I just love covid.

And I love the treatments even more.

Everything brand spanking new.

New symptoms.

New side effects.

New deaths and lifelong injuries.

Oh what a brave new world.

Thank god I got off the hamster wheel decades ago and ignored popular advice and individuals, and simply listened to my very own voice.

If I get injured, or die, or go broke, at least it will be on my own terms.

Greetings to all good followers of St Paul of Alexander.

Best always,


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The article is bootlicking to start with:

"the most crucial step to contain this global pandemic is to vaccinate individuals to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection in communities across the world"

It was known then and is now conclusively proven that the toxxine not only fails to prevent the disease, but actively _increases_ the likelihood you will get infected. The authors should be censured and fined for lying.

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Ban all of it!

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Why does it seem like all the thrombocytopenia cases I know off were in women?

These cases actually poured in early 2021.

Seems like men injected with J&J had strokes.

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"Preceding the approval of these vaccines, the clinical constellation of this new syndrome was not observed in clinical trials of the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine, and a single case was observed in the Ad26.COV2. S vaccine trial recipient. Furthermore, the incidence of major adverse effects has remained exceptionally low following the vaccination of more than 400 million people worldwide."


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User NIH

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Who write this attempt to obscure as much as possible? Years old?

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