Man, those photos are impressive.

We need many of those, much like the pro lifers, we should be out in the streets with Vax damage photos on posters.

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Why? Those who might believe us already said no or will say no to any more. Those who believe in Fauci and doctors who push the poison will fall in line like dutiful dorks to get the next round regardless. Until it happens to them, you cannot save some sheeple.

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Those photos would be like porn to the 25 horsemen. Gets them aroused. Makes them want to go out and push a few more boosters.

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"Can they shed light...?"

Nope, but they can shed spike proteins.

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I was just thinking the same thing and they can of course also shed darkness, courtesy of their prince.

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When will this massive coverup be exposed by MSM? Never, I suppose bc they own MSM! Still, so many ppl seem to have no clue. That too is nearly as disturbing.

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Maybe 47 will expose them. He appears to be pivoting, maybe as he gears up to kick DeSantis' ass more, on the national stage. He sees the polls showing unelectable DeSantis with support in single digits at the same time 46 iand 45 are in trouble and perhaps is preparing to step in.

"We Would’ve Done Everything Differently”: Gavin Newsom Disowns California’s Extreme Covid Policies


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he is such a weasel. not we would have done GN, but we should have.

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This is what is breaking my heart. The horrific suffering going on from these bioweapon shots is not even covered by the captured media.

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That looks like severe oxidative stress in the absence of anti-oxidants, such as glutathione, zinc and vitamin C.

Akin to Scurvy. Something doctors rarely see today and would mis-diagnose.

The symptoms of scurvy include:

feeling tired and weak

aching legs and arms

swollen and bleeding gums

red or blue spots on the skin, usually on the shins

bumps around the hair follicles

bruising easily

wounds taking a long time to heal


The patient was likely in poor health to begin with. And certainly after prior shots. Oxidative stress damage is cumulative when anti-oxidants are depleted. The sores on the legs are akin unchecked rust (oxidation ) that corrodes holes through steel.

Now what ingredient in the Vax could possibly cause severe oxidation and damage?

Repeated injections of reduced graphene oxide:

"Toxicity of graphene-family nanoparticles: a general review of the origins and mechanisms".


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Viva Frey goes on a rant about Mr. Science Fauci



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They achieved preliminary damage on impressionable people through encouraging excessive use of hand sanitizers (some have chemicals that can cause heart damage and immune issues), anti-bacterial soaps and cleaning wipes (extremely toxic), masking (breathing your own C02 for long periods of time and inhaling crap from the masks), and excessive testing with swabs that are contaminated with who knows what, and then for the final assault on their immune systems, respiratory and circulatory systems--the vax. Now I keep seeing Nitric Oxide supplements advertised as good for heart-health. There is a lot of research showing Nitric Oxide can be very harmful to the heart and to a person's health. It's interesting to me that it seems to be everywhere all of a sudden. They play on people's fears and make money off of them, all while also implementing their depopulation agenda. They always have an ulterior motive, and it's never good. Always do your research and listen to your gut.

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The cruel unnecessary suffering and death is either the means to an end or the end itself for these diabolic despots.

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How long is this going to go on!!????

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In Europe, not for much longer. In the US, probably for at least another 100 years.

"While Europe has now largely confined Covid vaccination to older and vulnerable groups, the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has chosen a different path. Yesterday, it ... recommended the XBB.1.5 jabs to everyone six months and older ...It insists that 'the benefits of vaccination exceed the risks for everyone' ... 'Let’s keep America strong, healthy,” said Dr. Camille Kotton ... 'Let’s do away with COVID-19 as best we can by prevention of disease through vaccines.' ... [In contrast, on the European] side of the Atlantic, they still have something to lose, which is an incentive towards moderation."

CDC Recommends New Covid Boosters to Everyone Over Six Months of Age


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I have not witnessed the vax sharing their new diseases of blood clots, cancer, autoimmune, kidney disease, etc...but they share the immediate response (upper respiratory symptoms which for Covid involve heavy thick mucous cough/nasal congestion), no fun!

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As Pretoruis and Kell #TeamClots show, spike protein, all by itself, causes amyloid fibrin clots in the blood. Leading to much damage.

Pathophysiological Mechanism:

After vaxx, the blood vessels express spike protein.

The spike forms amyloid fibrin clots around these cells. Simultaneously, the immune system attacks the cells expressing the spike, stripping the vessel walls.

The debris, mostly collagen from the tunica walls and the amyloids formed by spike and the lipid nanoparticles all aggregate together to form large amyloid fibrin clots.

These rubbery clots fill the arteries (very unusual) and the veins, taking their shape like awful forms of coral. #CalimariClots

The clots are long, tough and often inoperable, causing necrosis in the limbs.

Sadly, often doctors' only option is to amputate.

Here is a thread with dozens and dozens and dozens of Go Fund Me cases of such clots and amputations, also heart failures and stroke, some all occur in same person.

Please show this to your loved ones. This must stop.

@janiesaysyay "InvissibleTouch" thread, near top of feed.

Sorry Twitter won't let me link to it directly, when I copy it, it links you to a different thread.

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Agree. As long as the Washington politicos can line their pockets with pharma money, Americans will be strongly encouraged to take worthless dangerous shots.

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