That's an awful lot of lies. Oh wait. It doesn't matter because they dictated that anything that could result in vaccine hesitancy was deemed conspiracy theory, then misinformation - and they wrote themselves total immunity for anything related to covid or the vaccines. Bottom line, just like the Davos crowd, THEY will tell us what is what and we have zero choice about it.

I started out saying no to the vaccine, now I'm not going to comply with ANYTHING they dream up. Evil. Soulless. Sadist. Monsters.

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Two more for your list. The inflation of covid deaths by not distinguishing "from covid" from "with covid".

The unprecedented widespread testing whose only purpose was to pump case rates in order to instill fear to later create compliance.

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They will drag me kicking and screaming. F all of them. What a waste of a beautiful planet and humanity.

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We have been here before … Nuremberg Code and Helsinki Accords VII and VIII. What difference did it make?

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Totally agree on all your listed points. There won’t be any inquiries and investigations as long as we have the actual leaders of the western governments.

When hearing the actual debates at the WHO and the WEF it looks we are on a bad position. We need a a POTUS, DOJ, SCOTUS and a Congress willing to do it whatever it costs. We need the same will in Canada which means a new PM with the support of all the Premiers.

In Europe not only the actual leaders are still enforcing the mandatory vaccination but they are submitting to the desiderata of Ursula Von der Leyen who is the jabber in chief. As long as she controls the European Commission, there won’t be any criminal case presented at the International Criminal Court.

We have seen recently too many rulings against the Constitution, the Charter of Human Rights and other basic human rights where public health took over individual rights, no one would have expected so many violations in western democracies.

We are submitting all our individual rights to global organisations like the WHO, WEF, UN, NATO, FAO, UNESCO, UNHCR, UNICEF, World Bank, IMF, WTO…and the worst being the mainstream media which will be judges and juries.

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May 25, 2022·edited May 25, 2022

Dear Dr Alexander,

What you are asking here, is the equivalent of Nazi Germany investigating its own Holocaust against Jews, gays, gypsies, Soviets, the mentally infirmed and all innocent civilians, WHILE WW2 was taking place as live action.

Sometimes I think you, and all of us for that matter, need proper psychiatric help to think the world leadership, its co-conspirators and all accessories during and after the fact, to this monstrous modern era Holocaust, will be brought to justice right now.

This is simply not realisitic.

Perhaps when enough people have died and this fact is brought to the willing and able who have the presence of mind and balls to speak up and speak out, then perhaps something will happen.

In closing my comment, I quote from late Algerian journalist Tahar Djaout - who was sadly murdered by The Armed Islamic Group for his opposition to fanaticism, who said:

"Silence is death, and you, if you talk, you die, and if you remain silent, you die. So, speak out and die".

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What a great list. In a moral, compassionate, logical and just world, these questions would, first of all never needed to be investigated, as all errors of judgement would be revised on an ongoing basis, and secondly, people, who made these judgements would be the first to raise any doubt for solutions or updates to be found. There would be little need for blame to be assigned and revenge would never need to be considered.

That’s a fantasy world. In our world of smoke and mirrors, the real perpetrators, are shielded by their wealth, by their paid lackies, who bask in there shared power, who form a web of mutually dependent shared guilt of crime. This is systemic, very few will dare or want to upset their source of lucre and power. The few, who are our hero’s, can be dealt with by the corrupted many. If fate is kind, these heroes are marginalized through economic control and constant defamation, at worst, they can be eliminated. There is little protection, either because of their contribution to society of these individuals or their earned reputation, because, those attributes are not valued by the corrupt. The corrupted have degrees of freedom in action not generally used by heroic people, because they have a moral center and restraint. This creates real world advantages for the corrupt to nullify the efforts of the heroic.

If the corrupt system throws out a scapegoat, you can be sure, that it will be a silent one or a very dead one. The “elite” are protected by layers of corruption, methodically and almost mindlessly accreted over time. They are camouflaged as the virtual philanthropist and worthy rich, while they are actually the rotting center of unaccountable power. Megalomaniacs one and all. Their plans, have impoverished the many and taken the color out of our life, to be replaced by grey servitude to them.

To fight this evil, it’s my opinion, is impossible today by picking at the edges of the corruption, through the compromised legal system or through peaceful dialogue, or through the illusory vote. Those have been shown to be the uneven playing field of the “elite”. The killers of democracy. I am the last to condone violence, for that is not my my strength, but, even peaceful protest must bring about some degree of discomfort, other wise, they will be ignored.

The villains and there actions are well documented and examples of their control are historically common place. We are rendered unawares by dates and events of the history of the victors, by propaganda, by worm-tongues of the real world.

So, who is to lead this effective battle for justice, that promises to be uncomfortable, unprofitable and extremely dangerous. There have been a few agents of change in the past. So there is hope. Where are they today? Perhaps they are there poking at the corruption, waiting for their moment, to bring about change. I hope for change, but, I know, change may not mean a comfortable life for everyone. I will settle for a meaningful life, which we the people can choose to live well.

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Who will do this? No one has courage. Science is reduced to ideology and as in other totalitarian systems the party is always right. We are now in the United Sanitary States of Covid and this is not going away.

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How? In Canada there is no way to hold them accountable. They're repeating the lies constantly. There seems to be no way to make them look at the new data. They're fixated on their methods working. It's sinister.

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#32 in particular has destroyed relationships and damaged the fabric of societies. So many government policies derive from "this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated." This lie alone turned unvaccinated people into pariahs and permitted shunning, exclusion and mandates to keep one's job, to enter restaurants or entertainment venues...... to this day, many of my quadruple-jabbed friends still think it is OK to restrict/withhold medical treatment from unvaccinated people (get to the "end of the line"). This is the stuff of Nazi Germany, and this particular lie most definitely is coming directly from our governments. They know it's a lie. What does that tell you?

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I really like your comments, and your style! I know deep down our only hope is God. I think we forget Jesus' words in Luke 12:49-56 (no offense if you are not Christian) about the obvious dire separation (in the end times especially?). Yes it was indeed a crude awakening for me, things have declined so fast, it's like a bad nightmare: how evil permeated all spheres of society. I think I was in lala land, a living room couch Christian...

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Bravo. Well said Dr. Agree. Trying to figure out how we do this.

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