It is all so strange. The info has been out there but the blind refuse to see it or even acknowledge it. I never would have thought it possible to be happening at this degree- the blindness- but the last 3 years have sadly taught me a lot about human nature

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Please...if you ever catch the FDA or CDC telling the truth or actually doing their jobs without malice towards Americans, let me know. Otherwise, these two agencies can go to the devil. I couldn't care less what they say or don't say and that includes you know WHO too. They can all suck donkey turds.

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It’s really simple. All the patents pertaining to the Gene Therapy Shots lists them as bioweapons. The intent of the “vaccines” was only to kill, maim, or otherwise destroy the human population.

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"Although the epidemiology of COVID-19 might change with the emergence of new variants, vaccination remains the safest strategy to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infections and associated complications..."

CDC sure messed around with their data, they made sure assertions and waffled about lack of data on the unvaccinated then said they also had more complications etc., deflecting and camouflaging away from natural immunity. I read such things and think how can the authors put their names on these!? It's embarrassing and disgusting. I read them for when a fear injector or medical person smugly brings one up. Had a doctor bring up the HCQ papers that were hastily published in "prestigious journals." However, he didn't know that the papers were fairly quickly withdrawn, so I seized the opportunity to give him the news and the dates. I also explained the fraud involved, and then the deficiencies in the so called "studies" where they late dosed, underdosed, and overdosed very sick older patients with horrendous cardiovascular and other issues.

CDC and DOD did solid work on the 2018 and 2019 papers that demonstrated that influenza vaccination brought on more respiratory illnesses including pneumonia; but they have mostly been publishing very dishonest papers since then.

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Agitates and frustrates me to no end and hurts that I didn’t know this from before!

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Cuz they’re corrupt pieces of shit that want to inject the entire US population with an ineffective deadly gene therapy bioweapon for politics and profits.

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what we all always knew

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mRNA vaccinated and by US Supreme Court Law (2013) after synthetic mRNA vaccines, you are no longer human and all human rights are lost and your bodies are now all automatically patented to Bill Gates by his US Patent 6.754,472, to do with as he pleases.

However: She said in a recent interview with The New American: U.S. Patent 6,754,472

“The Supreme Court ruled that if there is anything synthetic, not from nature, inside of our genome, then whoever owns the patent on those synthetic parts now owns part or all of you as a human. That means Bill and Melinda Gates, The Department of Defense, [and others] can literally own a human being. If this synthetic code is taken up into your genome (as it is), by law, you could be owned overnight.”under U.S. Patent 6,754,472

Me: Like a GMO U.S. Patent 6,754,472 Product

Bill Gates owns patent that grants him “exclusive rights” to “computerize” the human body

U.S. Patent 6,754,472, owned by Microsoft, grants Gates and his cronies the “exclusive rights” to “computerize” the human body for use as a collective of local wireless networks.

You want your options, if vaccinated - I have provided them on my free Christine substack

You don't like your options, look in a mirror and complain about them to the person you see there, they have put "you" in this predicament, after all.

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The CDC have done this because they can.

There are not processes in place that to date have been able to stop them.

This must be rectified during the next Trump administration, if not before then.

The kleptocracy under Biden is not working.

The US needs to become a democratic Republic.

Democracy is not perfect but it is better than what the US has now.

Trump is coming back and he will create an American democracy.

It will be a radical change for America's to an unfamiliar new system but it will happen.

This song describes well what is coming to the USA:


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Can anyone explain why Dr's and dentist offices are still masking as well as hospitals are still insisting on masking in the "free state of Florida". Certainly must have an agenda and whose agenda would it be??

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What's great is that this information has been published in The Lancet, a prestigious medical journal. What's not great is that people still trust The Lancet and consider it prestigious in spite of the Surgisphere debacle

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Yet, the CDC persists in propagating the false narrative that the jab reduces hospitalization and death due to Covid. The data (in the few places that it is actually made available) contradicts this fib.

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No money to be made, nor can they achieve their depopulation aims, through reliance on natural immunity. I will always trust mother nature over greedy, evil, corrupted industries of death.

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