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David Martin is one of the most important players in exposing the truth about this orchestrated extermination event.

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Been following you, David Martin , and Dr McCullough from the very beginning. Thank you for all of your time that you give!!!!

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David Martin has never had to retract anything he has ever put forth; this video explains more than the nefarious actors ever want revealed because it exposes how wide the corruption was and how many who were gaining from this criminal racket; but Dr. Martin is mostly being ignored and has evidence that the Congressional investigating committee would certainly find too hot to handle as it reveals how deeply the U.S. has been involved in GOF research; presently ,Congress is finding every possible reason to blame China (Wuhan) for everything and while Wuhan's involvement is clear from watching Martin's video, the racketeering crimes had their origin in the U.S.; just imagine how high the political cost would be if there was full transparency and an admission of responsibility at this stage of the game!

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Dr. David Martin is one exceptional man. He was speaking the same message and fighting the good fight SINCE DAY ONE of the fake pandemic .

There are FEW in this exceptionally RARE category of both the HIGHEST MORAL COMPASS POSSIBLE aswell.as of SUPERIOR knowledge, yes LISTEN TO DR. DAVID MARTIN. fully AND also another GIANT of giants is Dr. Judy Mikovits.

Dr. Judy sadly was one of the most attacked , slandered and hated women in the entire CORRUPT and criminal global health industry because EVERY WORD from her was true and as all GREAT warriors she was FEARLESS .

GOD BLESS this world for people like Dr. David Martin, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Senetaor Robert (Bobbie) F Kennedy jr., Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Paul Marik. (and MANY MORE )And YES you too

Dr. Paul Alexander because all.of you have one thing in common

YOU ARE ALL FEARLESS WARRIORS of the truth and you have millions by your side including me.


2. We are on THE HIGH ROAD.

3. We will WIN and we will not STOP until we WIN.

4. Those who caused this planet SUFFERING, TORTURE and DEATH and killed our children WILL PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES.

Canadian and NATO Veteran .

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Forget about "GAIN of FUNCTION" people that is +40 year old R&D managed by retired Fauci detour. Like the recent CIA dis-info chatter about 'wuhan leak' that's all designed to make the herds "Look Over There".

Russia has just released internal documents "Directional Evolution" from Pfizer where they admit that all products of Pfizer are in fact "Biological Weapons"

Turns out that mRNA vax was deployed since 2017 to be a delivery system for bio-weapons; We could of course say 'duh' that but explains the "look over there GAIN of Function BS we see 24/7 on alt-media", when in fact the real Mother of it ALL is "Directional Evolution" this is the top-secret work today, and "GOF" is your grand-fathers biological-weapons;


( Tass is the official news source of Russia from the Gov )

Well we all kind of knew all along mRNA was a bio-weapon and we knew that URKAINE had like 19 BIO-WEAPON lab's operating in under CIA-DOD, we also knew that Russia intended to release all the information about the lab's, and now its happening.

"Consequently, Pfizer’s employee(s) admits the fact of conducting ‘directional evolution’ research aimed at gaining competitive advantages and boosting profits,"

Pfizer’s former employee Karen Kingston, who said that the products of the US pharmaceutical company "by definition, are biological weapons"

... So "Gain of Function" was what they're were doing at CIA-DOD with Fauci as leader some 40 Years ago, but "Directional Evolution" is what they're doing today

˜gain of function™ is perhaps one of the most misunderstood in the scientific lexicon. I would like to explain what the phrase means from the perspective of a scientist who has done gain of function research for the past 40 years.


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Before mid Feb. 2020, I found a paper, presented to Nature in 2015, that gave the specific details of what they had created. Any one that gets their hands on that will have the Holy Grail on Covid, from the construction, using TWO virulent bat viruses to create a backbone, to how they bypassed the ACE2 inhibitors, adding bits of HIV, then documenting the effect on humanized mice that were infected. Shi Li Zhengli also thanked Dr. Fauci, among others for all his help. I didn't download it, wish I had.

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I created a PDF summary of this video, with links to different points he references. Please let me know how I can share this to you Dr Alexander.

I sent it to Dr Martin. Tried sharing a link to it on yt, but it was taken down, as well as any of my comments to people outlining steps to get in touch with me elsewhere for access to the PDF. If I can share it to you, and you can post it as an addendum to this substack, I can send those people here. 🙏

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What about Hunter Biden bio lab in Ukraine...

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Yes another brilliant person with the guts & the intellectual capacity to shutdown the fairytale... I love his brain... He spits that data out...his business acumen along with the med/legal aspect combined with Truth equals perfection. Thank you again Dr. Alexander. The World should be gobbling this up & want justice. As you referenced in your prior post, sadly many share the same middle initial in their name, a very large “D”. Yes it stands for dolt, and the kicker is so many have a huge superiority complex. They are ever so condescending to us who only want to save lives.

🎼Somebody shake me, wake me,when it’s over🎼

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This is primarily NOT China, as far as I can tell. That would mean the bio attack decimating our own military via clot shot mandates was an inside job done wilfully, by traitors

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Thank you Dr Alexander for posting this to spread the net. I have followed Dr. Martin for several years and it’s beyond belief that no one in our government is listening to him. It just shows the level of corruption denials of truth and the willingness to forfeit human life for their own self interests. The House is all theatrics! The Zuni party is two wings of the same bird. Why can’t people like Fauci and Baric be reported to the DHS as suspected domestic terrorists? Why not use the same department the Deep State set up to frighten and punish anyone who went against their narrative with the label of Domestic Terrorist. Let’s take their suggestion and if you see it or hear it report it. Dr. Martin has made it quite simple composting all the evidence to substantiate the criminal activity perpetrated against at minimal the American people. Sadly their crimes are international

too, but as the old saying goes, “Charity begins at home.” We owe it to the dead and maimed who are victims of Fauci’s racketeering and intent to kill and injure. And let’s not forget his constant lies and perjury committed numerous times. He is not the only criminal but he’s a good one to make an example of so the rest of them will start singing like birds and throwing each other under the bus.

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Keep your fingers crossed they don’t bury this massive crime against humanity!

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This whole thing is biblical. If you want to dive down a deep rabbit hole, check out theserapeum.com and watch The Seed Wars. Not to give it away but there's a group of people who hate the others. They believe they are the "chosen ones" when in reality, they are impostors. They've been infiltrating all levels of power for hundreds of years with their end game being total domination of the "white race." NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS. The lab leak, Wuhan, even orange man bad is all window dressing (psyop?) keeping us guessing while this group puts its final solution into place. Yes, the final solution. Remember, these people are historical infiltrators and blame others for their transgressions. Check out the Holodomor-it is the true holocaust. The reason it's been suppressed is bec it was against white Christians. Who cares what happens to them, right? Wake up all you of the Christian faith. They're coming for you and they don't take prisoners.

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Does anyone know of a clip where Dave Martin actually professes to believe in germ theory or viruses? Or alluding otherwise?

Unfortunately this seems to be beyond even the most fringe of Overton windows but it’s a really crucial matter because it would seem its not just HIV and SARS2 that have 0 smoking gun evidence on their existence via scientifically literate isolation and purification ( virologists save Dr. Lanka do not do this - ever . )They say they do but if you check the methodology they actually just add a bunch of nephrotoxic antibiotics to kidney cell cultures, starve the cultures to death (literally) and when they die they claim proof of pathogen and then do density stratification and come up with some genetic material they claim to be a viral genetic sequence......

Even though it’s now been formerly proven if you use the same methodology as virologists on just culture using same antibiotics and starvation protocols without adding any “virus” the exact same thing happens so real or completely fictitious we have 0 credible science to prove existence of viruses writ large it would seem.

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Dr. Martin has the receipts right there on paper. The unanimous vote to blame China is a diversion and misdirection by a Congress CYA-ing! That can’t even vote 100% on motherhood or apple pie! Think about this!

China has dirty hands to be sure. But that vote belies a mass coverup underway of the American origins of the cloned man made virus. Dr. Martin has been dead right on this since Day One!

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Dr Martin has been speaking of this for almost 3 years in every public forum throughout the US and other countries. He always has the receipts. He even sent the proof to Congress about 2 1/2 years ago but they did nothing about it, the cowards and traitors. Money is very powerful in silencing thousands if not millions of those who know the truth. As Jesus tells us in the Bible, “the love of money is at the root of all kinds of evil”. This is evident every way one looks!

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