It's a bioweapon

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Bayer Pharmaceutical Président tells crowd of approx 6,000 colleagues we could not have told the public the truth about the shots, 95 % of them would not have taken them.


More where this came from rumble.com, odysee.com

GM(O) Humans are Legally owned by the modifier Patent Owner. US Patent Law


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Well, go figure! Yes, we art smart, so ALL people, wake up!!!!!

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You would have thought by now they would have!!! Unbelievable people are still CLUELESS! Including most of my family.

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"We would expect these controls to be required for future mRNA vaccines developed outside the context of a pandemic." Big Pharma will never voluntary do this or be legally liable for injuries and death. The CEOs, Board of Directors, top management in Regulatory, Manufacturing, and R&D must be personally liable to include both prison time and financial judgments against them if they behave criminally, unethically, or simply incompetently when people are injured or die from their products.

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Jul 16, 2023·edited Jul 16, 2023

F Big Pharma. They are corrupt more than we all can imagine. I ran into a Big Pharma Lawyer mom at a game and struck up a conversation ; I asked her if Bayer ( her company ) and others were usually guilty or not making her defense more difficult, she looked at me and said " it is NOT a matter if we are guilty or not, we are always guilty, it is just about how much we have to pay out. " And she went upon her business. Keep it in mind. They own MontaSatan(o), Round Up maker ( crop poisoner ) and the cancer medicine treatments for the B cell cancers it causes! How convenient. No conflict of interest here!😡🤯


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As long as they can put billions in their pockets, they don't care (devoid of morals) how many are injured or die from their products since they have no liability. Judas was an amateur in contrast. Let's not forget Big Ag for giving us trans-fat products to cook with, margarine instead of butter, fake meat instead of grass-fed beef, seed oils (Mazzola oil), and sugar in high amounts. My Grandmother said in the mid-1960's that it can't be good for the lady across the street to drink lots of regular Coca-Cola. The lady became very obese.

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The "pandemic" was engineered fear and fraud.

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The viral RNA products are neither vaccines nor “gene therapy.”

So, once again, here is the very simple reason why:

1. ALL viral RNA products invade healthy cells throughout the body.

Vaccines don’t do that and the actual C19 virus only enters through ACE2-expressing cells in the respiratory tract.

2. ALL viral RNA products infect those product-compromised cells with the viral gene for a spike protein from Covid-19.

Vaccines don’t do that and the actual C19 virus only unloads its genes I n ACE2-expressing cells in the respiratory tract.

3. ALL viral RNA products, by means of the viral mRNA, hijack the protein synthesis machinery of the product-compromised cells in a variety of organ systems throughout the body to translate the viral mRNA into large quantities of the viral spike protein in an uncontrolled and unregulated manner.

Vaccines don’t do that. And C19 viruses infecting ACE2-expressing cells in the respiratory tract make complete sets of viral proteins to assemble into new viruses.

4. All viral RNA products, by design, lead to cytosolic sensors in the product-compromised cells in a variety of organ systems throughout the body detecting the presence of viral mRNA and viral protein and signaling the innate immune system that they have been compromised by viruses in the viral replication phase.

Vaccines don’t do that. Actual C19 viruses in the ACE2-expressing cells in the respiratory tract do that in the very earliest instances of infection.

5. The innate immune system invariably launches innate immune inflammatory attacks against the product-compromised cells in multiple organ systems throughout the body to kill them, resulting in collateral damage to surrounding tissue, impairing tissue function, and initiating ongoing inflammatory stated and all the consequences of that for organ function and health.

Vaccines don’t do that. When that happens in the ACE2-expressing cells in the respiratory tract during a C19 infection, the innate immune response works to confine and end the infection right there and, in almost all cases, it usually does with only minor respiratory consequences.

All of these things involve a viral gene, but none of them is therapeutic; therefore, the term “gene therapy” is absurd.

None of these things is characteristic of a viral protein vaccine, used with great success for well over a century.

But ALL of them are characteristic of viral infection and the inevitable immunological consequences of viral infection; therefore, the most accurate description of these products employing the off-label use of three of the most easily commercialized cell transfection reagents/techniques of the seven standard ones in use over the past 40 years or so in molecular/cell biology and bio-med labs to introduce exogenous gene constructs in vitro into healthy cells for research purposes would be “artificial, indiscriminate, replication-disabled viruses used deliberately to initiate a disease state in vivo.”

To anyone who says, no, bro, it ain’t like that: Really? The AstraZeneca version actually uses a replication-disabled chimpanzee adenovirus to ship into healthy cells its cargo of a pathogenic C19 gene.

And when you really look at what’s going on and do a cost/benefit comparison between

A. any other Coronavirus infection,

B. a C19 Coronavirus infection, and

C. the viral RNA product-mediated infection of multiple organ systems with a single C19 gene for the viral spike protein,

you will see that, unless you are one of the unfortunate few that can easily be knocked off by any cold virus because of an impaired adaptive immune system and, accordingly, can only be harmed, not helped, by shots of viral RNA products, that you are far, far better off just saying no.

Now think of this: Covid Inc claims that the localized and limited infection by C19 in a subset of ACE2 receptor-expressing cells in the respiratory tract is a deadly threat to the human race around the world.

But because of the inherent nature of their products and their primary mechanism of action, what they are trying to peddle as a solution, if they really cared about truth in advertising, would be described like this:

“Hey, to prevent possible dangerous consequences of innate immune inflammatory attacks against this limited subset of cells in the respiratory tract that your innate immune system is gearing up to fight at the earliest time point of the infection, what we want you to do is to let us shoot you up with our viral RNA product that is designed to escape notice of your innate immune system until after it invades healthy cells in multiple organ systems throughout your body, infects them with a viral gene of a viral pathogen we call deadly because of its actions in a limited number of a subset of cells in your respiratory tract, produces in an uncontrolled manner very large numbers of a physiologically-useless but biologically-active viral protein, and then triggers all those cells to call in innate immune inflammatory attacks on our product-compromised cells in exactly the same way and for exactly the same reason that all that happens in a limited manner in your respiratory tract when you get that C19 infection we claim is so horribly deadly. But don’t worry, because as result of all this widely-disseminated and deliberate artificial infection by a C19 viral gene and the ensuing immunological destruction caused by our product, your adaptive immune system will be able to make specific antibodies and killer T cells against a total of one whole C19 viral protein! And that’s what makes it a vaccine, so it’s safe!”

If producing antibodies was the sine qua non of being a vaccine, then herpes, Ebola, HIV, and rabies viruses must all be vaccines because they all result in the production of specific antibodies.

They won’t save you from embarrassment (herpes) or death (the rest). But neither did Pfizer’s traditional protein vaccine years ago using the C19 spike protein. And neither has the Pfizer ploy to use your body as a free bioreactor to produce the spike protein reduced deaths due to C19 compared to product-free people.

But what you DO get is multisystemic infections with viral genes each time you get shot up and all the immunological trauma from that each time just for the production of a single viral protein incapable of producing anything but an ineffective and short lived adaptive immune response.

A slight cold with any Coronavirus a single time will be far less damaging and far more effective.

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Permanent Gêne Editing is what it should be more accurately called but it does not sound as nice as Gene " therapy " which both of these things should be terrifying to any human or animal to have your Genetic Blue Print Edited Permanently! (that means what makes you, you and every single cell in you, you ). They have NO idea of the immense repercussions of this and every single PhD and MD that is legitimate knows this if they understand DNA at all. So like the person above said, it is NOT therapy, it is permanent editing, you never to go back to your original genetic state. You are Genetically Modified ! They did not want people to know or understand this. (Unless you call trying to kill you in various ways therapy. )

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If they are not vaccines, which they are not, and if Pharms said they are, then why are Pharma immune from being sued?

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Jul 16, 2023·edited Jul 16, 2023

That is a good question. Quick answer is they can be sued in various areas.

The long answer goes something like this. See Dr. David Martin he knows everything about this and he is the reason we don't wear masks in planes and airports anymore. He sued the CDC and told them to take a hike with their stupid " rule ".

The Experimental Permanent Gêne Editing Bioweapon " Counter Measure " is what it is really called and what it is. Nothing at all to do with a " vaccine " of course. The gov lied to the public along with the Media and they both will continue to do so about everything.

Dr Martin has researched and presented the Actual Contract copy put forth by the DOD to Pfizer/BioInTech and BioInTech had the ingredients of vials made in China by another company. Not sure where Moderna's was made. J& J in Baltimore and who knows where else. All the research and patenting for the gene editing mRNA portion was done many years ago, well before 2019. As Dr. Martin says the " Disease " was brought in for the Injection, not the other way around. Again, nothing to do with a " vaccine " and as Alex Berenson pointed out on Twitter ( and got banned for it ) it DOES NOT meet the definition even. Soon after the Evil CDC tried to change the statutory definition. Alex Berenson sued because he was pointing out the truth and essentially won.

So because the Contract is from DOD to a Bioweapon Supplier it does not have regular FDA safety oversight by Law. The FDA just did a little pretend dog and pony show for the public.

So back to what Big Pharma was contracted to do by DOD....make a Bioweapon. No safety parameters were required pretty much, so little to nothing done ie no animal testing on this contract. They published the true results of their study and the results were BAD. Somehow , very strangely and corruptly they did not make the results of their studies Public and the REGULATORY BODIES OF THE VARIOUS COUNTRIES did NOT allow the public to see the results of the studies which were horrifying to real scientists and doctors. The CDC etc and Media just went on TV and said it ALL was great!

It was the Scam of the Century for Depop by B.Hates, Fraudci and Collins essentially.

Homicidal Psychopaths by DSM V definitions. Not new to humanity. People should not be surprised. Angry yes, vengeful yes, but not surprised if they have studied their History Books. There are no times in history when governments weren't suppressing, oppressing and persecuting.

Dr. David Martin on rumble.com, odysee.com, bitchute.com

Make sure you see his testimony in front of the EU Parliament end of May 2023. It is a good wrap up. Prior info helpful though.

Hope this helps.

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This is great info. I appreciate it. Thanks heaps!

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Jul 16, 2023·edited Jul 16, 2023

They could and should be sued on this part. Good luck getting a judge to understand even though it is a vast difference. I think ( could be wrong though ) Big Pharma did not start calling them that - the Doctors from the companies at least- until Alex Berensonsubstack and twitter called them out on it. Once he did point out they were not vaccines the CDC quickly ( within two days or so ) changed the definition of vaccine - They do Not get to do that BTW - so it could be any old thing 😊 and this crap that has no vaccine effect essentially, it actually worsens your immunity so you are more likely to get sick, they would quailify under the new hazy definition they posted. Bogus though. They were covering for Big Pharma Law Suits and their CDC Rachel Wolensky psychopath lying, conniving ways.

The only thing that can explain this degree of Evil and we don't need to get into it here but it is OUT there big time is that they are Satanists. One of the enzymes in the injection they named Luciferase ( see emeraldrobinsonsubstack.com for proof of submission papers with ingredients ) as well as Satin ( spelled with an " i " to be coy ) also an ingredient named in submission paper work. If you go down the rabbit holes you will be stunned with the 666 references or 999, Wolensky's earrings. Stand 6 feet away so they could stamp 6 6 6 es everywhere , google symbol, the opening of the London summer and or Winter Olympics with the children in the hospital beds with the grim reaper coming down to terrify them and take them away. Then switch, all beds empty and nurses looking around for the " patients " . It goes on and on and gets worse. rumble.vom, odysee.com bitchute.com

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The regulatory agency who did this...we want NAMES.

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DOD Contract with DARPA

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Each country has the Regulatory Grp. We the Doctors asked them for the Studies that they based their acceptance of the Bioweapon Injection on and they ALL including the USA Refused to provide. So, a wonderful smart Dr. B. Biddle Immunologist from Guelph University forced a FOIA request from Japan and the results of the Pfizer/BioNTech study were outed. The Lame Stream bought off Media - all channels, kept quiet but the Drs were discussing it on Podcasts and Twitter ( censored quickly ) etc and substack.com s . They showed the data and it was horrifying, I recall the ovaries on the uptake graph. We were all shouting this info from the rooftops and sending it to everyone we knew and no one wanted to hear it. They thought we were crazy. They were watching TV and beloved the TV and NYT over us. It was a living nightmare. Even a few of the Doctors that were not bought off for injecting were fooled by the Media blizz. Rupert Murdock family/ company owns most every TV Media station including Fox News. The " non vaxers " as we were called ( which was ridiculous because most of us had had real vaccines - or so we hope they were now - at some time or another ) were maligned and threatened up and down. We stood firm because we saw clearly what was going on especially with the Pfizer Study results of the Bioweapon Injection. It was Bad. Again so strange all the doctors did not need to see the study information and results before they recommended this treatment as they usually did. Rarely, if ever, has this happened. They were hoodwinked by Fraudci and perhaps some converted from TDS right into Covid Derangement Syndrome. This is obviously a bit of a crazy mental block psychological problem. Some are still doing it. Tell them to read the Pharma Study results. People don't use google, they are filter bubbling you and are Deep State gov employees, past and present.

Most it seems would rather hear the directions from the TV or someone else telling them to do it so they can see their baby then look at the actual data on the ingredients they are injecting into their veins. At the same time they are quizzing the waiter on the exact vegan ingredients in their Chia Latte or sprout sandwich.

As for the names... I will research. Many voted remotely or did not vote at all ( surprise ).

This allowed for capture and corruption of the bodies. Paul Offit is one of the bad guys. RFK Jr has a good outing of him in his Joe Rogan Interview a few weeks ago. It is a really good interview I thought. Learned a lot. Including about the lying sac of sh...Paul Offit

Hope this helps.


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And we so owe Dr. Biddle a deep debt for finding this information, and to doctors like yourself who started screaming from the rooftops. Some of us heard you...but just as you said, most did not WANT to hear.

That is the direct result of the FEAR the govts of the West ramped up against their citizens...like an abused wife, even when they were given the information (HCQ and Zithro, Dr.s Raoult (feb 2020 ) and Zev Zelenko (March 2020) and Vitamin D ( the Indonesian hospital in April/May that reported that everyone in ICU had D levels less than 20, and all those with Covid had D levels less than 30 ). But at that point, most people quote "did not want to hear it". What is hard to bear is the knowledge that your deep state/government all the FIVE EYES organizations in every country was all in for this evil...they KNEW what they were doing, and they WANTED US DEAD. THEY STILL WANT US DEAD OR UNDER THEIR TOTAL CONTROL.

Every word you said above you need to keep. I am keeping it (with permission). This is exactly what happened, and you are right about everything...the regulatory agencies, the media (MSM), the doctors who had outsourced their thinking years ago to their regulators and association groups and the "double blind random placebo controlled trial" which they did not know or want to know how manipulated triaIs RUN /Financed by pharmaceutical companies who only want to make money are. And the regulatory capture. All of it.

I started a list of the doctors who were heroes...starting with Didier Raoult. Not forgetting those brave doctors on the steps of the Supreme Court (or Capitol) who told people in JULY 2020 to not be afraid...HCQ worked, if you took it early you would not die. Gold , URso, etc. etc. (and that wonderful lady doctor from Texas originally from Nigeria, who I adore).

Now I want to start a list of the Villains...Luckily for us, Dr. Reid Sheftall already has a book out by that name (https://www.amazon.com/Heroes-Villains-COVID-19-Book-Lists/dp/B0BKLKZ25R).. and he has a GREAT LIST of doctors and non doctors and media figures and govt. bureaucrats...Both heroes and villains, and it is quite comprehensive. BUT he tells me he is working on a second edition. (cause in three years there are so many additions to make to each list:-)) I will buy it too. He has done a yeoman's job in naming names...and I think it is SO important TO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT. History at least and the people who come after us must know.

On my list of villains are my state governor, the State Dept of Health (and I have NAMES), and a number of others. I will add Paul Offit to the list or suggest Dr. Sheftall does (if he hasn't already).

Keep a local list (down to my state reps and my Rector and my town council, and the local School Board - villains all)

and if you have any local heros, include them. But for the most part, the list of villains is long. Keep the local list....and never ever let it be forget in your town or city, who was a villain and supported the lockdowns, mandates, terror and fear, and who did not.

These are also the people who now and for the rest of their lives SHOULD LIVE IN FEAR..of us.

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Good for you. Please save it. Thank you.

Good Docs that worked so hard and still do FLCCC ( have you seen Dr Pierre Kory's testimony to the a holes in Congress in 2020 ? Excellent. Most of them ordered it but did not tell the citizens ).

And AFLD, Dr Gold went to jail ( MD and JD degree from Stamford U ). They now have Goldcare Heath Insurance on their website so they can help people with vax injuries and help us through the next shit show they will try to throw at us.

Telemedicine or local referrals.

Thank goodness the monkey business pox was so laughable.

The Evils are admitting they are spraying the skies with heavy metals and other poisonous exhalents ie Aluminum that causes Parkinson's and Dementia - see all the commercials out for it now?

Everybody needs to STOP working for these bastards and we all need to turn on them. People are so greedy ? That they are willing to kill themselves and their families and friends? Really ? Do something else for a living. Be a person of character. Spraying people from airplanes ?

Do Not Comply!!

Hitler got the Germans to kill the other Germans. This is what they are hoping.

Wake up ! Don't be a barbarian.

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PS. It was a nightmare, and still is. You are so right. It was a horrible terrible nightmare for some of us...we thought sometimes we were crazy. But we weren't. You weren't. This, my friend, will go down in history as the greatest psy op the world has ever seen...and personally, it is on par with the Holocaust.

In my country, we have a Holocaust museum...the motto is "Never Again".

They made people be jabbed or masked or both to enter into the museum.

I swear, during 2020/2021 I seriously thought about wearing a yellow star on my clothing. I cannot imagine the Holocaust Museum doing this...but they did.

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Brain dead idiots! I would tell everyone of them they are doing the same thing and shame them until I was carried out of there.

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That's because the mRNA "vaccines" are depopulation bioweapons developed by the DOD and DARPA, reducing the total global population to <600 million by 2030 in order to save Mother Earth. Refer to the Deagle Report.

Read the book of Revelation in light of this.

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Also, The Georgia Guidestones (now conveniently destroyed) specified population of 500 million in balance with nature. It’s an Eco-Cult and we’re not in it.

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The Deagel remark was also removed. Too bad I downloaded it.

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Great job! Deagel’s history is fascinating. Definitely in the Club.

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Premonition of 2024

Salvador Dalí, Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (Premonition of Civil War), 1936 (Detail)

Premonition of 2024

Published on Oct 13, 2020

Deagel.com (“Deagel”) has self-identified as a guide to military aviation and advanced technologies.

"Since 2014 it publishes Forecast 2025, which notoriously predicts a “western collapse”. Under cover of a long-planned political event vigorously promoted by the WHO, governments and media as a “coronavirus pandemic”, western governments presently engage in a systematic campaign to destroy citizens’ life, liberty and property. The formerly implausible Forecast 2025 now warrants serious attention."

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Jul 16, 2023·edited Jul 16, 2023

Someone(s) needs to neutralize these F nuts and quickly.

We need to track them just like they track us.

They are killing us so it is self defense.

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Is Dr. Helene Banoun good or what! She and her colleagues have more! How the hell does she get published? Micro n will be out for her blood. This could never happen in the US, Canada, UK, Australia or New Zealand

Why request an autopsy after the death of a person vaccinated with a messenger RNA "vaccine" against COVID-19?

July 2023


"Why request an autopsy after the death of a person vaccinated with a messenger RNA “vaccine” against COVID-19? “mRNA DISEASE” is a new inoculation pathology What examinations should be requested in order to establish the causal link between the injection and the death? (Translation of the French document) * In memory of Pr Arne BURKHARDT, histopathologist, who died in 2023. (The autopsy protocol -pages 36 to 42- of this document is the translation of Dr. Burkhardt's protocol) Version of June 18, 2023 produced according to the international scientific information known to date."


CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION 8 A. COVID-19 DISEASE CAUSED BY THE SARS-CoV-2 VIRUS 9 B. 10 1. THE MECHANISM 10 2. DISEASES THAT CAN BE Triggered by messenger RNA INJECTIONS, the ANTI-COVID-19 “mRNA disease” 11 2.1 Causes of disease triggered by one or more anti-COVID-19 messenger RNA injections 11 2.1.1. The excessive amounts of messenger RNA injected 12 2.1.2 The toxicity of lipid nanoparticles encapsulating messenger RNAs 12 2.1.3. The total absence of control over mRNA biodistribution and vaccine SPIKE protein production 12 2.1.4. Genetic manipulation of injected messenger RNA with uncontrolled short-, medium- and long-term consequences 13 2.1.5. The very long lifespan of the SPIKE proteins produced by the injected person's cells and their concentrations 15 2.2. Diseases Triggered by SPIKE Protein Antigen   15 2.2.1. The many diseases caused by the dysregulation of the Renin-Angiotensin System 16 2.2.2 Prion diseases (Creutzfeldt-Jakob etc.) 20 2.2.3. Localized autoimmune reactions, some of which are IRREVERSIBLE 20 2.2.4. Diseases of partial immunodepression 21 3. THE TRANSMISSIBILITY OF THE NEW INOCULATED PATHOLOGY, "mRNA DISEASE" TO THE PROTEIN SPIKE ANTIGEN 22 4. CONCLUSION OF PARAGRAPH B 23 C. OTHER CONSEQUENCES OF Messenger RNA INJECTIONS 25

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Jul 16, 2023·edited Jul 16, 2023

Yes, she sounds good.

See Dr. Ryan Cole Pathologist also he explains this very nicely in an interview with CHD.

Use Duck Duck go ....CHD...search ...Dr Ryan Cole. Also can look on the 3 sites above in my other responses. The CHD is a good one with the male interviewer.

He explains all the details and that during the autopsies you must stain the heart ( if cardiac arrest ) to show the spike protein inflammation causing myocarditis. That is proof of death. And also the brain inflammation if the dies of stroke or Jacob Cruz Syndrome etc. So we have a liquid that shows the spike protein congregated there, caused massive inflammation and dysfunction of the organ and death.

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The definition of a vaccine was redefined 2x by CDC to enable a gene therapy to be called a vaccine. This was to get around regulations regarding gene therapy. Another HUGE red flag for me in the whole production of this Pandemic. I am gene intact, though I may have acquired the spike from shedding or contaminated food/water supply. I do not crank it out. I may however be impared by hydro gel as nearly everyone seems to have the blood clotting / hydro gel stuff on board. To a greater or lesser degree. And IT appears to thrive on/grow with exposure to EMFs particularly in the 5G bandwiths. Going into a Faraday cage (shuts off EMFs) stops the process. Just like it is interfering with instructions sent via wireless? Also Gold Collodial solution seems to stop the process... so, perhaps a sunscreen/cream based on Colloidal Gold and Silver??

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Horizontal transmission of spike proteins, exesomes and nuclear material in breath has been observed.

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And how do I know what I described above? From years in the lab using at least three of those cell transfection reagents to introduce a wide variety of my engineered gene constructs into healthy cells in vitro for neurobio/pharm/phys research.

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Greg, Don't help them please. Sabatouge their work and the Evil doers.

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it appears that the CDC and other govt agencies went out of there way to not have good data. They did warn that it was experimental. Common sense says they would welcome, encourage and do everything possible to follow the outcomes. Yet they worked to destroy data on v. Why? Well it was a bio weapon from? who wanted what outcome?

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They got the intended outcome but they were hoping for much worse.

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The killing may not be over yet with round one. Think slow kill. ?

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Jul 16, 2023·edited Jul 16, 2023

Yes, Clif High says for about 2 more years until numbers slowly head down with this one. They have others in the works and started now and unfortunately we are not doing anything about them. Air, Water, Food. We need to see our Attorney Generals and write them en mass. Where are all the Environmentalists

? EPA ? Green Peace ? Etc. Thé Evils are poisoning our air, water and food in front of our eyes! What the heck are these people doing every day?


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Excellent points. I agree. This evil is coming at us from every direction. One way or another they want to take us out of the picture. Figuratively and literally.

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Pretty sneaky way to keep those who wouldn’t bother doing their homework and jab themselves with genetic material mixed with poison. People have been groomed to do that. Trust the powers that be. They wouldn’t have gotten away with mandatory vax if the MSM & big tech who got away with censoring with using these propaganda machines. At least some here paid attention & wound up here.

Thanks Dr Alexander & others for coming out early and sounding the alarm.

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This article misses the point entirely - were the vaccines a Department Of Defense initiative, did the DOD purchase the vaccines for injection into the arms of the volunteers and if so, what was the DOD's end game for the vaccinated, apart for murdering a large proportion of them off, presumably because their bodies were not suitable for "end game" conversion - into exactly what?

You decide: How Pfizer & The Department Of Defense Defrauded The Public 720p WEBRip-264 NGP

In this interview, we are joined by former pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) executive, Sasha Latypova, who explains how the mRNA injections, products which are shown to be unsafe, continue to be on the market. Sasha has more than 25 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She has previously worked as an entrepreneur, an econometrician and as a clinical trials contractor for more than 60 pharmaceutical companies. Her clients included Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, AstraZeneca, GSK and others. Throughout her career, Sasha interacted with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulators on behalf of her clients. She is also a former member of the Cardiovascular Safety Research Consortium.





Unknown Killer Robots 2023 720p WEB h264-EDITH

Posted on July 10th, 2023 at 09:39 in Movies,WEBRip by Damon

Plot: Follows the terrifying behind-the-scenes of military-funded scientists racing to build this technology, as Artificial intelligence infiltrates every level of the armed forces.





Re the above. The assumption is that vaccines work, irrespective of if they are normal vaccines or mRNA vaccines, however, Steve Kirsch has identified that vaccines have never been tested against a placebo to see if they do anything and in fact, vaccines do not work and never have, these past 200 years – so the information provided by Sasha Latypova is at fault, in that the expected results from the DOD’s mRNA vaccine program is going to result in many deaths with nothing to show for it, which does not tie in well with Biden’s 5 billion dollar funding for further mRNA vaccines research and development, 2023 onwards, does it?

Apparently, the assumption is that vaccines work, but the evidence shows they do not, that is the data in the UK’s Yellow Card Report System and the European Database for vaccine injuries and deaths and other data bases which show many deaths and injuries, but so far, nothing positive, from any of what has happened vaccine wise, so far.

Simply put – vaccines don’t work and never have and there is no provable proof to show they ever have, according to Steve Kirsch – so the DOD’s vaccine incentive is going to be one huge flop, not counting the billions of deaths from vaccine injections, in line with the globalists population reduction, world wide.

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It is money laundering to the pockets of perps and back to politicians and gov heads just like the Ukraine fiasco was! Money laundering scheme.

Steve is right but I don't like when Billionaires who have not studied one day of Biology in their lives take sides or opinions. His argument literally is someone else told me so.

Just like B.Hates that thinks he is an expert at killing us. Arrogant POS Pycho.

How can his kids stand him !!?

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Agreed, Right On Buddy

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I forgot to mention - in all countries around the world including China and Russia

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Excuse to inject to kill. What else could they say? We are injecting vitamins ? They have tried that....

TB BS injections in West Africa 😢😭 it is not even a problem there. But if anyone mentions that they will fast enough make it one so they can come in and inject people with poisons.

We need to inject the perps with lots and lots of shots so they know what it is like. To help them of course.

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