So the trial that was supposed to prove the vaccine was safe and effective... proved otherwise...and the only way to prove it was safer... was to unblind the control group... and give them some of the same unsafe and ineffective shots... then keep stum about the death rate... we can’t have the truth getting in the way of a business plan ... isn’t that criminal...I mean if seatbelts cut you in half everytime someone crashed ... but the government still told you it saved lives... that would be naughty!... but hey ho... it’s okay in this case coz Pfizer has promised to hide its data.... but so has every western government.

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Haven't you heard? Fauci says "trust the science."

I don't trust any science that comes from "officialdom."

I don't buy their climate change theories.

I don't believe in their "theory of evolution."

I don't believe in their heliocentric model.

I personally think I am better off not accepting their theories. What is the harm in believing in God and not in money-motivated crack pot scientists?

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Belief in God does not conflict with evolutionary theory or with the fact that the planets in our solar system revolve around the sun.

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Charles Darwin was a Freemason. Darwin became a Freemason in Scotland, and his grandfather and son also were Freemasons. Freemasons take secret oaths. Telling you the truth is not included in Masonic oaths.

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"I determined to undertake this work, in order to expose the fallacies

of Modern Astronomy, which are so contrary to the Word

of God, and so conducive to the promotion of Infidelity.

I do not enter the lists arrayed in the panoply of Neo-

Science, to fight this great Goliath, but only with a few

pebbles of the brook, yet I trust that, with God's blessing,

the attempt may not be altogether fruitless."

"While writing this book, I had to

weigh every matter in an even balance, so as to make no

statement which is not in strict conformity with Scripture,

Reason, or Fact."

- David Scott

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Check out creation.com for all of the science that supports God's marvelous creation.

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Apparently, yes.

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Murders! Crimes against humanity.

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Yes, true, and how bad is this, below?

Extremely wicked, shockingly evil and vile.

None of the substackers, except Norman Fenton, appear to be covering it but a 7 year old girl was murdered with an injection and the cause of death was falsified in VAERS and covered up by a pretense that it was a death from covid.

"In Jan 2022 the rare ‘covid death’ of a 7 year-old girl, Cassidy Baracka, in the USA [6] was used as a warning to urge parents to vaccinate their children; but the death was not from covid at all – it was the direct result of a covid vaccination [7] [8]."


Informed consent: statement on covid policies affecting children and young adults


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Yes, absolutely right, ANW. (I also recognize the great significance of Norman Fenton's work.)

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Good to hear Kathleen.

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Note to self:

1. When they say "placebo" they mean VACCINATED.

2. When they say "unvaccinated" they mean VACCINATED.

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Clear and to the point.

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When they say unvaccinated they mean those who didn’t get any shots .. those that took all the previous shots... and those that took the latest but are still in the 14 day window.. because those that die in the first two weeks (most go in the first 5)do not count against safe and effective... the number crunching has horrible data if you include everyone who has taken at least one shot from the first day onwards...and they know it makes for bad reading... the trials are equally as bad...on safety and effectiveness..a mouse lifespan is 3 years... how can you blame a slow Bioweapon on a creature that is going to die before the kill switch?people still dying after thirty months... it’s all evil and wilful.

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Good points all. thanks.

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Romanian doctor's 100% successful covid cure.

*** Antibiotics *** Oxygen (but not too much) NO ventilation


… Consistent with the bacterial pneumonia hypothesis where Sars-CoV-2 should be considered a bystander viral coinfection.

It is UNTREATED bacterial pnuemonia that is the real danger. Result the same as doctors from Toledo, Spain in 2020. 100% cure rate.


TCW reveal "It was pneumonia, not Covid, what done it!" The Conservative Woman (TCW) report on our substack article on the pneumonia hypothesis. MARTIN NEIL 12 SEPT 2023


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Intended result of the government- imposed hospital protocol to refuse treatment for ANY symptoms associated with a diagnosis of covid.

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And then deliver the poison, recalled chemo drug remdesivir to finish them off. Along with end of life drugs.

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Wait...everyone was told this was safe and effective. 🤔

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More doctors smoke Camels.

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This is a bit counterintuitive.

The previously infected in nursing homes, i.e., THOSE WITH NATURAL IMMUNITY, WERE AT LEAST 30 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO GET COVID-19 compared with the uninfected without natural immunity from the same group-living settings,, according to a report in medscape on on some new research data.

" More than 3 years into it now, COVID-19 continues to surprise us. This time, researchers found people in long-term care facilities with the BA.1 or BA.2 variant in 2022 were more likely to get COVID-19 during the later BA.5 wave, compared with others who never tested positive for COVID-19.

This finding was unexpected. It contradicts a widespread belief that one infection always provides robust protection against the next. The result also highlights a need for everyone — but especially older adults in nursing homes and long-term care facilities — to stay up to date on COVID-19 vaccinations, investigators said.

The reason for the reinfections remains a bit of a mystery. Senior author Dawn M.E. Bowdish, PhD, and colleagues don’t know why the previously infected were at least 30 times more likely to get COVID-19 compared with the uninfected from the same group-living settings ... it’s not just lower antibody numbers — something else is going on. 'Probably there are many immunization properties associated with these viruses that we just don't understand,' Bowdish said."

COVID Reinfections in Nursing Home Residents Surprise Researchers


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Worrisome for sure - all of them had four shots in them.

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Hybrid immunity. Looks like natural immunity is not so great once jabs are added

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Yes. We've learned that from other sources, haven't we?

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Or were they given inhaled anthrax or inhaled ricin to sabotage the control group? Symptoms identical to COVID and not tested for. Easy way to assassinate anyone and blame it in COVID. A perfect crime……

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Anything is possible with these criminals.

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Where does it say they were given the Moderna shot?

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Also seems like fizer is somehow linked to Deagle's predictions of US population being skimmed down from 331 to 105 million by 2025.


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Murder for profit

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