Our Government immediately dispensed with the national pandemic preparedness plan and adopted the Globalists plan early in 2020.

The Australian Government was one of the first to ban hydroxychloroquine (May 2020) and then ivermectin (October 2021) - with severe consequences for any doctor who breached the ban.

Many people lost their careers for refusing to be bullied into taking the jabs.

In March 2020 the Federal Government stated they were intending on 'locking down' for two weeks to 'flatten the curve' whilst providing funding for 12 months of lockdowns.

In October 2021 I received two letters from the Federal Government. The first clearly stated that there was no intention to prescribe more than three shots, the second advised that the Government had secured 153 million doses of Pfizer - over 6 for every Australian.

Regrettably, it is undeniable the Australian Government has been a very willing and front running protagonist in the WEF/WHO/Global elitists plandemic.

There is little sign of any change. Denial and obfuscation are rife. Censorship and persecution of dissenters the norm. No matter how ludicrous the continuation of their deceitful narrative becomes. New South Wales (Australia's most populace state) health department released figures showing Covid19 hospitalizations and deaths. The summary boldly claimed unvaccinated people were at greater risk of both. The very data revealed a vaccinated Australian was 34 times more likely to be hospitalized and die from Covid19.

Now they're busily working on digital identity systems - Australia is on the brink of authoritarianism, and barely a whisper of dissent from the population.

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I'm Canadian and you just basically described what is happening in Canada. And yes, there is barely a whisper of dissent from the population here as well.

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I'm not very familiar with either country's culture, but I don't quite understand why Canada and Australia are so compliant with government dictat versus dissenting Americans.

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I am in the control group...maybe it has been 'set up' that way...an experiment...to distract us and the WEF will take care of our gov't as they in turn pretend too 'care' for us...

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I think that Australian's giving their guns away so easily was the clue that they would roll over and roll up their sleeves for a death shot.

Once Australia was famous for their hardy attitudes of independence, or at least that what the rest of the world believed.

After their gun confiscation and now with covid Australia is a continent of pussies. Not all, I'm speaking of the majority. And, the same can be said of Americans. But, we still can lock n load.

It's just we Invision Crocodile Dundee slipping through the the brush subduing the bad guys. Come on Australia, live up to the hype!

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They are Either ignorant or scared

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They are ignorant, until it personally affects them. Then they bitch & moan after the fact. A country full of morons & cowards (I am from Australia & I am disgusted at the apathy & sheep mentality)

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Stop reminding me, please! I live in Western Australia and our premier forces almost all of us to get 3 jabs if we wanted to work. I was against them from the start because they were experimental AND gene therapy, then because I knew they didn’t work, and most of all because I was worried it would cause original antigenic sin. But I couldn’t handle the uncertainty of no job so I went, full of fear and foreboding, and got all damn 3. Got off reasonably well, only my gut health and histamine levels were effected long term.

But I just had omicron and know full well I could get it again at any moment argh. It wasn’t the sickest I’ve ever been but it lasted a long time and I certainly wouldn’t want it on the regular!

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Jul 20, 2022·edited Jul 20, 2022

I read your comment and I have to say it affected me. I am very sorry. I can not support that these horrible things happen in our world. Nobody in this world should ever have to expercience that. And I wish I could help you. But I do not know how. And this makes me feel worse.

It is really really dramatic to see how our world has developed in the last two and a half years. Where have human rights and ethics gone? How could we allow these people to take them away from us?

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Dr. Been and Dr. Marik on Odysee, the FLCCC seminar, discuss autophagy through intermittent fasting, spermidine and reservatrol, which clears the spike protein, and also reduces inflammation.

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What is spermicide?

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spermidine (not spermicide) "Spermidine preserves mitochondrial function, exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, and prevents stem cell senescence"

( https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.aan2788 )

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Can expect a very high death rate in Western Australia over the next two or three years

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Jul 20, 2022·edited Jul 20, 2022

Australia, New Zealand and Canada seem to be chummy bedfellows with their totalitarian management working lockstep. We've had our "Emergency" extended by yet another 3 months. Am thinking states are using this convenient tool to avoid charges of malfeasance. God knows umpteen people should be in jail. Yes, I'd like to build another special jail for them somewhere out on the islands in the Southern Ocean, real close to Antarctica 🤓

However, can we please not bother with cases anymore? They mean nothing..... surely at this point all-cause-mortality graphs / data, overlaid on top of vaccine rollout is the only one worth bothering to look at ? There is a chasm of difference dying FROM covid or WITH covid; so many STILL FAIL to understand the distinction.

Australia,was once such a happy, easy going nation; people were happy to help each other out.

It was shocking to see gestapo ooze from the woodwork as blatantly false propaganda with "...unvaccinated spreading the pandemic". That was - and still is, unconscionable, to marginalise unvaccinated healthy well-beings as random lethal ambulants. Our so-called Health Deoartments on Federal and State level have been nothing but WEF propaganda units (I call them "WEFers")

I weep for our losses of beautiful fun and freedom and the mascerating of once beautiful, close relationships over "Satan's Serum".

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Hey, Doc. I'm not a physician, not a scientist. But, well over a year ago I told anyone that would listen, especially Australian's, New Zealanders, Canadian's, Germans, and others that did a hard lockdown, that they were in big trouble.

At the time it seemed just common sense. Their immune systems have no exposure. Adults don't have baby like innate systems, they are not as powerful as they were when kids. They need to be exposed and develop their learned immunity. Their children too needed to be exposed since their little bodies are a giant virus killing machines.

I told them it would be like them doing a Rip Van Winkle, they slept for years to awaken to a new world with new viruses floating around. Big trouble because they would be like an American Indian who just had a small pox infected blanket thrown at them.

Their immune systems are like muscles, they need constant work to be up to date. Now it's all happening. The many different strains are wreaking havoc on the unprepared immunity of their part of the world. It is worse now for them than two years ago. This concept is not foreign too me because it's a chiropractic way of thinking, keeping your health high and encouraging anything to come their way so as to get some exposure. That's how you avoid disease. We'll, a little more complicated in the chiropractor world because of how they define diseases, but that's for later.

I did have a few people that listened, no relatives or friends, they all said, Phil you're not qualified to make these statements, you're a hack, not a doc. But, some unrelated did listen, not many, but a few. They've actually thanked me, which I am sure you get a lot off. It's rather satisfying.

It's not that hard, it's just common old world thinking. Your mom rushing you over to the neighbors house because they have the measles. That is considered child abuse today, when you can easily get a toxic measles vaccine instead of getting sick.

Science can be a two edged sword sometimes, it can be unbelievably inane. It needs to look back at how the past delt with health issues. They did it without drugs and still had comparable longevity, not at all time, but in many eras. Medical science is so singular, it's myopic, it's drugs, drugs, and more drugs. There are so many other practices that help you stay healthy without the need for drugs because you're not getting sick. It's more of a lifestyle of healthiness.

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You knew instinctively that all these policies went against our innate instinct for survival. You don't need to be a scientist to know that. You just have to be in touch with your evolutionary instincts. Pre-Covid I would point people to the doc who perfected the lobotomy received a Nobel Peace Prize for Medicine to demonstrate the medical science is never settled and always evolving. The doctor who pushed for the washing of hands - who was vilified by colleagues - was another. Once Covid started no one wanted to hear such things. The authorities had settled the science and that was it.

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Smallpox virus cannot live on a blanket for any substantial length of time so let’s stop this ridiculous lie. I thoroughly researched this topic And it is not true!  This was suggested by Lord Jeffrey Amherst but even back then it was shot down as being ineffective. 

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Jul 20, 2022·edited Aug 2, 2022

I just got a letter from my mother's nursing home in Melbourne, Australia. Managememt are shitting themselves. Inflections amongst the boosted staff and residents have gone through the roof, with almost 50% of residents infected.

In Australia they say that hospitals are overloaded and about 40% of staff are furloughed due to sickness. Serves them all right.

Their solution they say: mask up when indoors or in group settings. Limit numbers in groups to achieve social distancing. Open windows for ventilation. Test, Test and test some more, even the nursing staff, each day before staring work. Cancel outings in the bus.

Every resident is immediately started on a five day course of Molnupirivir, followed by Dexamethasone if O2 levels drop below 92%.

You would have to be blind if you couldn't see this coming. It was predicted by GVB 15-months ago. It was signalled when Israel got their post vaccine waves and breakthrough infections spiked in the US.

The NZ government is trying to redefine Covid deaths and depart from the John Hopkins criteria. This will wipe out 1/3 of Covid deaths and I bet you they rig it so that most of those wil be in the vaccinated, like they did with hospitalisations. BUT what they wont do, is tell us the jab status of the All Cause Deaths in either Australia, or NZ. I wonder why? Perhaps it will reveal what happened in the UK, that the jabbed are dying at analarming rate of "something".

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"The deaths are happening in vaccinated Australians. They failed! They were too stupid, the inept government, to listen to us!"

Sorry and with respect, that's just wrong. Not stupid or inept - though both may be in play - this was intentional; intentional harm and death. It does not help our cause to lend them excuses, we need to call it out and face it. What happened and is happening to Australians is democide. Same here, same in many countries. This is part of a larger plan of depopulation. We avoid or ignore that at our peril.

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There's no profit in the prevention, Paul! The money is in the ongoing, repeated treatment! The unhealthier we are, the more profit is in it for Pharma.

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Jul 20, 2022·edited Jul 20, 2022

Hello good people supporting Dr "lock-them-all-up" Alexander,

I am going to approach my comment from a slightly different angle.

I have a client, some mates and a single cousin (whom I don't speak to anymore because he's a real schmuck) who all live in Sydney.

My client wanted to be free to travel - so he took the poison slurry.

Some of my mates were shit-scared of the boogeyman pathogen and were brainwashed by the grand story spun by big tech/pharma/media and biz - so they took the poison slurry.

And some were beaten into submission to take it on account of employer/industry bullying and earning a living blackmail.

As for my cousin, I have no idea whether he did or did not take it, but he must've, because he's a tag-along bloke.

I however judge none of them.

It's their body, their call, and their risk.

They are all fully formed adults.

I have taken recreational drugs before in my life and I have lived with the consequences.

What I do find odd though, is how the indigenous Aboriginal population in Australia, and indigenous Maori population in New Zealand all took the poison slurry with, as it would appear to me, not much resistance.

Here in South Africa, most of the working class indigenous local population (i.e. black South Africans) never took the poison slurry, mainly because they do not believe in "white man's medicine" and our chief justice also endorsed this view by saying it would "advance a Satanic agenda of the mark of the beast". He got into a lot of shit for saying this, and he then called it a day at his post at the Constitutional Court, and duly collected his pension. Good for him and I salute his final act of defiance of the system, which is even more delicious given him having been the highest Judge in SA.

So my question is: why did the Aboriginals and Maoris go along in taking it?

Perhaps this could say something about the former colonialisation by Great Britain of Aussie and NZ, and how the former Apartheid state of South Africa really broke through to liberate itself after Nelson Mandela was released from prison and then went on to become President.

The point I am making is covid is as good as dead in SA because around 60 to 70 percent of the population remains unvaccinated, which is solid evidence in my view of what Dr Alexander and the proper uncorrupted experts have been saying all along.

That's my two cents. Thanks for reading : ))

P.S. For some innocent light-hearted Aussie-the-nanny-state parody, please read my black comedy article:


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Millions of people in Australia have been coerced into taking the jabs, mandated to keep their jobs - No Jab, No Job.

It’s all about creating the Covid industry, and looting taxpayers’ money, exploitation on a ginormous scale.

Australia is right in the thick of it, in developing the highly lucrative jab industry, and fear-mongering to make people keep submitting to the shots. Babies are in the frame now…

This whole area is rotten with conflicts of interest. See for example my recent email to the Director and CEO of the Burnet Institute in Melbourne, challenging him about conflicts of interest while he fearmongers about Covid, with the Burnet Institute being involved in Covid jab development: https://vaccinationispolitical.files.wordpress.com/2022/07/conflict-of-interest-not-disclosed-burnet-institute-and-covid-19-vaccine-research.pdf

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Well done !!

No mincing of words !

Please let us know if you get a reply

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Dr. Alexander

Yup, I cannot give a like, b/c I do not like what is happening, but I do appreciate your writing. Too bad there are not other emojis to choose from.

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Too late now.

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I am at a loss for words for my sorrow for the people of Australia. It has been a hard, hard ride for you. Somehow you have been placed at the forefront of the WEF agenda to globalize and subdue countries while stripping away sovereignty and basic rights. I have had a Mass said for the people of Australia. Remember, God is bigger than all the evil and He speaks to us still today; we are in this together and He will never abandon us. Never.

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Relax, it was a metaphor.

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Immune responses have the ability to regulate themselves according to this theory every antigen receptor whether T or B cells can stimulate production of complementary anti idiopathic cells T or B and these cells or their products generally down regulate the production of the original idiotope

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Jerne was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology in 1984 partly for his work towards the clonal selection theory, as well as his proposal of the immune network concept.

The immune network theory has also inspired a subfield of optimization algorithms similar to artificial neural networks.

Jerne was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology in 1984 partly for his work towards the clonal selection theory, as well as his proposal of the immune network concept.

The immune network theory has also inspired a subfield of optimization algorithms similar to artificial neural networks.


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