Mathematician, computer scientist and jab rejector Professor Norman Fenton has found similar fraud and systematic bias and flawed reasoning by the FDA, CDC and other agencies. A 7 year old girl was murdered with an injection and the death was covered up by a pretense that it was adeath from covid.

"In Jan 2022 the rare ‘covid death’ of a 7 year-old girl, Cassidy Baracka, in the USA [6] was used as a warning to urge parents to vaccinate their children; but the death was not from covid at all – it was the direct result of a covid vaccination [7] [8]."

Informed consent: statement on covid policies affecting children and young adults


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John Beaudoin, Engineer, The Faces of Vaccine Injury MA


This is one of several short speeches for the event sponsored by Health Rights Massachusetts, May 18, 2023 at the Massachusetts State House.


The video's sound has been edited where, presumably, he mentions names and other identifying information. I have indicated this as "[sound edit]."

John Beaudoin blogs as Coquin de Chien on Substack at https://coquindechien.substack.com/


JOHN BEAUDOIN: Hello. My name doesn't matter, I'm here to talk for other people. And I was driving out the gym one time and on the news it said a 7 year-old girl died from covid. That, that didn't happen. There's no way that happened. So I did a public records request. 500,000 unredacted death certificates from Massachusetts. Every cause of death, every person, all their names, their parents' names, where they're from, medical examiner's office number, everything.

So that little girl, it said on her death certificate, complications of corona virus 19 viral infection. It's the only thing it says in part I. But there's a VAERS* record of a 7 year old girl from Massachusetts, one of only four. [sound edit]

Now the girl [sound edit] she died on Jan 18, 2022. The VAERS record is of a 7 year-old girl from Massachusetts injected on January 13th. The VAERS record says, first injection [sound edit] for 5 minutes, vomited for 8 to 10 hours thereafter.

So they waited. And they gave her another injection. Severe abdominal pain, 103 degree fever, didn't have a bowel movement for 3 days. She was dead in 4 and a half days.

It's all facts. It's sworn to under oath in federal court district in Massachusetts. So they wrote covid on the death certificate, but I think we know what really killed her.

[sound edit]

She was 30 years old and she died from a stroke. Now the VAERS report not [sound edit]. It said that she had gone to the ER twice, they sent her home with migraines. The third time her family brought her because she didn't recognize her sister. And she had a seizure, she was paralyzed in half her body, the MRI showed brain lesions. She was brain dead within a couple days, and the family pulled the plug 2 weeks later. That was in '21.

[sound edit]

She died 2 weeks before [sound edit]. She had a stroke. Intercranial hemorrhage in the setting of thrombocytopenia 11 days after vaccination. That's what it says on the death certificate. But when the death certificate goes to the CDC, they use an automatic parser, the vaccine as a cause of death did not get coded. There are ICD-10 codes.** So it's not there as a cause, even though it's the root cause.

I'll tell you about a little bit more about [sound edit]. But 5 weeks after [inaudible] was 17 years old. This is all Massachusetts. [sound edit] This is 20 miles away [sound edit]. Her date of death is June 11th. There's a VAERS report for a girl who was injected on May 23rd. She reacted almost right away with a bad headache. She went to her primary care physician twice that week. And when her headache resolved she got her second injection.

She died of a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, hemorrhagic stroke.*** Her head tried to push her brain down through her neck. Horrendously painful. And the interesting thing about a CVST, cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, and [sound edit] from it 17 years old [sound edit] and two weeks before from intercranial hemhorrage in the setting of thrombocytopenia is that the brief report written by six doctors from Harvard Medical College Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, it's called "Fatal Post Covid mRNA Vaccine Associated Cerebral Ischemia."**** They're telling you in the title that the death of this girl was caused by the vaccine that caused the stroke. It's in the title. In fact it's in every paragraph of that report. And one of the paragraphs states, but this isn't a CVST type of stroke which is common. Well, he said, there are several reports from these covid 19 vaccines. So they know there are several reports of a CVST type of stroke.

[sound edit] weeks later. And what's frequent, it says, where thrombocytopenia is frequent [sound edit] two weeks before. So the strokes that they say there are several reports and a number of reports and it's frequent, it's three women in three months from Massachusetts who died from strokes.

I don't want to leave out [sound edit]. She was only 12 years old.

There's a friend in in California who has a site VAERSaware.com.* I told him, send me what you got from Massachusetts. Because I, there's only so much time I have analyzing the data bases. He sent me one in February. February 17th the VAERS came out of the girl who died in August. Took 6 months for the report to come out. The report is of a girl who died, excuse me, doesn't say she died, um, yes it does. August 29th is when she died in the, in the report. I looked it up in the death certificate data base. Sure enough, the girl died. 17 years old.

How do I know it's the same girl? Because both the VAERS report and the death certificate state cerebellar tonsillar and bilateral uncal herniation. It's the only time I've ever seen that and

I've seen thousands and thousands of death certificates. It's the same girl. She was injected on August 3rd.

So in the same month, and that's a, that's more than y year, that's 15 months after the 3 women I just told you about. So that's 4 strokes in 4 women in Massachusetts.

I have hundreds of these but there's only 3 minutes. So the vaccine has killed a lot of people. In fact, from the data, I'll just close with this, and I can stand behind this, I'll swear to it in federal court, I already have, more than 4,000 people in Massachusetts alone have died from the vaccine.

If you guys know me, you know where I get that number from. Cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac arrest, pulmonary embolism, acute post-hemorrhagic anemia, thrombocytopenia. The list goes on. Thanks for your time.




# # #


*VAERS is the official US government Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.


(Note: https://openvaers.com/covid-data provides VAERS data in a more reader-friendly presentation)

**ICD-10 code

see "Instructions for Classification of Underlying and Multiple Causes of Death - Section I - 2021"


*** See https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/cerebral-venous-sinus-thrombosis

**** See "Fatal Post COVID mRNA-Vaccine Associated Cerebral Ischemia"

McMillan, et al. The Neurohospitalist, Vol 13, Issue, April 2023.


*This is Welcome the Eagle, who specializes in auditing VAERS data. He blogs on Substack at https://welcometheeagle.substack.com/

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Those four thousand plus deaths John cites are just the obvious ones that were quick from jab to slab.

I've looked at thousands of obituaries and have personal experiences of at least eleven friends and acquaintances that are now dead from the jab and they aren't all from cardiac/blood related events. I guarantee there are way more the four thousand people that have been murdered by this poison prick.

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Sorry about your friends, Angry Steve. I agree.

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Thank you for pushing this B😉

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All true. What do we even say to those now sick from the vaccines? We tried to stop them but they were already trapped by the work of the psychological operations. Now they are sick - sick and maybe dying - unable to successfully reproduce - unable to free themselves from the fear.

They get “Covid” - defined as a positive on a thoroughly rigged, scientifically disproved, testing device . They get it repeatedly. They never question the grave truth - if the vaccines worked they would not get Covid.

Logic has failed.

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Culling the Elderly, those who retired, all with those two Damming words: "Safe & Effective" Sheep, conditioned to believe the World's Governments......

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Yep! The 🐑'll are so vulnerable. Sad...! 😑

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Keep in mind what can happen after getting jabbed:

First episode psychosis following receipt of first dose of COVID-19 vaccine: A case report


Psychosis Associated With COVID-19 Vaccination


Psychiatric adverse reaction to COVID-19 booster presenting as rst-episode acute mania with psychotic features


Bipolar I Disorder Exacerbation Following COVID-19 Vaccination


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Thank you for sharing, Dr. Paul🙏❤️

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But if people had only gone beyond the lying big PHARMA, CDC, FDA and the other lying entities they would have seen. The people just hustled along like cattle waiting to get branded! Where were the questions? Where were the doubts, this was AN EXPERIMENTAL DRUG, COMPLETELY UNTESTED! At least wait awhile and see what happens, but no, more and more lined up BECAUSE OF THE DOCTORS, PHARMACISTS, HOSPITALS, AMA, MEDIA, CDC, FDA, ALL OF THEM LINED UP TO FALSIFY RECORDS. UNDERSTAND PEOPLE THESE PEOPLE FALSIFIED RECORDS CLEARLY AGAINST THE LAW! Yet they are still walking around, continuing to falsify records because they are NOT FILLING OUT VAERS RECORDS, THEY ARE HIDING THE TRUTH STILL! All the heart attacks and myocarditis, pericarditis, AFIB, AND NOW ALL AGGRESSIVE CANCERS, they should all be under Vaers as all are CAUSED BY THE SHOTS! PEOPLE ARE STILL LYING TO THEMSELVES, and DOCTORS ARE STILL COVERING UP ALL THE DAMAGE THIS VACCINE CAUSED. Remember, the CDC is still recommending vaccine yearly for YOUR KIDS…. THINK ABOUT THAT ONE!

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Well said! Truth. 😑

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Sep 12, 2023·edited Sep 12, 2023

If people would have paid attention to the spanish flu, native american smallpox, 9/11, rt 91 concert, convid, e palestine OH, maui, etc...

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Well, we know now the truth about 911, we are seeing truth emerge about numerous fires not just Maui, a lot of killing going on in this country caused by our own government! TRUTH!

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Big pharma has been a lying, propaganda and fraud machine since the 1950's. The CDC and FDA has, for the most part, played right along aiding and abetting the fraud. It escalated after the 1986 vaccine laws and has reached a new pinnacle with mRNA substances capable of severely injuring and murdering humans on a scale never before witnessed.

However, we hardly know the longer term effects on humans who take big pharma drugs for years and decades. That has never been and never will be studied.

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Dr. Paul, I posted on your stack Worcester Mass UMass medical center is mandating mask wearing, FOR EMPLOYEES!

Why? Because in there words not mine, they are finding a high rate of cases among who?... EMPLOYEES! The most jabbed people are the EMPLOYEES right?... Remember, jab or your job?...

And I also have made the point that if cases are up and people are getting sick from something and 85% of Americans took at least one jab than exactly Thurs goal perfect getting sick?

It ain't the 15% that were paying attention because if it was you know for a FACT they're be screaming from the roof tops, "IT'S A PANDEMIC OF THE UNVACCINATED"! But they aren't, are they?

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What Happened in Irish Nursing Homes?

Health Freedom Ireland


December 16, 2021



MALE VOICE: What happened in Irish nursing homes? The following video summarizes Health Freedom Ireland's investigation into nursing home deaths in the Republic of Ireland since the onset of the covid 19 pandemic.

[0:19 screen shows chart: SAMPLE OF 60 NURSING HOMES, deaths per month January 2020-January 2021]


Beginning in early 2021 a volunteer in Health Freedom Ireland began analyzing nursing home deaths in the Republic with a particular focus on a sample of 60 nursing homes. This data was compiled from the Irish website rip.ie.* From this data graphs were produced of deaths per month throughout the year.

Despite the promise of two weeks to flatten the curve, on the 27th of March when the Republic of Ireland went into its first lockdown, April 2020 saw large numbers of deaths occur in nursing homes regardless of the restrictions. Please recall that the HSE** callously moved large numbers of sick patients from hospitals into nursing homes, without even testing them beforehand, to free up hospital capacity.

Despite a second lockdown being announced on the 19th of October because of NPHET's*** claim that more cases would lead to more deaths, October, November 2020 saw fewer deaths on average than the rest of the year in the nursing home study.

[1:23 screen shows chart: SAMPLE OF 60 NURSING HOMES, nursing home deaths January 2020-January 21 Pre-Vax and January 2021 Post-Vax]


Despite going into a third lockdown in January 2021, and the heralding of the vaccine rollout for the most vulnerable, there was a shocking 426% increase in deaths in the nursing home sample reviewed.

[1:41 screen shows letter]*


Shown in the slide on the following is the letter* that Health Freedom Ireland sent to the Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin, the Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly, the head of the HSE Paul Reid, the CEO of HIQA** and the chief executive officer of the HPRA.***

On Tuesday the 9th of March 2021 were our grave concerns over these findings were brought to their attention. The pleas from Health Freedom Ireland to halt this roll out pending a thorough investigation were all ignored.

Health Freedom Ireland issued press releases to 13 mainstream media outlets, including the RTÉ News Desk, the Irish Times, the Irish Independent, and the Irish Examiner, which were never pursued.

As a result of no response being received, the same letter was then sent to members of both houses of the Irish parliament, the Dàil and the Seanod, on the 11th of March.

[2:42 screen shows chart: Beech Park Nursing Home, Kildare - 16 DEATHS from 1st Dec, 2020 to 2nd Mar, 2021]


For a selection of nursing homes we obtained death records from the General Registrar's office. Here we see that for Beech Park Nursing Home in County Kildare, for the six records we obtained, 5 had severe covid as a cause of death.

How could this have happened given that nursing homes were all locked down at this time, staff were rigorously tested, and no external visitors were permitted?

[3:11 screen shows table: ALL Nursing Home Deaths Jan 2020 - Nov 2021]


Since January 2021 the Irish government proceeded to roll out the vaccine to the remainder of the Irish adult population and introduced vaccine passports this summer as a means of increasing uptake, despite being aware of these adverse signals earlier this year.

In this slide we have graphed all of the nursing home deaths in the Irish Republic since the onset of the pandemic. We can actually see already that nursing home deaths are now higher in the past few months than they were last year, despite the roll out of a national vaccine campaign and booster shots.

[3:51 screen shows table: Deaths by month January 2020 - November 2021, each compared to average deaths 2020-20201]

Following from slide six we have compiled the nursing home deaths in Ireland in the past two years. Months in 2021 where the death rate is higher than in 2020 are highlighted in red.

In summary, the Irish people have endured the longest lockdowns in Europe, have been subject to stringent health protocols, vaccine passports, and the country has had a high vaccine uptake, all of which were intended to protect the most vulnerable in our society. These measures have all failed to achieve what was promised. Nursing home residents continue to be subject to severe restrictions, leaving them feeling isolated, frustrated, and fearful. With the recent introduction of vaccine passports as a requirement of entry for visitors, many elderly residents are being denied access to their loved ones.

Ireland remains a two-tier society with the unvaccinated being marginalized and discriminated against for exercising their right to bodily autonomy.

Please ask yourself, can you continue to believe this government narrative?

If you like this video please share it. Health Freedom Ireland is a non-profit voluntary organization. We have compiled this information on our own time and expense. We feel compelled to highlight the truth to the public because the authorities we ought to be able to trust have failed entirely.

If you have been affected by any of the findings shown in this short video, please feel free to contact Health Freedom Ireland at info at health freedom ireland dot com. Thank you.



#   #   #


Graphs and tables discussed in this video are posted at:


This webpage states that data is available upon request. info (at) healthfreedom.com

* https://rip.ie/ provides Irish death notices by county.

** Health Service Executive is Ireland's public healthcare system.


*** NPHET is Ireland's National Public Health Emergency team. For minutes and agendas from meetings of the NPHET concerning covid-19 see:


* Text of letter:

- - - - - - - -

March 11th 2021

By Email

Re: Recent Excessive Deaths in Irish Nursing Homes

Dáil Deputy

Leinster House,

Kildare St,

Dublin 2,

D02 XR20,


Dear Deputy,

We are contacting you as Teachta Dála and a sitting member of Dáil Éireann.

We wish to make you aware of a very serious rise in the number of nursing home deaths (excess deaths) for the three-week period beginning at the end January 2021. The attached chart (page 3) shows 160 deaths from a selection of just 10 of the 572 HIQA registered nursing homes that we studied during the period mentioned. In comparison there were only a small number of deaths in those same nursing homes during December 2020 and January 2021. Considering the overall reduction in COVID-19 related deaths, hospitalisations and positive PCR tests for the same period, the dramatic rise in deaths gives us great cause for concern. Please refer to the attached graph on page 4 showing data for these key trends.

While this sudden unexplained rise in nursing home deaths may be due to a number of factors, we found that the majority of these excess deaths occurred directly after the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination programme for nursing homes and may indicate a serious adverse drug reaction to the vaccine. If an adverse reaction to the vaccinations has contributed to these deaths, it has the potential to adversely affect the health of all Irish citizens due to the planned ongoing rollout to every citizen.

Please see attached graphs and tables with data on deaths for two of the nursing homes which we have studied in more detail as follows: -

CareChoice, Ballynoe, Cork, page 5 & 6

Beech Park, Kildare, page 7 & 8

We have studied these nursing home deaths in great detail utilising RIP.ie death notices. We have also obtained a number of death records for these deaths from the GRO to confirm the details, which are referenced in the tables (page 5 & 7) and these confirm the RIP.ie data.

On Tuesday 9th March 2021 we notified this situation to:-

An Taoiseach, Micheál Martin

Health Minister, Deputy Stephen Donnelly

Director General of the HSE, Mr. Paul Reid

Chief Executive Officer of HIQA, Mr. Phelim Quinn

Chief Executive of the HPRA, Dr. Lorraine Nolan,

Having had no appropriate response from any of the above parties, we request your assistance in recommending an immediate suspension of the National COVID-19 Vaccination Programme rollout as a precautionary measure. The high numbers of recent deaths in nursing homes must be fully investigated and explained to ensure that the vaccinations are not contributing to the recent excessive number of deaths.

Many of our members are also your constituents who elected you to Dáil Éireann in good faith. We now request you to act on our behalf by urgently raising this matter either directly with the Taoiseach and Minister for Health or during Dáil questions.

We eagerly await your response to this urgent situation.


M.B. Murran

On behalf of the Health Freedom Ireland Team

Reg. Number 668747

Deaths in 10 selected nursing homes

[TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: the attached graphs and tables can be viewed at https://healthfreedomireland.com/letter-sent-to-government-re-dramatic-rise-in-excess-nursing-home-deaths/ ]

- - - - - - - -

*Health Information and Quality Authority


** Health Products Regulatory Authority


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My first cousin Diane died suddenly on January 3, 2022. She and her family have not even now understood how this could happen. Diane had gotten the mRNA bioweapon shots in December 2021 as best I know. How many total is unclear.

Diane was found dead, alone in her home, by her adult children. In the obituary was the following request:

“ In an effort to further prevent the spread of Covid and to allow for a safe environment for people to gather, masks will be required and the family requests that attendees be vaccinated or take a negative Covid test within two days of attending.”

Sadly, the irrational requirements to join the family gathering kept me home.

On May 25,2023, my dear older brother John died suddenly at home, just 2 months after his 65th birthday, with no warning and no preceding illness (save for getting the first 2 mRNA bioweapon shots over a year earlier). His wife begged him not to take any boosters and he promised her he wouldn’t…

At least John’s widow and children were discerning enough to avoid the lethal jab trap. Grateful that I could help them with knowledge and recommendations for staying healthy.

It’s too late for the billions poisoned who face future misery and death. Pray the remedies can salvage as many lives as possible.

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Guess whose fault it is! Mass formation psychosis?

"Individuals unvaccinated against COVID-19 (C19) experienced prejudice and blame for the pandemic. Because people vastly overestimate C19 risks, we examined whether these negative judgements could be partially understood as a form of scapegoating (ie, blaming a group unfairly for an undesirable outcome) and whether political ideology (previously shown to shape risk perceptions in the USA) moderates scapegoating of the unvaccinated. We grounded our analyses in scapegoating literature and risk perception during C19. We obtained support for our speculations through two vignette-based studies conducted in the USA in early 2022. We varied the risk profiles (age, prior infection, comorbidities) and vaccination statuses of vignette characters (eg, vaccinated, vaccinated without recent boosters, unvaccinated, unvaccinated-recovered), while keeping all other information constant. We observed that people hold the unvaccinated (vs vaccinated) more responsible for negative pandemic outcomes and that political ideology moderated these effects: liberals (vs conservatives) were more likely to scapegoat the unvaccinated (vs vaccinated), even when presented with information challenging the culpability of the unvaccinated known at the time of data collection (eg, natural immunity, availability of vaccines, time since last vaccination). These findings support a scapegoating explanation for a specific group-based prejudice that emerged during the C19 pandemic. We encourage medical ethicists to examine the negative consequences of significant C19 risk overestimation among the public. The public needs accurate information about health issues. That may involve combating misinformation that overestimates and underestimates disease risk with similar vigilance to error.

Blaming the unvaccinated during the COVID-19 pandemic: the roles of political ideology and risk perceptions in the USA

Journal of Medical Ethics. 2023 Jun 9;jme-2022-108825. doi: 10.1136/jme-2022-108825.


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Not effective

Not safe

Not new

Not better

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