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What did they say about Statistics? and Liars?

You can go either way

1.) Million of lives destroyed by COVID clot-shot

2.) A few hundred people reported that the COVID vax 'might' have kept them from catching the COVID seasonal flu or common cold

NYT, WASH-POST run with #2

Who knew

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l read the Sasha Latypova piece linked above. it is unintentionally illuminating. In this gigantic FUN HOUSE ride that is the 'covid pandemic debate' all shades of posturing combine to create collectively - a la "JAMES JESUS ANGLETON" - a 'wilderness of mirrors.' There's never a sense anymore of being able to place one's feet on the ground.... there's no 'bottom' to this lily pond of croaking 'alpha frogs' and their cacophony of cries, each trying to outdo each other in volume and intensity.

Malone under the microscope is now one of the most common tropes for this 'terrain' of debate. His mis-steps have gone 'viral.' So much so that he's an easy target - like Fauci et al, so egregiously 'implicated' that each attempted defense simply opens the spigots to more - and more virulent - abuse. Trust me - not saying that some 'abuse' of these critters is unwarranted! However, the carnie bark side show element which has developed out of the debate is poison to real 'disclosure!' I'll elaborate. Here's Malone as quoted in the SL piece;

"He states that a pandemic is an infectious virus circulating the globe, regardless of mortality or pathogenicity or any detectable impact:"

It actually DOES NOT MATTER whether there is or isn't an 'infectious virus' in circulation - in a medical sense. Getting stuck on that debate is part of the misdirection. The poison. The 'infectious disease' that ripped across the world in 2020 was one of INFORMATION. Most of us make the mistake of supposing that all the "news stories" of the day happen in isolation from each other. They do not - in fact they are ALL part of an intricately woven "script" - in the interstices of which hides 'the really real' story.

The Frenchman and heretical intellectual Baudrillard was one of the very few to see this INFORMATION pandemic clearly; "But the stored up guilt of complicity in all these actual events Baudrillard brilliantly theorized was recirculated as the energy driving the motors of society after it had been stripped of meaning(and actual power of producing real goods) by the influx and oversupply of information. Guilt, repressed awareness of the horrors which have occurred around us, the motors of the “new economy.” Circulation and ‘gift exchange’ with the societies on the peripheries of the Empire."

EVERYTHING going on in Gaza, Ukraine, etc., has a precise purpose in this pandemic = rhe 'oversupply' of 'information.' And that "repressed awareness of the horrors which have occurred around us" is what is driving the endless 'red herring' debates here. Malone is further quoted in the SL piece -

"In terms of its mortality and morbidity, it was largely the consequence of public health mismanagement, not the primary disease." ... an absolutely TRUE assessment.... which he then distorts into a fallacious argument of defense. The device - which Malone is being called out for daily round these parts - is WAAAY more prevalent than accounted for. Including among his many detractors - in this 'wilderness of mirrors!' Much barking.... wrong trees.

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BINGO chicken CUCK dinner we have a Steven Whiner

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Tell it like it is Dr A!! They are all a bunch of money grubbing whores who without taxpayer $$ couldn't get any job for honest pay because the overwhelming majority of what the bastards do is worthless! Even worse than worthless when one factors in all the damage these ASSHATS have done over the decades. And this little bridge troll Malone is so despicable. Not but a few hours ago I read something that another had shared that Malone had recently written where he was playing the vaccine injured victim because he himself had taken two of the poison shots. What unmitigated gall to put this utter nonsense out the following week!!

Someone once said "give a man a gun and he might rob a bank but give him the bank and he might rob the world". People like Fauci and Malone aren't just a pair of garden gnome bookends. They've been in control of the peoples bank for far too long through exactly the methods you articulate and more.

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Some thing like that, but with COVID like SUBSTACK they are ALL PAID IN "ADVANCE" for services rendered;

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Why no mention that TRUMP will have RFK-jr as his VP for pedophile pro-curement???


A really jimmy saville off the old UK monarchy block

Not clear who flew moron with Epstein RFK-jr or Trump??


Seriously wonder why P-ALEX hasn't gone nutz on this, and what about the hot babe of Sergio? What's her job now?? Secretary of State??

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You keep citing tweets or other messages of Malone from three years ago - before the impact of the vaccine was apparent - to anyone paying attention. To keep the umbrage going you ignore anything else Malone has said since or write it off as lies. It’s getting stale.

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this isn't about money. this is CYA

except for incriminating freudian slips:

"This was declared as a pandemic, it was treated as a pandemic, and it resulted in circulation of a disease, a novel infectious virus."

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What a shock:

Two new studies suggest mRNA Covid vaccines can contribute to cancer formation


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I love you Paul, but that Malone quote is from 2021. A lots has changed since then.. eyes have opened

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Garbage for the media! A big whopping false fish tale. It's also that years ago you told us about the 4 media lies in a chart. SO you have changed the seat you sit in. Just like Humpty Dumpry your self has taken a great fall.

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“Who’s paying whom“ is certainly not the topic you want to broach. There’s a Freudian aspect to all of this amateur agitprop. It’s like the arsonist returning to the fire. Who signs your check?

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