Hang them all. Murderers and criminals.

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Thanks for sharing bad cattitude

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I have the highest regard for your outrage, you say it like it is - what is going on is shocking beyond belief. I salute you for always being outraged about the murders and outright lies. However as always, whenever I see anyone mention that we go back to more barbarism I have to say something. And always will. I want to go forward now not backwards, don't you? It's time men stopped saying what should be done and start listening to women as we have the wisdom to look generations ahead. It's in our DNA. Men have stuffed up everything, brought humanity to the brink of extinction, I think men have said enough. They are unfit to decide what to do on their own. Hierarchy needs to be made extinct and everyone has their say and we see through proposals that individuals make, who makes the most sense. Everyone is in this. No longer must it be just the males deciding for all humanity. Please don't feel offended but that is what has been going on. Just know that it is already offensive enough that women have been left out of everything and thus we have the framework of death that has been imposed on us that only men cooked up. This is the fundamental ritual that must be done away with. Yes they are murderers but have you considered that they are a symptom of something else? What is that something else? Could it be that we humans go against our biological function by systematically killing anything that we don't like or agree with? And by doing so it addles us and spawns murderers and pedophiles? Hmm?

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Would seem to suggest efforts to evade transparency and accountability around research activities and public communications.

Destruction of evidence, use of unofficial communication channels for official business, and collusion to craft misleading public narratives would all be highly unethical and potentially illegal actions.

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Dr. Alexander: Do you know who JOEBAMA had in the White House today? Even had a

Presidential Dinner for him and his wife. (Hint) Has a connection to Obama.

The President of Kenya! I wonder what they could be talking about?

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State Dinner for Kenyan President...

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I agree that they all need to face a firing squad for planning and doing what they did in the name of depopulation and big money to their wallets. Our local hospital is still using the fraud PCR test, ventilators and remdesivir. I personally know of two deaths in the past 6 weeks. Both supposedly had fluid in their lungs, went to the ER thinking they'd get an antibiotic and go home. Nope, admitted to the hospital and two weeks later d e a d. They wouldn't listen and took the jabs. That said, there are a researchers holding events in New York to fight back. We've got to wake people up and fight the depopulation elites and big pharma. I'm sharing the information in case someone near New York would like to join the rally this weekend. Unfortunately, I can't as I'm two days away. This is from Dr. Meryl Nass, MD. She and Vera Sharav,, Mary Holland, Tricia Lindsay and many more will be at The Worldwide Freedom Rally, Saturday, May 25th. 12:00PM, UN Headquarters, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, E 47th ST, 1st Ave, New York City. Also there will be links for the two day event which I'll post here. Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea will be speaking along with Lurie Rosa, James Roguski, Todd Callender, Professor Ollie Johansson, Daniel Estulin and many other international experts. This is an exceptional international academic event! CHISINAU FORUM EDITION 2024! The theme of this meeting is "UNRESTRICTED WARFARE. A Holistic Approach to the Great Reset".

This is a live event streamed from Moldavia with some of us around the globe giving video presentations. This is organized by the former Deputy Prime Minister and Journalist Iurie Rosca.

What is the Chisinau Forum?

Chisinau Forum is an independent international think tank that is not subordinate to any geopolitical center, state or private entity. We do not have and do not seek sponsors. All expenses for our activities are borne at each participant’s own expense. A real meta-political resistance and implacable dissent requires full freedom of thought and action.

The event will take place on Saturday 25 May and Sunday 26 May from 10.00 EET and will be broadcast on the following platforms:

- CloutHub: https://clouthub.com/c/chisinau_forum

- Odysee: https://odysee.com/@chisinauforum:5

- Rumble: https://rumble.com/user/chisinauforum

- Telegram: https://t.me/iurierosca

- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/share/aHyRRbWB4inHzpxs

All speakers are leading academics, researchers, journalists and civic activists united worldwide in resistance to globalist technocratic tyranny.

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PC187 18 U.S.C. §1111 18 USC Ch.51 get that parasite cleanser going eliminate them short and long ones

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The original meaning of "virus" was quite broad, essentially referring to any foreign substance that could cause disease. Diving deep into realizing there is no virus other than chemicals and poisons that are undetectable from multiple sources that react with each other in a conductive and electric field, acting as an antenna-receiver effect. If any gain-of-function research was investigated, it was how bacteria, which your body is made from, react to a conductive petrochemical. I wonder about the wireless communication they are using in the labs.

Viruses, logically, are molds, fungi, bacteria, parasites, and conductive chemicals. EMF allows mold to grow 600 times faster, according to Dr. Klinghardt. I've done experiments too, and it's definitely growing much faster in EMF. Mold and mycotoxins kill your bacteria, leading to imbalance and disease. Gram-negative bacteria are affected by EMF and cause most diseases, while few Gram-positive bacteria do. These are the main bacteria, and an imbalance causes disease logically.

The chemicals that your bacteria eat, which you also eat /absorb we are what we eat, allow the electric world to affect it more. Then, your imbalanced body with disease from these factors can get parasites. If any gain-of-function research has been done, it's to synthetically alter bacteria to become a virus excrement or make a nanite to cause disease, That's it; it's impossible to make a 'virus' as coined by today's scientists.

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