This made me cry. I went to this school for a math competition when I was his age. People better wake up and start testing medical condition of all drivers, chaffeauers, pilots responsible for transporting others to see if they are medically fit.

Visit matchyourbatch.org to see if your batch(es) have high number of adverse events associated with it.

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thank you for sharing this good scholarship and tool, we need to showcase this.

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Great point, Lee, The batch-by-batch data PROVES CAUSALITY !

people who say, correlation without causation (RFKJr) still DON'T get it !

IT'S THE SHOTS !!! C'mon people. Get active.

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Yep, we knew the relationship between tobacco and cancer and still almost 70 years later tobacco companies refuse to admit it and are busy created new harmful tobacco products. https://aacrjournals.org/cebp/article/16/6/1070/260310/The-Cigarette-Controversy

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It's the money honey. The gift that keeps on giving.

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At the very least, school bus drivers must be instructed to immediately STOP THE BUS if they feel lightheaded or anything else!

Of course, such instruction would be an admission of vaccine harm, so I doubt the school superintendents will do it unless they’re prepared to take the wrath of higher-ups.

That leaves it up to the parents.

We must demand that bus drivers be advised of this possibility and mandated to stop the bus at the slightest sign of trouble.

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It's time to start sacking them if they selfishly took the jab and now are still driving buses. Everyone who took the jab needs to have their drivers' license permanently revoked.

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I know it sounds cruel, but these vaxed drivers, are a very serious danger to the rest of us. And yes unfortunately need to be removed from the roads, skies etc.

They are basically walking time bombs. The next time maybe there will not be someone there to react quickly and avoid disaster.

I live in a small city, and not a day goes by without a vaccident or two. And these are not your run of the mill fender benders. They usually involve body bags and helicopters.

The unvaxed need to be vigilant as it’s getting worse each day. The impact on our service industry is now in some serious dire straits today.

What is sad is it does not stop here, this spreads far and wide, imagine your having heart, knee, or eye surgery and your vaxed surgeon starts stroking out, or how about the utility guy working to restore power strokes out while on a pole, you see where I’m going here. It’s like each and every day we wake up and spin the vax roulette wheel, praying they don’t kill us in one way or another while just doing their jobs.

Believe it or not I had a hair stylist keel over in mid snip, yes, I’m now sporting shorter hair now, but she was in her early 20’s having a mini stroke! She is doing better, but her livelihood is shot!

I’m at the point I simply ask first if anyone I wish to hire or engage with for services if they are vaxed. If they are, I kindly move along and keep searching for someone who is unvaxed.

This hurts a lot of people, but that was the goal to begin with.

The ramifications of this Genocide jab, reaches into every aspect of our lives and now many are seeing first hand how bad things are really going to get.

I’m trying to find an upside to this mess and unfortunately I’m failing miserably.

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That poor young woman cutting your hair. Good that she's doing better now but scary that she was holding a sharp implement close to your head when she vaxxed out. Things could have turned out a.lot worse than just her recovering and you sporting shorter hair!

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Please be kind many people were mandated to take the shot😢. The Government and media’s ‘safe and effective’ messaging and non stop propaganda was relentless. There are thousands of different types of adverse events happening daily. We all need to work together to heal and overcome this evil.

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Yes LK they deserve kindness and compassion but so do their victims. Unfortunately they are currently a menace on the roads.

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AwakeNotWoke, I find your choice of words really offensive such as, “It’s time to start sacking them”? As I’ve already quoted you, “selfishly took the jab”? And finally, “have their driver’s license permanently revoked”?

I agree with you that protective action needs to be taken IF indeed bus drivers have taken the shot(s). But they shouldn’t be treated or spoken of as if they’re criminals that need to be punished. Your words & tone remind me of the vaxxed who demanded that the unvaxxed be placed in quarantine camps because they refused the shots.

Parents need to demand that the school take measures to ensure the safety of children on school buses. Citizens as a whole need to demand safety measures be taken on city buses & other public transport. Even drivers on the freeways hauling freight in 18 wheeler trucks could be a real & present danger.

So, I recommend we work towards solutions which respects the rights of all individuals involved. This will increasingly become a complex problem. We must strive for good resolutions based on truth, strength, understanding, & compassion.

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“Selfishly”? Driver may have been mandated.

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Yes I agree that the culpability if the State in mandating the dangerous behavior is greater than that of the individual who was coerced into putting others at risk by taking an inadequately tested substance substance with unknown potential to impair their capacity to drive safely if that is what you mean.

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She did absolutely begin stopping at the moment she began to feel symptoms. Watch out the windows and you can see the speed reducing quickly

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When you lose consciousness you lose the ability to push the pedal. The driver did nothing consciously.

While this absolutely could be the result of a vaccine, it could also be some other sort of disorder. Regardless, this person should never drive a bus again.

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Nobody who took the jabs should drive any sort of vehicle ever again. They're unfit to drive. It's Russian roulette every time they get behind the wheel. Take their drivers' licenses and impound their vehicles. Auction off their vehicles to people who are fit to drive and use the money raised to fund compensation for those who suffered discrination for not taking the jabs.

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It’s cute because the kid did NOT want that attention at the congratulatory event! I know as a kid, I would have totally acted the same way! lol (Hopefully kids don’t tease him now at school, because our society is set up so no one goes beyond, or will get singled out as some kind of attention seeker!) lol

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Dillon saves the day! It will happen again, and again.

How many Dillon's know how to land a plane safely?

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Congratulations and Thank You and PRAYERS TO THIS YOUNG HERO Dillon Reeves

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How long can Malone evade these questions. Like Gates we want answers.

We know they can hide but not for ever

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Paul, Reading your stack diligently..... 2 things.....this kid is today a hero. Why is he not the norm?

You keep asking Malone for the antidote. I can hardly wait til they mandate that on us, so then he can be the new HERO......like now a foreigner entering the US must have a Bivalent......Please campaign for a moratorium on all this NOW!

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So, wait...All the people pouring in at the southern borders, on the south, all those in Texas, that we’ve seen...like coming from Panama up, that the UN had camps for supposedly giving them assistance...those people ALL are being forced? Or do you mean TRAVELERS coming, now have to be bivalent “vaxxed”? (No pun, really wondering) I noticed there are, like different rules for different people going on, and trying to figure out, like why...You know? Anyway, thanks for the heads up...

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According to NPR a couple days ago, ( which I can’t listen to anymore but should keep a heads ups) foreign travelers probably flying in……If we keep bitching about the rest of walk-ins etc, we will get what we are asking for. So if I go to visit family in Mexico for instance, one day it will be all of us. They are just not stopping the madness. If we don’t have a moratorium on this one with so many injured or we don’t repeal the 86 VAX ACT, we are in for MORE OF THE SAME.

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I got tired of NPR 30 years ago, when it was painfully clear they were pushing an agenda that we'd now call LBGTQIA+CIA-FBI... Back then it was really only the first two letters.

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Give an inch and take miles comes to mind….Wetico.

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Don't you mean give a millimeter and take kilometers?

English measurement units are racist.

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Why don’t YOU campaign for a moratorium! We ALL need to do what we can where we are with the talents & abilities we have. Paul can only do so much. More involvement & outcry from everyday people like yourself will make the difference & eventually tip the scales so that Americans can take back their constitutional republic & route out the corruption.

Do you own stocks or have a 401k plan that invests in any Big Pharma products, Big Tech/Woke companies, Big Ag (think GMO’s), or the Military Industrial Complex? Then I suggest you take action right now & move your investments into companies that support freedom, morality, & civility. It’s hypocritical that many who are criticizing Fauci, the mandates, & the shots have STOCK In Pfizer, Moderna, etc.

I recently found out that Rand Paul’s wife has an interest or stocks in REMDESIVIR. Huh?! The sole & deadly drug protocol being forced on Covid AND NON-COVID hospital patients? God almighty! Yet Rand Paul is giving the nation to believe he’s on the People’s side? How does RP question & condemn Fauci when he is directly benefiting from the buku bucks $$$ his wife’s been making on Remdesivir? We the People need to start calling out such grifters!

We can’t succeed in the Freedom Movement if ppl are supporting the very crooks & industries that are murdering us or poisoning our food, water, & air. We are the snake 🐍 eating it’s own tail!

So if you & others have stocks, you all can do something immensely powerful right now to take down the Goliath we’re fighting by selling or transferring them.

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PS: How sickening, Rand Paul. Lots of people have no idea what their 401’s are invested in.

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Agree entirely. Asking all to STOP THE SHOTS. One old granny here with no stake in any war games or investment, no interest what so ever. No big banks….even concerned about small credit union mission statements. Soon they won’t even take cash or give it back.

One small voice here being called crazy by most but I won’t back down. Just wishing those with big voices would make a big ruckus over over a moratorium. I know they are asking and working fiercely. I am just imagining a live aid type of event with many of these freedom fighters all together making a monster pitch saying the same message, all over the world on the same day. STOP THE FUCKING SHOTS! This is a call to all humanity. STOP THE WAR ON HUMANITY! MEDICAL FREEDOM DAY! FREEDOM OF SPEACH DAY!

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Keep up the pressure on Malone to answer the hard questions Dr Malone. There's nothing wrong with asking him to answer questions. He should appear before congress and be grilled . It halpens to Fauci all the time. I doubt Malone has the slightest clue on how to reverse or mitigate the damage but there's no harm in asking. If Fauci can handle a tough grilling, so can Malone.

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Excellent article. Glad there was a quick thinking 7th grader! It is refreshing to see young heros!

As far as the rest of the article...👏🏼well said. I agree with you wholeheartedly, minus myocarditis.

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There you go, American courage!

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Yes, Awake, that dawned on me later, and that is my point (no pun intended) to get across.

Weather it be a vaxed hair stylist, a dentist or your local Uber driver, we are in danger at every turn. Today we are only scratching the surface of the not so nice implications of this Genocide jab.

This reaches far and wide from our supply chains down to the guy gathering carts at the grocery.

Literally nobody escapes or is not effected.

Folks give me chit for being harsh, for wanting those who unleashed this on us to be fed into a wood chipper without mercy. Me, I say really now?

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It’s unfortunate he’s White or he may have been invited to the White House.

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Wow! What a powerful post, Dr. Alexander. You're right. These "scientists" need to step up to the plate and start accounting for their "research" paid for on the backs of hard-working Americans. Americans have an absolute right to know their intentions. The human population has a right to know, too. The harm done to legitimate scientific research is vitrually irreparable at this time and God only knows how long it has been so...

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At this point, TPTB cannot concede to the harm of these jabs BECAUSE in doing so, anyone who has had the shots cannot operate any vehicles, machinery, planes, etc. massive amounts of license revocations and that is the tip of this iceberg-what about doctors being allowed to do surgery, and on and on?

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Paul and all,

I think ALL the serious doctors and scientists need to get in the same room with this group of most honorable Christian Leaders…ALL possessing serious strategic planning backgrounds! The WHY is here…

Why serious writer, Lex Greene and I work with the NORTH AMERICAN LAW CENTER GROUP?

The background of NALC…

Since the 1940s, USA Law Schools have focused ALL education on British Common Law, the basis for which U.S. Courts now render decisions and opinions, later presumed to equal "law." Awake people can easily see that our courts do not work as they are intended to according to their constitutional mandate and authority. But very few know why!

In short, it's because we do not have CONSTITUTIONAL COURTS any longer...courts that rule on the basis of "constitutional law." Instead, we now have British Common Law Courts "making law" on the basis of British Common Law via precedence and procedure, frequently at odds with the rule of "constitutional law."

Likewise, the USA is NOT a "democracy" or a "Constitutional Republic" today. Instead, the USA is ruled by an Executive Branch Dictatorship backed by British Common Law Courts, both of which have made our Legislative Branch entirely impotent and powerless!

The NALC Mission is to research, educate and advise law professionals on the subject of Constitutional Law, which must be used in court cases to defeat British Common Law Courts, and by those means, tyrannical federal overreaches of authority. NALC is NOT a "law firm." We are NOT "lawyers" at NALC.

NALC is a citizen run and supported constitutional advisory organization that works with legal professionals and legislators to assist in their efforts to enforce Constitutional Law in the British Common Law court system. NALC does the deep research, investigates unconstitutional and unlawful acts of governmental bodies, and designs a strategic constitutional means to confront the unconstitutional evils that grip our nation today!

WHEN IT WORKS AS DESIGNED, we WIN the cases, like those we worked in Michigan to declare Governor Whitmer's "emergency powers" both unconstitutional and unlawful in 2020, winning 7-0 in a 4-3 liberal State Supreme Court.

WHEN IT HAS WORKED IN MILITARY CASES, we have been able to help soldiers escape the unlawful penalties of refusing COVID jabs, without penalty to the soldier.

WHEN IT HAS WORKED IN THE WORKPLACE, we have been able to protect employees in the medical profession and others from being forced to take the jab, or fired for refusing to do so.

Our Founders were brilliant in what they created in the CHARTERS OF FREEDOM. But for Americans to enjoy the benefits of those charters, the charters must be properly enforced via proper representation intended to enforce, in courts that do not want them to be enforced!

This is what NALC does and has done since its formation in 2010. With more resources, we could do much more. When people understand what we do, and how we can help them in their local, state and federal actions, IT WORKS!

NORTH AMERICAN LAW CENTER newsletters with a monthly donation is what you ALL need to get in the room with the same information TO UNITE! FREEDOM is NOT FREE!

UNITY is what your enemies FEAR the most!

Come join with THE BEST! What are you waiting for as we are way past due saving our beacon on the hill, the last, best HOPE for the world…AMERICA???


Mother/Grandmother of 7 and counting

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