you want remedy than you need to better understand the problem and it doesn't start with women being raped or ERA and nor would you getting your way with either be the solution.

As long as you continue to gut your way into polarizing than you are doing the work of the psychopaths who started the whole thing. They are happy to have your support.

You waste your God given gifts, talents, skills and abilities by believing you understand the scope of the problem. There is NO boundary to the mental sickness of the very same few white men and women who use men, women and children of every age, color and persuasion to do their bidding and provide cover so they remain untouchable. You provide cover and protection for them as well, whether you can see it or not.

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May 11, 2023·edited May 11, 2023

Amazing how feminists are always being prejudicial against “white men” calling them white male supremacists and you ignore ALL of the violence perpetrated against innocent women and children by black, Muslim and other men of color!!! It’s the so called feminists who are working to destroy women by forcing the transgender nonsense of mentally ill men who are now allowed to do whatever they want to real women with no ramifications and with your blessings. Then you have the innocent children that are being forced to transition by sick feminist mothers and others in leadership positions without any regard to the mutilation that will transpire. The majority of white men are good, hardworking, family men who respect the women in their lives. Thank God most white men work hard because YOUR men of color get to say home and be welfare and criminal statistics!!! But that’s okay as long as you can work to destroy all white men!!! It’s a shame that other ignorant women might take your information as factual. Thank God all white men didn’t follow the welfare ideology that so many men of color have followed by having droves of kids out of wedlock and never taking responsibility for them, while their mothers just had more kids for those welfare benefits!!! These kids were left to the streets to join gangs and fend for themselves all because of warped sense of thinking. Country after country invaded by these Muslim thugs are destroying cities that were once safe for their residents, especially women. That is no longer the case!

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There is a difference between your belief systems which seem quite racist and facts which can actually document and quantify the nature of sexism. One of your racist tropes regards welfare. FACT: the vast majority of people that get Welfare are white women!. Men have a very difficult time getting any of that help due to the belief that women are subordinate and not able to support themselves but men are all able bodied and can work. This is part of the structural sexism and racism that are built into the structural nature of a white, male supremacist society. As a female, it saddens me to see how you have bought into a male designed interpretation of oppression that keeps them in the center as victims. But your racism seems to guide you to blindly hold onto beliefs created just for people like yourself for division and ignorance of the reality of this society. WE call that internalized oppression when those who are subjects of oppression argue the oppressors line.

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Really that’s all you have and of course you will call me racist, LOL!!! You base your information on the liberal anti-white men rhetoric, ignore the real truth and ignore the realities of what many of us have experienced first hand! Admitting the truth is not racist, but that is the liberal philosophy these days…..call everyone who disagrees with you and doesn’t support your sick agenda as “racist.” It’s so easy to pick people like you out! And amazing we have friends of every race who also see what liberals are doing to intentionally divide Americans, keep women down and breakdown families so you can advance your anti-American, Anti-White, Anti-innocent children, and all children should now be trans or they aren’t normal mentally ill ideologies. Oh and the “WE” you mention are the very godless people who elevate Satan to destroy all that is good in our communities and use innocent people as their victims, most importantly innocent children.

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Yes, name calling and accusations without any experience much less facts. Your truth, as you write, is based on assumptions, prejudice and lack of facts. One assumption that can only be seen as expression of your prejudice it making assumptions about my agenda which you clearly don't know and then attacking me for it. This is reasoning devoid of any intelligence. Adn then trying to use your religious beliefs to promote your prejudices is only part of your cognitive dissonance so we have nothing to discuss. I stand by my positions and provable facts that you refuse to investigate yourself. This is willful ignorance and will lead no wheres. I think we are done

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Yes, of course, you excuse yourself of all your prejudice and name calling!!! It’s clear you have no real life experience. I do. The only one prejudiced here is you and your agenda comes through loud and clear. And anyone who doesn’t believe in your philosophy or agenda isn’t intelligent another great one. You proved all of my points! Thanks!

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