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I wrote this question to Naomi Wolf also. My timing might be off but what do you think Paul?

Thank you Naomi.

You're one of the few willing to actually look at evidence, change course and apologize. One of many reasons why I admire you so much. I had a huge realisation during all of this This week.

What do you think? Brian Sicknick from all the photos looks like a very healthy fit 42 year old man.

I have read where all of the capital police had to get the covid jab by December 6th, meaning they probably had their 2nd jab by january 6. This man does not look like he would die from 2 clots normally.

Could it be possible in a horrifying twist of fate that this man died because of of the mrna covid concoction?

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Thanks Dr. Paul. We all know that Trump was lied to and deceived BUT his continuous support of the bio weapon is at this point unforgivable. There is no way he doesn't know this injection is killing people and he could have stopped many deaths by coming out and telling the public what you and others have been saying for 2 years now. Don't you talk to Trump? Why haven't you talked to Trump?? I will find it hard to support him in 2024 unless he comes out and tells the public exactly what you have told us and let the public know he knows the shots are killing people and he will make sure everyone that lied to him and the American people and people around the world will go to jail as his FIRST PRIORITY on day one of his term in January 2025.

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Dr. Alexander, there is no turning back, what is done is done. Without some major awaking of the people its over. My Bible (KJV) says it only gets worse, for prophecy to be fulfilled it must get many times worse. We need to put our faith in Jesus Christ and he will carry us through. He fights the battles for us all we have to do is stand! Ephesians 6:12-17.

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Sorry… Trump hurt himself. He still believes the vax are awesome and is proud if them. As much as I like you Dr. Alexander, you are kidding yourself.

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Naomi Wolf and Robert Kennedy Jr spoke at a Hillsdale College event earlier this week, and we had the good fortune to hear what they had to say. Their lectures were--hands down--the most informative and captivating lectures I have heard in recent years. Imagine how something so magical and positive can come from these dark times, and that is the coming together of people who never before might have spoken honestly and openly with each other.

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Apology is accepted, Dr. Wolf.

What's most important is everyone uses these events to improve themselves and help other people around them. Holding a grudge is not a productive way to move society forward.

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Thank you Naomi, if you see this. I was newly pregnant when the Covid vaccines rolled out and because of your testimonies I did not let my OB/GYN twist my arm to get ‘it’ like he tried many times. I referenced your work a great deal and not only did you save my baby’s life, but you saved mine. Truly the only issue I had with you what is your take on J6. I appreciate you acknowledging and admitting you were wrong about that issue. It has been 3 very long years for all of us, but it’s people like you and Dr. Paul Alexander that have been the glue, that will keep us united together from here on out! Thank you both.

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The WAR is going to get More Intense, the past 3 years of Covid have done their damage, the Vaxxxes will take their toll, ongoing SADS, is a fact of life. The Economic Demise is about to get Really Real. The Food Crisis will become more evident as well going into 2023-24 due to Fertilizer shortages. And if that wasn't enough The Clowns in DC may kick of WW III over Ukraine, the USSA's democRat money laundrying machine. USSA! USSA! USSA!


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Paul, Naomi and all the others,

Thank you for waking up people who All must UNITE ASAP to support a serious Supreme Court case that many, including entire states will join soon!

Where is Our Freedom Movement with actions that matter to STOP ALL TREASON…bioweapons events, military psychological media censorship, ruined schools at all levels, open borders, election fraud, etc?

HOPE is here…Supreme Court case highlighted in links in the following Lex Greene piece…




Mother/Grandmother Lion (of 6 and still counting)

P.S. Spread the word ASAP of this CRITICAL Supreme Court Case…last peaceful option!

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It was painful to read some of the less than charitable comments in Dr. Wolf's box when she published this apology.

We need to cut each other some slack. We need to remember to be kind. We are in different boats, each dragging his/her own bag of misery, and, yes, we may be meandering as we travel, but we are headed in the same direction - to stop the madness.

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Dr. Paul, did I read it right that you think the pandemic was created to make sure Trump wasn't re-elected?

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Two points:

#1 - I don't have Dr Wolf's level of education (so I suppose I avoided the indoctrination) - but I was able to do some basic research early on and see: Trump was not the villain he was being made out to be - which leads any reasonable person to question: who is gaining from spreading such propaganda, and why. The next obvious step is to question the Jan 6 narrative. Since Dr Wolf has demonstrated she IS a reasonable person, capable of thorough research - how could she (and many like her) be so easily fooled? And what took her so long, since she clearly was already sceptical about other aspects of govt agenda? THAT needs some unpacking if we are to avoid further such fiascos of absent cognition.

#2 - Yes - Trump was lied to. Yes - he was repeatedly and intensely threatened - the details of which are still not revealed. Even under such duress, he craved a solid solution from Pfizer via the contract. No less than 11 times there in, it states they will deliver a SAFE and EFFECTIVE vaccine that will protect people, reduce risk of serious illness/death AND stop transmission. It also states they would deliver it by end of October 2020. So - to quote US lawyer Robert Barnes (Brooke Jackson's counsel), they screwed Trump over on both counts: timing and efficacy.

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Thank you, Dr. Alexander, for sharing Dr. Wolf's apology. It was very informative and laid out the lies of the MSM

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They are in the tradition of JFK's book, Profiles in Courage (JFK): people like Dr. Wolf, Dr. Alexander, Dr. Risch, Dr. McCullough, Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Ryan Cole, the late Dr. Zev Zelenko, and many others.

We salute you and we are grateful for your courage, your moral vision, and your action.

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"She stands apart as many still hide behind keyboards pulling flint from between their toes telling us ‘oh, we admire all you do but we are not as brave as you to put our faces and jobs on the line”. I say BS, it is time you found that courage and join us, like Dr. Wolf, as we need help."

I've been around these people long enough to know they will not help, until it is clear, help is no longer needed.

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Naomi Wolf is a decent human being and should be commended for her fight against the jabs and for coming to her senses, to some extent, about the anti-Trump propaganda. I am sure she cares about women and breast cancer so I wonder what she would make of the claim in the article at the link that the clot shot may be the key to fighting breast cancer.

It would be an incredible legacy for the clot shot if it was to go down in history as the key development in preventing or curing breast cancer.


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