Reprehensible behavior and criminal!! We must not relent until we bring every single perpetrator of these heinous crimes against humanity to justice!!!

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When will there be accountability/firings/arrests/hearings?

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66% of INFANTS enrolled needed medical attention?

Time to repopulate GITMO (for those not receiving the death penalty)...... I don’t know how anyone involved can see that number and sleep at night.

A related note...

I was typing a reply today and started to list what our opponents (broadly speaking...radical leftists) believe in. As I made the list....by no means complete..... I was stunned by just how truly evil these people are.

I knew it intellectually but to see a list detailing the ‘causes’ that they believe in one place was kind of a shock.

And they think that they are the good guys.....

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You always expose our guilt when you try to hide the evidence.

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They should also be withheld funding snd jobs.

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Dec 2, 2022·edited Dec 2, 2022

From Dec 2020 - April 2021, 8.5 million enrolled in V-safe. Most likely these are very pro-vaxxers with some mandate compliers like health workers. Later, 1.5 million more enrolled.

V-safe enrolled: 10M

-- received medical care: 7.7% of 10M (770K)

---- saw white coats: 70% of 770K (539K)

-- severely impaired: 12% of 10M (1.2M)

-- missed work or school: 13% of 10M (1.3M)

-- summary: 32.7% of 10M (3.27M)

extrapolating this...

had at least one dose: ~265M Americans

-- received medical care: 7.7% of ~265M (~20.4M)

---- saw white coats: 70% of ~20.4M (~14.3M)

-- severely impaired: 12% of ~265M (~31.8M)

-- missed work or school: 13% of ~265M (~34.5M)

-- summary: 32.7% of ~265M (~86.7M)

Allegedly almost 1 in 3 had more than mild adverse reactions. People usually stop submitting recurring health updates because they grew tired of doing so, have had no changes, recovered, died, or became frustrated with the medical system.

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When this whole Pandemic came out I visited the CDC site to see what they were saying. That was all it took! On the very first page was an article about masks and their protection, the CDC stated at that time that masks only provided 1.8-2% protection against viruses. I know that even that small amount was wrong but okay, then they changed everything (I guess the money arrived!) now it was masks are very important and everyone should wear them. That is when I knew they were corrupted, and this Walensky character should be in front of a firing squad. She is the worse, she has lied constantly right to the face of Senators and the public day in and day out. She is evil and completely corrupted, no AMNESTY! She is GUILTY!!

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Still waiting for the CDC to save ONE life since it's founding in the late 1940's. Maybe in the next upcoming fake pandemic they will. This is a screwball agency that has become so fraught with corruption and indecency as to be a killing machine today. They will always be behind the eight ball when it come to disease control since that is an illusion.

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