FDA gets 50% of its budget from Pharma. That's all you need to know.

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All the big Harmaceuticals who made hacksxxxines

Need to be shut down

Their proceeds need to be going to hacksxxxine injured

Viruganda must cease

End the fear campaign

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This is scary, and if it turns out that it affects living humans, I fear for my family and friends who voluntarily took the injections, or were coerced into it.

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"What was done by vaccine developers and FDA has been horribly reckless and unforgivable."

Definitely unforgivable but I'm not sure it was reckless. The obsessive way Govt's have been forcing populations to take the jab when they must have known it had questionable efficacy and demonstrable harms suggests to me that they had a different purpose.

We know that the western democracies are close to being swamped by the social and healthcare costs. We also know that WEF believes that there too many people on the planet. What better way is there of employing a depopulation strategy then by forcing people to take a jab that we know has the potential to:

- increase cancer rates,

- increase auto immune disease rates,

- shorten lifespans and

- interfere with human reproduction.

Then factor in lockdowns which have seen the NHS longest waiting lists in history and have resulted in many cancers going undiagnosed and you have the perfect result for WEF.

The other reason for all this nonsense is "Control" - Govt's all over the world, in so called democracies, have eroded of a number of the civil liberties and freedoms. This is a power grab by the elite, they've got a taste for it now and they will keep pushing the boundaries

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"Well, it is death to innocent people...and unforgivable."

Wow. Powerful words.

I think Jessica Rose wrote about this very study:


But, Unglossed may hold the view that there are questions to be asked about another Substack's conclusion:




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My consistent response: show me the proof that it is NOT reverse transcribed. They can’t. Then it devolves to trust your pharmaceutical company and trust your government. Why should we do alllll the work to prove it is NOT safe? What about them proving it is?

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Additional reading, which includes some links cited below plus interesting unverified "whistleblower information" that rings true given the paper cited by Dr. Alexander.

Covid Vaccines, Embryogenesis, and LINE-1 Retrotransposons


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Unfortunate to go conspiracy , but, if these products are about to cause a multitude of cancers in multiple body systems there will need to be some other explaination for it . The only thing I know that can do that is radiation . These findings may make a nuclear blast a potential future act.

The amount of work put into bonkers and underground protocols , and that many of these things are built by people in

Power and military has always made me question what they may know . Perhaps I’ll look at my own situation now and familiarize myself with such things

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…Fauci, Collins, Wallensky NEAR criminal? You’re being charitable.

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Crimes Against Humanity

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absolutely!! Thsnk you Dr Alexander! Uou mustve read Dr Judy Mikovits' books ( Plague of Corruption and Ending Plague). Thsnk you for being very courageous and bold!!! and to Drs Hofkindon Hoffe, Phillips, Malhouse, Bridle, etc. I am praying for their court cases!!

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Think about this if true. Will they need to be prevented from reproducing?

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All part of the horrendous, insane depopulation plan.

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As people continue to wake from their covidian slumber, some are beginning to experience the adverse affects of the mRNA shots & a few of my family & most of my friends took the shots. Mostly out of fear. I had concerns about safety from day 1. Experimental, emergency use, should never have been mandated on the general population. The disgusting cabal in the alphabet gov agencies that manufactured the fear behind covid all violated the Nuremberg Code. Informed consent was completely left out, as we now see ADE the results of which have turned the adverse events back on the jabbed and we are seeing much bigger problems than covid itself. I thank God For the good scientists and physicians who are getting the information out to the general population, or at least to those who refuse to cower in fear. I see sliver hope here. My hope is for a miracle of the human body to heal and compensate for the damage done by mRNA shots.

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