Dr. Paul Alexander. You are a hero. Keep up your incredible work. I stand in solidarity with you brother.

Thorp JA, Renz T, Northrup

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The Corruption of Healthcare, Informed Consent and the

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James A Thorp MD

Board Certified Obstetrics & Gynecology

Board Certified Maternal Fetal Medicine

Truth is like a lion. Set her free and she will defend herself.

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So obvious. 33 years at the bedside not one flu shot! Yet most of my coworkers took the shot and got the flu anyway (Vaccine mismatch = enhanced susceptibility) and guess what line was always quoted, “thank goodness for my flu vaccine or it could have been much worse!” 😂 they’ve been playing this losing hand for years, but there’s a sucker at every poker table so the game plays on…

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May 31, 2022·edited May 31, 2022

The reason I stayed away from flu quackcines was that I knew that they never targeted the variant that was going to hit during the flu season. There is NO way for them to know at the time of quackcine production which variant is going to be dominant in 3-6months.

And it's even worse since they started adding graphene oxides to seasonal flu quackcines in 2019.

These are useless poisons folks - stay away from their harmaceuticals...

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I never did buy in to this flu vax . It just never made sense to me. My natural, lifelong fear of needles is paying off!

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I took one flu shot MANY years ago and that was the first and the last (made me sick). Also big red flags about pharma were the drug "commercials" with lower volume and fast speaking disclosure of side effects culminating with " Ask your doctor" or "Check with your doctor." Come on! really? Now more than ever - I strive to stay away from doctors and hospitals. Learn about about the wonderful human body and take care of it like your life depended on it, no pun intended. Let me in on a secret: "no one has ever left this earth alive." Realize your mortality and live your life to the fullest.

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Agree! How do we remove this from yearly mandated HC workers??? I’ve never believed in them.

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The very reason why I am no longer going to take any vaccine. As a retired military veteran formerly on worldwide mobility status as a flight nurse, we got injected with EVERYTHING! Then civilian work place the flu shot was mandatory. I got the flu almost every year regardless.

in 2016 there was an outbreak of pertussis. Possibly from a illegal immigrant holding facility. My kids got pertussis even though their vaccines were up to date. Health Dept got involved but took no action other than saying see your Dr & self quarantine. Then

it spread through their school like wildfire. All the kids who were up to date on their vaccines required for school. Our kids would be so much healthier with out vaccines.

Thank you Dr Alexander or sharing & all your hardwork updating all of this "MISSED" information. We really appreciate all of it.

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No one cared years ago when the flu jab was forced on nurses.

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Never took one, never recommended one, never will. Complete scam as is the “oh, it will make it less severe” approach. Sound familiar?

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I very recently did some investigating into influenza jabs, especially H1N1.

I "only" expected to find elevated risk of fibrosis, but there's more. Much more.

Cross reactive anti bradykinin receptor antibodies. In lay terms cardiovascular disease, pro tumor & metastasis.

And then there's reactivation of latent viruses, including Kaposi's sarcoma virus.

No wonder net mortality is up according to some studies.

"Safe and effective"? You decide.

Influenza vaccine mediated pneumonia & fibrosis via suppression of MicroRNA-142-3p


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I stopped taking them ten years ago.

Felt sick for 2 weeks.

Got the (?weaponized) flu in 2017, I was the only one sick, coughing all over elderly community and nobody else was sick. I thought it might kill me, so weak .

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Sure glad they know what they're talking about. Nevertheless, the instant they started —or WERE—lying, they killed my trust . . and WILL NEVER get it back.

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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are they serious??? Trudeau's Vaccine Rollout Task Force is Hiring - The Center for Immunization Surveillance....There's a new cop in town, and he wants to know everything about you. Including your private medical decisions.

The Counter Signal article:



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