So many need a good rope.....crimes against humanity...and the scum just jeep pushing

These jabs now known bio weapons on our most precious!

Gee I wonder how many boosters we could give the low lives before they go boom!

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very hard to like something that is being required for my son to attend the college of his choice, including the booster. we will overcome the madness and the ridiculous mandates without informing or acknowledging serious risk.

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We don't really know how much damage has been done with 40 years of previous vaccines because so few people and medical staff even knew about VAERS before covid 19. It has been firmly established in the medical community over the last 50 years of indoctrination that it is impossible for any vaccine to ever injure anyone. That is gospel and can never be questioned or refuted. Essentially, your doctor is brain dead when it comes to vaccinations.

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I wonder, with all the damaged Hearts from the Covid "Vaccines" wouldn't a Roller Coaster ride bring on seizures, or any strenuous activity? I suggest the Vaccine recipients get Heart scanned, better to know, than join the "Died Suddenlys"......

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In Australia they need to wake up & vote One Nation & stop voting Liberal & Labour who are no different. Pauline Hanson has been supporting our right's since the early 90's when our government jailed her to shut her up, but that did not stop her thank god. She is against this vaccine passport that the other parties are pushing. She has had my vote from the start, I just cant understand why more Australians did not give her their vote

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ART OF WAR…necessary to win, restoring Freedom and Constitutional principles. Begins with UNITY 101…



A Fierce Mother/Grandmother Lion (of 6 and counting)

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Great work Katherine but…All the evidence and research will NOT matter if WE the people do not UNITE to do things that matter for Freedom and restoring our Constitutional Republic!


Since 2008, serious patriots have tried desperately to gather together real "patriots" in an effort to work together to avoid everything happening to our country and fellow citizens now. Many other groups have tried over those years as well, all of us failing in those efforts.


The vast majority of Americans no longer know that they hold ALL of the power in this country and always have.

The vast majority of Americans no longer know that "united we can stand" or that "divided we will fall."

The vast majority of Americans are now "federal dependents" of one type or another, having traded their freedom for a pittance in "free stuff."

The vast majority of Americans are unwilling to spend a penny to save freedom, for themselves or anyone else.

The vast majority of Americans no longer know that their freedom does not come from government or any founding document. It is "endowed by our Creator" and inalienable to any men or government body.

The vast majority of Americans are totally unfamiliar with the founding principles and values of freedom itself.

The vast majority of Americans are still waiting for someone else to do something, not realizing that they are the only ones who can do anything.

The vast majority of Americans are no longer capable of leading or following, or even getting out of the way.

The vast majority of Americans don't realize that they have been divided intentionally. A people busy fighting each other, cannot unite to fight the enemies of freedom and liberty together.

The vast majority of Americans do not realize that they will never be able to go-along enough to ever get-along with people intent upon destroying them.

We could list a hundred of these suicidal conditions but it won't change anything.

Things we have recently pointed out seem to fall on deaf ears.... UNITED, we can do anything...but DIVIDED, there's nothing anyone can do!

So long as these and many other suicidal conditions exist in American society, our country is going to FALL... and when it does, the people will have NO ONE to blame but themselves, because We the People UNITED hold the power to stop it, and have chosen not to!

YOU hold that power, no one else!

Keep up with Lex Greene because of his serious background! Contact him if you think you should help America as his contact information is at end of this piece…

UNITY 101 - E PLUIBUS UNUM by Lex Greene



A Fierce Mother/Grandmother Lion (of 6 and counting)

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This is so disheartening. I hope there comes a day when I read your posts there will be less frequent. You Dr Alexander have been a rock.

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TRUMP took the lock off the cookie jar and said "its ok to kill people", just deliver me a vax ASAP

The Big-Pharma assholes are going to bite the frog its in their nature

It's the job of the FDA to police new drugs and vax, but no not in this case TRUMP gave all PHARMA a lifetime waiver to fuck the USA public

Guess what, the CEO's did just that who knew

Trump got his 'beautiful vax' and the USA people got locked in their homes an jabbed with poison, now after the fact, going forward what do you do?

Most want more Trump

Nobody to date has voided those lifetime 'get out of jail free cards' for covid crime familys.

What a rotten country & gov is the USSA

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I know we need money to live but when money becomes your God , I’m out.

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Look at Motivation! BILLIONS OF DOLLARS BEING INVESTED in mRNA injections for maximum and continued growth of Big Pharma. Moderna got a jump on Pfizer with the December 2019 contracts. They knew what was coming! The Moderna, Pfizer and J&J Snake Oil Salesman would sell their soul and have to the devil to keep the push to injected humanity for profit! ooops..forgot to mention Merck, the king vaccine company that pays a ex-FDA employee ONE MILLION DOLLARS per year to run the division and manipulate the FDA to agree with their goals. The fact that the FDA approved injections for our children means it needs to be dismantled and reconstituted to put the health of the American people ahead of the profitability of Big Pharma. Requires scientists who can't be bought with million dollar salaries when they retire from the FDA! Stop the injections now. Save our children!

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"two-dose vaccination was uniformly favourable only in nonimmune girls with a comorbidity"

I call bullshit on that.

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Now factor the URF.

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