Wonder if Malone ever really took the mRNA jab? So many elites have falsified documents.

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Mar 5, 2023·edited Mar 5, 2023

I love the Breggins and have their great "global predators" book.

This information that Malone "knew" years ago the mRNA shot was "too dangerous for humans" begs the question: why did he get jabbed himself, then? It makes no sense.

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Folks!! Stop the infighting! That will destroy all the progress made by the brave truthtellers, Malone, Breggin, Alexander, mccullough, marek, Kory, Dr Stella, Wolf, and others...stop! Each has an area of expertise. Each has something slightly different to offer. Each has been savagely censored and beat up. The blind vicious brainwashed opposition loves infighting

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Doc, you are 100% over the target as are the Breggins!

Breggins Prioritize Free Speech Above Self-Interest in $25 Million Lawsuit by Robert Malone


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Malone recently put out a substack article addressing this issue, which is quite convincing in my opinion. I don't think it is worthwhile to keep busting his balls. He is doing good work exposing problems with the vaccines. I don't understand the motivation behind these recent attacks on Malone. https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/regarding-covid-19-pseudo-mrna-vax?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=583200&post_id=106629347&isFreemail=true&utm_medium=email

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What to think about the clinical trials of Pfizer may 2021, on baby’s aged 5 months, where they gave jabs ranging from 3 ug up to 30, the regular dosage for adults! They administered these poor children under consent of their stupid parents the same dose as for an adult, in order to find “the sweet spot”, the lowest possible dosage resulting in the least (short term) side effects. What happened to these kids?

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Malone has been fighting to get the word out regarding the mRNA shots for 2 years or more! I don’t understand how anyone could credibly attack him for not doing more. He has been subjected to all kinds of unjustified criticism for two plus years! This only makes me suspect of Dr. Alexander……

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Dr Alexander,

I am disappointed that you posted this. I wish that you would have reached out to him to get his side before doing so. The very last thing we need is in fighting.

I was fortunate to find Dr Malone very early on in things. I watched him for the first time at a meeting with a bunch of doctors who were trying to figure out a way to help. I didn't know it then but I was watching the development of the Great Barrington declaration. I liked him because he made it clear he would only back anything if it had data. I liked that because at the time the “experts” were ignoring or didn't even have the data. He was not red-pilled then. So keep that in mind. He had to learn a lot. He has come a long way fast in that respect all while trying to help the best he could. It's all anyone can do and no one is perfect.

I don not believe he had remained quite on either of these points. He never advocated for anyone to take them. He took them himself! He has responded to these accuitations. I hope all resist making judgement until they read it. The last thing needed is in fighting.


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I can’t wrap my head around the brain washed authoritarians who come here to address articles like this one, and say let’s not fight, while having no understanding of any conflicts from this side and only want us to put up with their guru and STFU .. - it reminds me of all the people who just followed Fauci &Co. and the govt’s promoting this GENOCIDAL JAB. He’s got control over you minions, or are you bots, that act as a ‘defence team’ that goes around defending the idea of him. What is he really doing over on his stack - 😵‍💫

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First learned about the Breggin’s via Dr Pam Popper. She had a book out early on this whole Fauci DR Evil thing. She is awesome. She organized a thing called Make Americans Free Again. She is a medical doctor who train’s medical personnel in alternative careers to actually help and educate people! You should speak with her Dr Alexander

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I deeply respect Dr Malone. Dr Alexander, please do not air your dirty laundry; find another private way to work this out with Dr Malone.

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I’ve always been baffled by the fact that he took these jabs knowing what he must about the tech.

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Attacking and suing the Breggins was just way over the Top. They are very nice people who wouldn't harm anyone.

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Hi Dr. Alexander!

I have been following you and all the other. Freedom doctors for the past 3 years!

60hrs per week for the past three years of researching and sharing!

I just find it so upsetting and hard to believe that Dr. Malone is being questioned.

I do not know all the facts like you do about this.

I did find this explanation of Dr. Malone’s defence.

I hope all this. Can be ironed out and the two of you can work out your differences because with the implementation of this Digital ID. and the globalists agenda we need all hands on deck working together!


Thank you,

Jas Sidhu

Here is something I found in Dr. Malone’s defence:


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You're out in left field, again, Doc. Attacking the wrong people. You seem to imply that Malone created the mRNA bioweapon vaccines. Not his doing. Do you think you should be held accountable because you didn't convince Trump the vaxx are bad?

At this point, I doubt Malone would consent to a discussion with you. I don't blame him. You are ranting and raving like a madman. Stick to helping people instead of trying to destroy them.

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