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Many thanks for this. Detailing the biochemical mechanism of "died suddenly," which shows deliberate design on the part of the vaxx producers, coupled with the REFUSAL of the authorites to withdraw the vax on discovery of these deaths clearly shows their criminal intent.

when do the trials and more importantly the executions start?

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Has anyone wondered why young athletic males might be a target for a bioweapon?

Where might we find this same population of very healthy young men?

In the military perhaps?

What a way to win a war.....to drop the soldiers right in their tracks. I mean, can you imagine wwII soldiers rushing forward to do battle and half of them just dropping with heart attacks.

Just a thought.

But if I were an evil dictator who wanted only a handful of servants left out of billions, this would be the product for me!

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Key moment Dr Alexander to focus attention on Katherine Watts’ substack and her research suggesting, based on laws passed in the US and internationally the last few decades that this (vaccines as bioweapons) is a US Military led campaign of genocide. As a courageous former solider do lead towards their weak emplacement as Watts’ discoveries reveal their camouflage as we probe for their vulnerabilities : community resolve, local and state laws protecting soverign rights against illegal supervening globalist attacks on heretofore recognized Constitutional rights:

Draft Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to DOD and HHS

And brief comment about high-profile lawyers and diversionary plants etc. in the 'medical freedom movement.'

KATHERINE WATT (Baliwick News Substack)


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This physical evidence is important to me as a response to those who flippantly try to dismiss victims of mRNA spike protein poisoning (my own term) who "died suddenly" as nothing more than additional Covid-19 disease fatalities. It's critical to continue emphasizing the difference.

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I found out this evening that my mate, whom I've known since the beginning of junior school, now has cardiac problems.

He went away on vacation in December 2022 with his family to Thailand, and got flu while he was there that he simply couldn't recover from.

His bloody wife had forced him to get injected twice with pfizer's poison when the injections were rolled out in South Africa in May 2021. After his first injection, he was sick as a dog.

Now his heart is clearly ruined.

I told him he can tell his wife on his death bed that she put him there.

What was astounding though - and he's representative of this new enfeebled pussified contemporary world of brow-beaten adults - is his almost resigned attitude towards/acquiescence to/reconciliation with his current tragic predicament.

I would tear the fucking walls down if it were me.

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Hi Paul, I love ya. I appreciate all that your doing ... however,

Find me a single instance of a "covid" virus isolated from a human subject not passed through "a process" (monkey kidney cells as an example). I mean those infected with said virus should have millions of the things floating around should they not? Shouldn't be all that hard to do I would think?

2019 flu season ... 38,000,000 reported cases of the flu in the US.

2020 flu season ... 1,800 reported cases of the flu.

To me this is a significant piece of evidence. And if attempted to be explained any other way, would need to be done with hard evidence and by those w/o an agenda to keep the narrative going. And ya know what, I don't think they can

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Is not the surge of catecholamines a natural response to stressful activity. As a runner, mainly when I was younger, i’d reach a runner’s high after a couple of miles. But if your heart is scarred by spike proteins, such a state can be lethal. (?)

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Venoms do that too: f... up the adrenals and provoque a release of catecholamines. The more I read about this , the more I suspect venoms as total or partial componants of the "spike" protein could well be the cause of of these Cov or cov vaxx symptoms.

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I am 64. My friends range in age from 49 to 69 and all bar one are vaxxed. and of course i am unvaxxed and intend to stay that way

so we are outside of the demographic of "died suddenly"

and with my chronic pain disorder, not connected to covid in any way and preceeding it by years, I could not do hard exercize even if i wanted to

so this here would account for why none of them have died.

your explanation allays the occasional doubt that the [relative] health of my friends raises.

thanks again sir

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I keep running into ‘information’ stating that no one has ever really ‘seen’ this spike protein, that it’s a computer generated mRNA creation. I struggle with the idea that a computer generated anything can cause the devastation that we are seeing. No explanation as to why a researcher whose name I can’t remember right now, who said viruses did not exist, was murdered. I want to say his name was Noak, or something resembling such, but cannot find anything under that name.

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Is he even Alive? Too many Edits indeed. Let’s see a Live Interview with Tucker and an Audience.


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you wrote: "Are catecholamines in a "hypercatecholaminergic" state the key trigger of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine-induced myocarditis and related crippling outcomes?"

you had me at "are" because after that you lost me. i'll put this article in the file, "once i pass 5th year med school."

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