My wife had lunch with an old college friend yesterday, the friend's 23 year old son has had two friends die unexpectedly in the last year. The friend is a lefty so had never even considered these vaccines were likely responsible, and thinks my wife is crazy for bringing up the possibility. We also had an acquaintance whose 15 year old son collapsed during football practice last summer and died a few days later.

No getting through to some people. Since when do young people suddenly die with any regularity?

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What a phenomenal article. Thank you!

As for delusional, hypochondriac parents whose 2-year-olds haven’t seen a playground or extended family since birth, but will be the first in line to vaccinate their little ones - it is a mind twist!

By injecting their kids, some will get to deal with child loss, the trauma of long-term illness, and so much more.

My message to those ignorant parents: ‘welcome’ to a life of suffering, heartbreak, and agony.

While not vaccine-related, I know how it feels to lose not one but three infants whose lives were abruptly stopped due to “unknown medical” reasons :(.

There is nothing more horrid than powerlessly watching your infant dying in your arms and living with that pain for the rest of your life.

It may sound mean, but when the losses are happening, have it on me! I told you so!

Unfortunately, under today's circumstances, letting bad outcomes happen is the only way for some parents to start respecting their children and truly appreciating the miracle of life.

I would give everything to have my three baby girls grow up and watch them shape into kind and responsible adults.

But I can’t have them back and I cringe knowing that right now, thousands of toxic injections are given to defenseless babies by hypnotized medical professionals!

Shame on those ignorant and too busy for a reality check parents - they don't deserve their children!

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Biden and Jha are literally insane. They're bragging. Denmark is realizing they made a mistake vaccinating kids. North America is salivating to harm them. This madness has no end in sight and it's disturbing. Evil is firmly upon us.

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OVERWHELMING evidence mounting to ridiculous proportions. Proves how screwed up these - I use the word loosely - "people" really are.

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The psychopath serial killers will boast that the losses of life will lessen the severity of the food shortages they caused by multiple criminal means.

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