So terribly sad.

This multi organ inflammation is fairly common in children with this Bioweapon Shot. It is the predicted, basic immunologic ADE, Antibody Dépendant Enhancement.

No surprises here, I am sorry to say. We just couldn't stop them. And still can't!!!

We all really should be lining up outside Peds front office doors with signs and pamphlets.

I even thought about hiring a plane to drop pamphlets to the public in high injection areas, just like the Evils have hired planes to drop poisonous exhalent metals and toxins on us daily.

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If you got the real jab- it was one and done sir.

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Geniuses like Kerry Kennedy (wasn't she dumped by the vaunted Andrew Cuomo, also a genius about the China-Fauci Virus?) ridicule their family member Bobby Jr. because he presents scientific information about the harms and uselessness of the vaccinations? We must divorce these morons. Separate from the Homo States of America. Become founding citizens of America the Beautiful. If they resist, then let every street corner in the country become its own Fort Sumpter.

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