Wonderful to witness a young man who practices what he believes. McEnroe supported him. Where are the other athletes? I admire Novak for this one thing he did. He stood for his beliefs. God bless this man.

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Hooray for John McEnroe. I wish Stan Smith, Pete Sampras, Chris Evert, and Jimmy Conors would support Novaxx. Chrissie got jabbed and now has ovarian cancer.

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So does my neighbour, have ovarian cancer🥲

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Funny how the baby powder - ovarian cancer link led to a billion dollar lawsuit judgment. But for this poison bioweapon? Crickets. So far. It's coming though. Money whispers too much in lawyers' ears.

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Gosh…. Well people just won’t listen or wake up

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McEnroe was outspoken? Oh no Chrissie ..i don't follow the sports world these days. Have followed Novak's flipping them off.

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When you see the large Moderna banner surrounding the tennis courts at the U.S. Open, it doesn’t take much imagination to know why unvaxxed Djokovic is banned from participation there.

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Novaxx Djokovic is the greatest tennis player of all time as well as the smartest, and even more importantly he is a true hero against tyranny. And Billie Jean has sold her soul to the devil for letting Moderna sponsor the US Open. Shame on her! This is disgusting.

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He is the greatest and I like Sampras and Roger etc. But he is.

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Love Novaxx!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️

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I agree. Disgusting

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When this illogical crap was tried on Kelly Slater many of his fellow surfers threatened to boycott the contests. Tennis players are self centered wussies who are probably thrilled that the greatest tennis player in the world won’t be around to beat them.

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Agree. But remember that Russian players were banned from Wimbledon just for being Russian. Djokovic played that tournament.

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Yeah. Til they drop dead

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Correct. And possibly there is. O better argument than the fact Dimitrov is unable to continue playing due to dizziness, shortness of breath etc.

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So incredibly proud of Novack… HUGE RESPECT! What a role model to all, especially the young!!! You have earned a far bigger and more meaningful trophy that will be forever in history!

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Bloood money

From a false safety trial

A double blind, randomized placebo controlled, multi center study

All the while

Millions harmed, died

And Nothing else matters

They all lied

Every "health authority

Now all credibility shatters

These fuckers who knew genocide the we

Blood Money spills

You who have profitted from the grim reality

Of profits over safety kills

The global elites care less about the we

Their coffers only fills

Their souls black and organized complicity

August 26th Truth fulfills

The actions of whistleblowers now truthfully

The blood money spills

Brother you own Pfizer stocks...

Counting your profits and banking rocks

Spend your blood money carefully

For Thy Lord is watching ever dutifully

You can take that up with The Goddess she

You take it up with Brother Jesus

Who in the God we shall trust

Spend your dead presidents from the virus

Sister gather your loved ones the many of us

Friends I told you all so

Not to trust big pharma in the end

It's my intuition its my soul

You all just went your own stubborn ways

And now you state your sick these days

I shake my head knowing

I shake my fist

At the mutha fuckers who insist

"just follow the science"

So I did and deeply regret your compliance

Still I am pure blooded

Still my blood rages

Still Brother, family, friends

In the bitter facts of data that never ends

Blood money for the sport of killing

Genocide, mass hypnotic spell

You are so willing

To believe these merchants from Hell

Blood Money ......

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You do not need an injection to compete ,,

You are better that!!! There is no title or money or cup ,,worth a lifetime of disability or injury , there is NO competitive competition worth it’s salt without the great Novak Djokovic taking part ,,

Stand firm snd hold the line !!

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What if a significant number of players would boycott the tournament out of protest and solidarity? But no, that won't happen because sports and fame and ATP rankings are more important that standing up against this utter bullcrap.

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And when he does return to competition, how can any of his opponents look him in the eye? At least, four times US Open champion John McEnroe had the courage to label the decision b******t.

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More athletes have to grow a set and speak up, I think Novak Djokovic is a hero for standing his ground, PERIOD!

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Yes. As Dr Paul says. Gonads

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So do the spectators still need to be vaccinated??? And if not then how can they justify this??? This man is a hero to me. If only so many more would have taken a stand against this insanity. All those other players just gave in and got shot up. Healthy people who are so in shape and fit were scared of covid??? Or just did what they were told because they trusted the powers that be?? Everyday I just look at the insanity surrounding us and wonder will we ever beat this!😢

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Answer= $

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Money??? Who is getting money for blocking him from playing ??

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I mean the ones who chose to play…

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Oh. Yea. That’s true!!

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Djokovic is my hero now. He has stood strong against the intense pressure to get jabbed. Good for him!! Had the other players taken the same stance, they could have helped changed these mandates for all of us. I wish I knew where I could write to him to tell him my family is SOOO proud of him!!!

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I would love to see one of these high profile athletes to just come out ripping the dumb-assery of vax mandates and the morons making the mandates instead of being nice like Novak. Mocking the evil is a good thing.

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Stupidity. Evil incompetence.

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Been so fit and healthy , and if you get it there is absolutely no guarantee that you will get it , and even if you do which is very rare there is a 99% recovery rate ,

So why does one need a jab on the assumption that you may or may not get the virus ????, oh yes to increase profits !!

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Aug 30, 2022·edited Aug 30, 2022

They don't. Just the fact that they are pushing boosters for a strain of flu which no longer exists. Since it only recognized the original strain (their words) and has now mutated into blah blah blah variant...It would provide less protection than it did initially. Everyone I know taking the boosters is getting covid within a couple of days and having a harder and harder time with it, especially since they're rebounding taking the paxlovid. Some will never wake up.

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Aug 28, 2022·edited Aug 28, 2022

Well said! I commend Novak fighting for the right thing to do! Cheers to “Pure Bloods”!


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