From Over Here, it looks like an operation to drive a wedge into the combined efforts of the few real professionals working to defeat the pharma forces...Best thing is to close ranks, expose the mischief-makers, and get on with the job!

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Hi Paul,

Now you're handling it properly and hitting all the right notes.

Always make it about what Malone is representative of - the sleaze, the cesspit, the fraud and untruths - not about him per se.

Always keep it at arm's length and keep your dignity.

He does just the same as the mainstream - undermine, dismiss and cancel his apparent opponents.

Be objective.

This is not about you or him, it's about the Freedom Movement, which is not a whorehouse for punters.

I wish you luck.

Have a good weekend.


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Attacking Malone serves no good. End it. The objective here is to inform people about the slow motion genocide going on, and finding solutions to it and the toxic jabs. Malone did not cause it. So it does not make you look good to trash him. Getting into personalities of those trying to save humanity is not productive.

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Malone has a very devout audience. They defend him no matter what the accusations. This gives him undeserved confidence. He needs to be held to account by someone in authority. Ron Johnson, for instance. He cannot be allowed to continue financially threatening innocent people.

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Malone works for the DOD. Controlling the counter narrative. Is the point being driven home yet. That anyone you hear speak can’t be trusted? Look at their names see who they are related to. Look at their past who did they work for or is still working for. And no the Internet lies. You have to some deep searching. Or take everything you hear with a grain of salt. All controlled op tells you truth with lies mixed in. It’s classic Marxist Bolshevik strategy. I would suggest people star learning real history about the people in control. Hint look at their religion. Hollywood finance gov. Biotech. They all belong to the same cult and said cult controls intel agencies. Wakey wakey.

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Whenever I see Malone in an interview, my gut tells me not to trust him. His 25 million dollar lawsuit against Peter Breggin is evidence that Malone is clearly a bully. I don't like Malone and I sure as hell don't trust him. However, what I would not like to see is him, or anybody, get censored.

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Dr. Alexander......I have never had a good feeling about Malone. You do not swim in the NIH, HHS, BARDA, DOD, WHO swamp for 30 years without knowing the crimes being committed. If he did not know then he is pretty damn stupid. IMO he did what most of them do......they take the grants and federal contract money and keep their head down and their mouth shut. Here is some information that might help you in your quest regarding Malone. https://www.dropbox.com/s/74un3ekipqg3dr2/DR.-ROBERT-MALONE-DARK-VACCINE-WIZARD.pdf?dl=0

ALSO, how come so many of the doctors in the medical freedom movement have lost their license for speaking out but no one has ever come after Malone's license and his face is everywhere????

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Mar 18·edited Mar 28

I could be wrong but I seem to recall reading that Malone claimed to have 600,000 subscribers to his Substack of whom 200,000 were free subscribers.

Maybe he was exaggerating but if not then 400,000 x $50 per annual subscription equals $20,000,000 per annum.

Nice! Especially considering what he'd aloso be making from his investments.

The quantum that his lawyers are seeking on his behalf from the Breggins would be chump change.

Impressive accomplishments.

I wish my dad had encouraged me to study mRNA platforms and to sue people who defamed me instead of becoming a priest.

Kicking myself now!

Let me add that I jest.

From reading his lawsuit, it is understandable that Malone feels agrieved.

If Malone has been maliciously defamed then he has every right to sue.

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The MOST important focus to prevent replays of SARS-CoV-2, and the bird flu scams is to undermine the credibility of the PCR tests. It is truly sad and unfortunate for us to have lost THE INVENTOR Kerry Mullis at the exact point in history that his expertise was most urgent. ‘You can find anything in anyone’.

If you want to ever eat eggs or chicken again, the PCR test must be challenged asap in all our respective legislatures. UK plans to cull all domestic fowl. And move us off bird nesting rural country? A la’ Agenda 2030?

That Malone is ‘something else’ is now an established fact. Even discussing his awful threatening actions provides oxygen to him.

What to do about an online bully? Do not engage. In UK it’s ‘sending them to Coventry’.

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Interesting that a year or so ago, when Alex Berenson accused Malone on FOX of not having invented mRNA technology as Malone claimed, so many people immediately attacked Berenson, assuming that poor Dr. Malone was unfairly maligned.

But now Karikó says the same, and she's in a closer position to know. Is Berenson vindicated yet?

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I wanted to add that there are those who apparently are in the movements PERHAPS to distract people, detract from the momentum the given movement is achieving at certain moments in time. The Ex JW guy I mentioned seemed to be like a mirror image of the Dr you mention, also giving people cause of concern. Sadly, it can distract people from the issues, or hurt people! I hope these two subjects just care, and do the right thing: In your case, help expose Covid mRNA, etc, and in my ex cult, expose the child abuse issues to the world!

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The already divided so-called "freedom crowd" is getting torn apart. Why? Over pride.

This always happens when pride gets into one's head and jealousy takes over when the uncontrolably proud get challenged.

Can anyone see the problem with taking credit for the mRNA technology that clearly doesn't work as claimed by the inventors and injured millions and killed tens of thousands or more?

I personally would never publicly brag about a faulty car braking system I invented that caused millions of injuries and tens of thousands of deaths. Another problem is: I would never admit I knowingly installed the faulty braking system in my own car and got injured because of it, would you?

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I agree with you Paul. For a long time now it feels as though the movement is morphing into an American style election campaign.

I do not have the answers either...it is just an observation.

One thing is certain...TPTB will be doing all they can....be leading, or a frontal assault... to take us down.

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Another troll to cause disruption among truth tellers. conquer and divide and keep nano drug injections as a new form of treating disease states for profit.! stop the injections now, and save our children from a miserable adulthood!

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And he is suing Dr Jane Ruby

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Thanks for this. Truly sad that what Malone is doing.

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