Dr Alexander,

As you are aware, the Louisiana State Legislature was successfully able to reverse the governors mandate to place COVID-19 vaccination on the childhood vaccination schedule required for public school attendance. Although I am glad for the present state of affairs (having this overreaching mandate overturned), I was appalled with what in my mind was the cavalier approach to children’s health of a state in which I was told by its chief medical officer had 85% prevalence of nucleocapsid antibody in the Peds population. The conversation strained logic to put it simply.

My question: this person was of the opinion that myocarditis was MORE common in adolescents who were infected with SARS CoV-2 than in those immunized. Could you kindly help me find the data that would turn this idea on its head?

Thank you,

Robert Crowe, MD, MS, FAAP

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As of 3-30-2022 there were 1,366 peer reviewed medical journal publications documenting severe adverse outcomes after receiving COVID19 vaccines. There were actually 336 publications documenting myocarditis/pericarditis and many more as of today. We have published all these references and tabled them according to the adverse event.

Thorp KE, Thorp JA, Thorp EM.

COVID-19 and the Unraveling of Experimental Medicine - Part

III. G Med Sci. 2022; 3(1):118-158.


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🥲🥲how many more cases does there need to be before these poisons are stopped?

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Dr, please look into this new evidence that it's not blood clotting but amyloid plaque clotting and matches the Phizer forced data dump and coroner reports:


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Goodness gracious! Wow.... seriously scary.

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