They reap what they sow. Smart experienced man took the shots to keep his job and doing something he loved. Spun the needled barrel of Russian roulette and paid the ultimate price.

The obvious reason why the air Corporations do not expedite thorough cardiac screening in the best practice manner is simply because, were they to do so, they would not have an adequate number of pilots or crew to roster. The airline would collapse, as would most others, Air New Zealand and Qantas, and Air Canada, walking dead zombies, one and all, and all part of the grand plan to erase civil air travel by the masses by 2030.

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So far a Pilot has died right before or right after a Flight ✈️

This is Russian Roulette......

Soon we’ll be witnessing a whole Flight coming down because of this Bioweapon injection !!💉

This needs to be BLASTED Everywhere!!

On Tv , Billboards, Social Media, that Pilots are flying sick or dropping dead due to the Vaccine Bioweapon!!!

The Public has to Know the TRUTH!!! 📰🗞️📰🗞️

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May God rest his soul in peace.

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Gadolinium will very likely mess pilots up for life though, it is seriously nasty stuff, it lodges permanently in the brain, however, some say EDTA has successfully reduced toxic loads of gadolinium from the brain, but I agreee with the general gist of what is being said, essentially after US air force medical staff have said what they have about grounding US air force pilots due to COVID shot damage.

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That's getting bad

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any minute there will be plane's start Falling out of the sky's. you cant keep playing Russian Roulette with passenger aircraft & Tragedy's not start happening. it's All Complete insanity. Thank You Mr Alexander for all the daily information. history will speak Very Highly of you. God bless you & your family

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A source told The Sun: “It has rocked BA. It doesn’t bear imagining if he had suffered a heart attack at 30,000ft.” Actually, the greatest risk would be if the plane was at 300 feet, either ascending or landing.

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Inexcusable & inhumane!!

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OMG! If we, the passengers are terrified to fly, what do you think the flight crew are feeling? I can't even imagine flying every day, sometimes more than one flight a day! God help them all. Dr Fauci and his coharts need to be tried and convicted of murder! Tomorrow!!

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British Airways explanation:

" As to our actual knowledge, the only possible cause is and can not be nothing else than ... climate change ".

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The MCG test is quick, non invasive and much less costly than standard cardiac tests. It is appropriate for screening entire sports teams, airline and transportation people and regular folks for unrecognized or evolving heart damage.

Mcg is Multifunction cardiogram.

To learn more or find sites near you where it is given-- https://www.heartcarecorp.com

And Developer Dr. Joseph Shen's substack.


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It’s a ticking time bomb. The vaccinated pilots need to demand screening on mass. It’s time to down tools and show the public the true evil that was forced on the people🙏💪

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Will the truth be told? Will the proper forensics be reported? This is far too obvious. The bodies swept under the rug of denial are piling up to the ionosphere.

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May he rest in peace.

Of note-- from those who stood up to the pilot mandates early on:

A repost on Diamond and Silk, no source given

October 17, 2021


TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: This repost video has a running transcript but I found it to have many errors. I believe this is from usfreedomflyers.org.


PILOT: I've been an airline pilot for 18 years and now I'm facing an ultimatum, not a choice but an ultimatum. I'm being told in order to continue my career as an airline pilot I must be vaccinated, which really means I have to choose between putting food on the table for my family and my freedom of choice.

Whether you believe vaccination is the right thing to do or not, the situation goes far beyond health. We the American people have fought for freedom for 257 years. We go around the world spreading ideas of freedom and democracy. We help other countries and people fight for their freedoms while ours are being stripped away.

You may think being forced to wear a mask or get a vaccination is insignificant, but when you begin to compile mandate after mandate and loss of freedom after freedom it becomes very significant.

As each thing is taken away, we face what is known as the shifting baseline syndrome. This syndrome changes our idea of a new and acceptable normal. Soon we will not remember what it was like to have the freedoms we once did. Our children and our grandchildren will experience less freedom and they won't have the privilege or the pleasure to enjoy the same choices that our parents had or that we have.

If we give in to these mandates and we do not stand up for our freedom of choice, we dishonor every armed service person over the last 257 years, a disservice to the people who have fought and bled for the very freedoms we enjoy.

Whether you believe in vaccination or not, I'm standing up for your freedom of choice.

You may support the vaccine mandates because they fall in line with your current beliefs. But if we let this happen now, there will be a day when what you're told what to do will not fall in line with your beliefs. If we do not stand together and fight back in one voice, soon we could be told where to live, what job we will do, what religion to believe, and how many children we can have.

Do you really want someone telling your children or your grandchildren what, when, and how they will live every minute of their lives?

It's time we take a stance, it's time we fight for our freedom of choice while we still can. Join us!



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All persons who took the vaccines promoted first by Trump are at risk. It's unlikely the death of the Captain of the plane would send the jet to the ground. As a pilot, the flight deck and depending on the size of the jet may have 1-3 more personal who can fly the plane for the duration of the trip or and make emergency landings. The jab promoted under Operation Warp Speed was a planned depopulation agenda. The topic mentioned by pilots from large airline carriers is concern from being jabbed.

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