I am all for freedom of speech. One point I like to raise though is 'this airing of dirty laundry' then becomes no better than what we see from those who don't see a single thing wrong with the way things are/were handled (masks, coerced injections, etc.) . It further divides us. For you Dr. A and the others mentioned, it is time to 'talk' and put your differences aside especially for all the world to see. We need to get our shit together and keep it together. Love to all.

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People desperately need the Lord Jesus Christ above all. He is the Prince of Peace.

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Sadly it is the arrogance and ego that I suspect that has lead to this infighting. And like the ones they all claim to be fighting, it seems they are not above using the same types of tools as Fauci et al and the msm, fin/tech elite. Begs some questions about exactly what the goal of this “truth” movement is.....if the vaccines were pulled tomorrow, a law passed to compensate the injured and those who needlessly died---who among the truthers would then lobby to become the head of the outfits they are now criticizing?

One of my criticisms of the medical freedom movement is their refusal to understand and coordinate with other sectors (like education) that would go a long way towards educating the public about the fin/tech elite globalists plan. There is a playbook of sorts that has been used and it remarkably similar. People are not quick to challenge a doctor but they will get angry about manipulation in their kids’ lives or education. Guess what? The medical freedom movement is late to the party. But they seem to think so highly of themselves they are foregoing an opportunity to highlight for the public the inner workings of the beast and how it all fits together.

Why is that? Their refusal to get out of their silo....it seems hubris may be part of it. And it also seems that by design staying in the silo in effect distracts everybody from the bigger agenda.

While the MFM has become both a spectacle yet still remains an important fight against the vaccine, it is allowing the digital prison to be built in its shadow. So yeah, whether they realize it or not---the effect is to have them essentially playing the role of controlled opposition.

Does anyone think they will prevail in seeing Fauci tried? Come on. We still have not seen any action on the Epstein client list. Let’s be realistic.

We would stand a better chance of holding the predatory philanthropists, captured agencies and corrupt politicians to account by actually showing that the medical fraud is not a “one off.” It is a pattern of behavior that has been apparent in other sectors and we should expand the scope of our inquiries and criticism to the actions of the fin/tech elite in the past decade using our kids as guinea pigs in American classrooms. A little exposure on that front would go a long way towards exposing the plan to traumatize and demolish the West as a means for f “building back better” according to the vision of these globalists.

But instead, the movement is mired down and stalled out....not making any real gains and the reality is that people will soon walk away from the infighting and the whole affair will be memory holed. Well played, Gates er al., well played.

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In the words of Melvin Udall "I'm drowning here, and you're describing the water."

This has been going on for sometime. There are bound to be differences of opinion. All of us, to a degree, believe we have the "secret sauce" of the truth. Every so often, I fight my way back to the assertion that I far from know everything. That is the truth. And that should be one of the core beliefs in all this, and why we should be against mandates and coercion. It is the hubris of thinking that we "got the answers" that is at fault here.

While I am against credentialism, I do think that doctors are like "the teachers" in reference to the medical panic that occurred over the past three years. So yes, I believe they bear a larger responsibility for this than say, some artist/writer/illustrator amputee residing in the Land of the Walking dead. Dr. Malone, Dr. Drew, I believe took the vaccine ostensibly because they "had" to travel.

No they didn't. That could have been the hill they died on. "I will not travel to take a vaccine for a disease with a .09% death rate."

At the same time, I commend them on coming around to the rational view of things.

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Truth has no movement, only Truth.

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Yes, no censorship unless it crosses the well established, traditional lines of the law. Malone has said many times that he participated in developing mRNA, and isn’t the sole inventor. Many people put words in his mouth to slander him, and he took a gigantic gamble to go on Rogan’s program to speak Truth. This was the ultimate test of character. God bless him. God help us. ✝️🦁🇺🇸

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The Little Prince reminded us that “words are the source of misunderstanding” Antoine de Saint Exupery

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I'd call the suggestion that internecine warfare will destroy the health truth and freedom movement wishful thinking on the author's part. And I'd file her name-checking under the silly concept "no publicity is bad publicity."

I'm happy to shrug off everything she says.

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The moment you care what some random person thinks of you is the moment you lose in life.

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It's even more divided than is being portrayed here. Jabs Bad Islands 1 and 2; Pfizer Bad vs HHS DoD Bad...ETC.

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I think this substack has it right. https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/america-has-become-a-divided-society?

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We are watching you truther’s. We know that the globalists desire our demise. However, we are curious as to what you desire.  I agree with Dr. Alexander that this was a fun read. However, you’re wasting our precious time. Get it together, line yourselves out, and go after the enemy!

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Factional fighting decimated the 9/11 truth community similarly to what is described here. Planers, no-planers, directed energy weapons (DEW)-Dr Judy Wood, plane hit the Pentagon, no plane but a missile hit the Pentagon, nano-thermite used- Dr Stephen Jones and Professor Niels Harrit etc.

As a result of this infighting in the 9/11 Truth Movement, the power of unity was lost, the Lawyers Committee is still pushing in the courts but is lacking people power due to this fragmentation.

I have been watching this same scenario roll out with covid scamdemic and if people want this death and destruction halted and justice served, they had better get there shite together prompto or face the same fizzing out as is still occurring with 9/11 Truth 22 years on.

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Putting all the personalities aside, I see an emerging divide between the pure anti-vaxx type and the pro-vaxx just not this vaxx type. I personally get irritated when someone says, "we can't call this a vaccine...". I personally never revered the word "vaccine", never put the word "vaccine" on mantle to adorn it like a trophy or idol. Going down the rabbit hole, I'm starting to realize all vaccines have probably been dog shit from day 1? How far does this scam go back? What if viruses aren't real? Poisons are real, toxins are real, can poisons be synthesized and some how come out from behind the black curtain and now we have some invisible aerosolized "virus"? Real or not, I appreciate the debate from all MD's and PhD's. I'm rooting for the terrain side, I won't take another jab, not even penicillin, or depomedrol, Rocephin, or amoxicillin? I won't go see a doctor for shit! To bad, all trust is lost, even the good ones caught in a bad situation. You all suck, but keep up the good fight. If the whole vaxx complex doesn't come down, then we will keep getting what we are getting now. So anybody who says "I'm not anit-vaxx, I'm pro safe vaccine." Is full of shit too!!?? As for me and my house, no vaxx, no pills, no meds, if it doesn't "grow" out of the ground and I can't make it in my kitchen, you can keep it. Nothing new under the sun. The carnage has to get a whole lot worse before people really lament enough for change. I'll keep VAERS on lockdown until you guys need it to put people in jail or executed. VAERS does not publish all legitimate claims they receive! All things considered it might be one of the easiest frauds to prove. One day you will all see that in hindsight. God Bless https://www.vaersaware.com/

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"There is a certain level of gracious mercy, kindness, understanding, and compassion we should have for each other and at times we get heated and we have to be able to step back and consider always the greater good."


So then is Malone being gracious and forgiving toward Breggin? Is Breggin in fact 100% correct about Desmet, who is a central character in their feud?

Does anyone really believe that Malone has been seriously economically harmed by Breggin? What about a lawsuit for $25 million: is that just a slap on the wrist?

Wouldn't a new biosecurity state have to have a psychological element to it? Enter Desmet. I can hear many objections along the lines of: "what?? Desmet calls out the mass formation and hypnosis of people during Covid, and he says there were manipulators!" Such objections make me believe that people aren't paying attention to Desmet's real arguments.

The key argument in Desmet is that the fear and anxiety of the mass formation during Covid were spontaneous, and there were no manipulators. But Desmet says there were manipulators! No, he does not. Or rather, yes he does but these manipulators are subsumed under the concept of "mechanistic thinkers," and this broad category of "mechanistic thinkers" covers virtually everyone in the civilized world, according to Desmet. The manipulators, then, are not outside the category of mechanistic thinkers, and mass formation is caused by mechanistic thinkers, which we all are. Confused? I believe this confusion is likely deliberate.

Hence, says Desmet, there was no orchestration. There was no massive censorship/propaganda campaign to induce fear during Covid; all of it came from within the mass formation itself. This is the whole point of introducing the Sierpinski triangle; this is the whole point of chapter 8, wherein we hear of the dangers of conspiracy thinking, as in, "there's a decades-long conspiracy to install of world-wide biosecurity state." Danger!

I suspect many people will say that I have it all wrong, but trust me I've read his book closely, took copious notes, and compared what he said to what one of his sources, Hannah Arendt, said. His is an insidious book. Why? Because he actually says one thing very clearly: there was no orchestration during Covid, there was no conspiracy. That's a major theme of his book. But because of the way Desmet words things, many people come away believing that he tells us the truth about mass formation and solves the problem of why many people are now hypnotized.

We know why. It's because of massive censorship and propaganda that lead to a semi-hypnotic state of mass formation in many people. Desmet will say this. However, he'll also say that this censorship and propaganda arose from the fear and anxiety of the masses themselves, as they craved guidance from a leader to tell them what to do.

No, it did not arise from within the masses themselves (who, remember, are really everyone who is part of the mechanistic thinking mindset: all of us, according to him.) Mass formation was induced; it was orchestrated.

Breggin is absolutely correct, and "The Psychology of Totalitarianism" is doublespeak.

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People should go read the substack today by “Bad Cattitude.” It is instructive. Makes one think that the polarization is the means by which this country will be destroyed and that those seeking the destruction know how to play this game. And we seem all to willing to be manipulated on that front.

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