With due respect doctor, there is no PLANdemic. If the elderly were given the proper therapeutics, exercise and SUNSHINE (UV light), healthy food, they’d probably be fine. Just like most of us. My neighbor is nearly 70 and he’s more fit than most of the 30 year olds I see.

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Please explain this Dr. Alexander. Do you mean because we age, our immune systems get weaker, plus the impact of them taking the vaccine which is destroying their immune systems makes them vulnerable to get very sick and die.

Also wouldn’t this pertain to anyone who received the vaccine? As I understand it their immune systems are being weakened.

Aren’t these the after effects of the planned pandemic?

Thank you.

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The elderly should have always been our concern, since march and April of 2020 when we knew what we were dealing with.

A proper message could’ve had younger people taking care of the necessities for the elderly, and getting them on proper vitamins/OTC meds, while we chanced it and built up natural immunity. The damned thing would’ve been over in months.

But then again, I really believe this was circulating before they declared a pandemic. There were lots of news stories back in 2019 about a mystery virus killing people in nursing homes.

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I'm 79 healthy no serious morbidity other then my age! WHY should I take this fn jab! Really WHY!

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You’re absolutely correct;

My 80 y/o sister jabbed twice in Jan 21 and fighting blood clots with high D-dimer....been using lots of supplements as well as Ivermectin to knock down full-on Covid twice... It’s totally ongoing

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Why are the elderly weakened immune systems? Is it because they have been stuck inside for 2.5 years and not exposed to anyone?

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Dr Alexandra , the jab is proven to be dangerous and detrimental to one’s health , to who ever takes it , why is the bold dr F——I and his coharts still not taken to task and prosecuted ? ,, if the bold Dr retires he can plead the 5th. But while he is in office , he at least has to answer questions ,, does that mean he will get away with Malfeasance, Scot free ,,

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I just spoke to a friend and he's waiting for heart surgery next year, if you can believe that. Anyways, I asked him if he was jabbed, he said, "oh yes, I have them all" he also wishes everyone would take them, his adult boys and their young kids are all jabbed, they play baseball, so you know where my brain went, myocarditis. I told him I was great, I take my supplements everyday and I also have Ivermectin, he asked what Ivermectin was, MSM is sure doing a great job at killing people. I could tell he's changed since the last time we spoke, he rambles and sounds tired.

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Sad that due to what is effectively pHarma malpractice against citizens, the immune systems of millions of the most vulnerable have been hamstrung. I am convinced that if not for the crappy Quality Control of the jab makers, we would be seeing more deaths and injuries than we are now. Never so thankful for incompetence, fewer bullets loaded into the Russian roulette pistol.

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Fully agree! And like Bannon "there are no coincidences"

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I'm 72 and my wife & I have refused any jabs and always will - PERIOD. It wasn't a difficult decision after a robust 40-year career in the healthcare industry (stalled following a spine injury from a hit-and-run accident) that began in 1975 in pharmaceutical sales & marketing, advertising, then medical learning programs, managed care, training, seminars, and finally creating and serving as Founding Editor-in-Chief of 2 successful peer-reviewed journals had acquainted me with many important rules of engagement in healthcare. So I knew soon after COVID hit our shores that the FDA had abandoned all its own rules and that everything about COVID was deadly FARCE: the red flags were everywhere!

But new heroes emerged: Senator Ron Johnson, RFK Jr., Dr. McCullough, you, Dr. Arvis, Geert, Judy Mikovitz, etc., etc. ... the cream kept rising to the top! I write now to inquire if I (or others "like" me - if anyone is like anyone else within the context of Personalized Medicine) am at any particularly high risk relevant to your post. For like most of us, my numerical age is no certain guide to my physical, or “Wellness” age. So my inquiry may be of value in your discussion. My current situation concerns my having contracted Omicron last May, recovered from it, then had a freak accident that caused a pronounced concussion early in July. I am having a particularly nasty time this fall dealing with my chronic asthma, which arrives like clockwork each fall when ragweed triggers it. So given this bouquet of health factors, is my asthma harder to treat this fall than usual in any way related to any collateral effects of COVID?

By way of personal health background, I'm doing albuterol nebulizing and daily BREO Elipta inhalations since my asthma resurfaced almost 2 weeks ago on a deceptively sunny day (otherwise I'm symptom-free most of the year).

Now for the age-is-relative part of this ... which interests me most. I grew up being instinctively athletically active, with a hearty appetite for rascally adventure and great outlets for it. Yet I also was prone to getting very sick, so my immune system is the weak link in my Personal Wellness chain.

After COVID-19 emerged I began doing what I’d been told by doctors all my life: take vitamins. So I began taking Vitamins C, D2, zinc, quercetin, and added ivermectin last May when my wife and I contracted Omicron from one of our many young grandchildren at a family gathering. My health had taken a severe dive 3 decades ago after a hit-and-run accident caused a bad spine injury that went undiagnosed and mistreated for over 2 decades! Looking back, I realize that God had inspired me to be very athletic, giving me a basic health reserve that would enable me to spring back once I found the great spine surgeon who performed the 2 spine fusion operations I needed to recover. Meanwhile, my health had tanked and my quality of life with it. It is now back in gear, and I am rejoicing in all the joys of life that our dear Lord has given me.

Just how active was I growing up?:I took up archery on my own when I was 5, fashioning bows and arrows out of our fine hedge in our upscale suburban home. By 11 I began alpine skiing, ice skating lessons, slalom water skiing, snorkeling, spear fishing, sailing lessons, tennis, weight lifting, and golf. I rounded things off with cliff diving and varsity soccer at 16! I was a high-level alpine & slalom water skier. Indeed every ski patrol despised me for being so fast, both at at eastern ski resorts and Arapahoe Basin. But I was in control, rarely fell after I turned 15, and never collided with anyone. Looking back, I kind of made the Kennedys look sedate. And I did it all for the sheer LOVE of sport and adventure! I'm a scholar at heart, a writer, poet, musician and entrepreneur. My parents and grandparents were all naturally athletic, vigorous, brilliant, and doers. God has been so generous to me, for this ATHLETICISM and intellectual vigor stood by me following my spine injury and continues to keep me young as I age.

A specific health challenge involves my asthma. I’d had it in childhood but it went undiagnosed until just 6 years ago! It shows up in September when ragweed emerges, as it did 2 weeks ago. This year early in May my wife and I contracted Omicron from one of our young grandchildren at a family gathering, and I recovered in about 6 weeks. Then a freak accident early in July left me with post-concussion syndrome. I roused myself to go on a brief but robust mid-August vacation, came back feeling strong and refreshed by our family adventures. So then this year's ragweek crop triggered my asthma, your note makes me wonder if I am at any risk more than usual.

I'm regularly nebulizing it with albuterol and take daily BREO Elipta. But last night I just "ran out of air" and could only whisper. I went to sleep but arose early at 4:30 am from a post-concussion trauma headache by the feel of it, but I could breathe again ... at least for now, though the asthma episodes come and go erratically. I still feel challenged and will stay indoors to recuperate.

I'd welcome your input on how to measure my "risk level" in the context of a lecture I’d attended decades ago in NYC by Dr. John Laragh (discoverer/co-discoverer of the role of the renin angiotensin aldosterone system in the pathogenesis of hypertension). He spoke to the enthusiasm going around regarding risk factors with this caution: "Risk factors are a measure of our ignorance, not our knowledge, so don't get cocky. If we knew the cause of the illness/condition, we wouldn't be chasing down multiple risk factors. Thus, while we won't ignore them, let us remain intellectually humble and avoid parochial thinking. Be open to new ideas, explore all possibilities, look beyond what is regarded as certain in medicine."

Thank you so very much for your great work and for your excellent post today!

Robert Emmett

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