They ALL lied. BTW...switched labs. You wouldn’t believe the drastic difference in results within a 6 month period from lab corp to Quest. I believe the labs are in on it. Convinced they skew results to get you on the BP or cholesterol meds just because of your age. It’s all about big pharma incentives and kickbacks!!! Screw them ALL!!

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My Dr. put me on BP pills 10 years ago and when I started to use Juice Plus supplements right after the first year I found that my BP was lowered a lot 116 over 72, avg. Went to my Dr.. to get off them and was shot down and told NO. I no longer have a Dr. at this time and I have been off the BP pills for 2 years. BP is 120 over 79 avg. Never took the Jab, I am 65, working on health and diet to continue. I find Dr. are like mechanics, you have to find a good one as there are a lot of bad ones.

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Good for you! No one needs "permission" from a bad doctor to stop taking medicine they do not need and may harm them.

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No one in my extended family is jabbed, except for one son who was jabbed under duress and now has terrible blood clots. He's 39 and has had surgery twice for clots. My daughter quit her job in medicine because she refused to be vaXXXed. My husband, also in medicine, retired early to avoid the despotic demands of the medical-industrial complex dictators. Medicine has become a scheme and a scam, and it is nearly impossible to practice patient-forward medicine. This has been occurring over decades, Barry Sotero accelerated it with government "health" care, and Obiden 3.0 shoved it down our throats. We have been infiltrated by corporatist whores and power-mad lunatics. The only way out of this is through it, so DO NOT COMPLY and STAND YOUR GROUND! Don't let these MONSTERS continue to wipe their fat, greedy asses on our rights! FU 3 letter agency LUNATICS! SERIAL KILLERS!

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What about murder!!!!! They are not vaccines!

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I didn't comply before and will not comply now!

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I have fired all of my whitecoats a long time ago. And never hired them back. It was over my first (known) intersect with a BWF weapon manufactured in Lab 257 on Plum Island. All denied Lyme disease existed. Or exists for 2 weeks or so only. Right, it’s just arthritis and depression. The spectacular gaslighting was my first slide into the twilight zone and also prepared me for the dynamics with family and friends, which repeated over Hoaxid, but by then it was just the final shreds. There was no help, none, nada, except for one doc who offered me assistance in filing a disability claim. At the height of my life. Instead I went to war, while I had never before felt such deep exhaustion, and $60,000 out of pocket, and years later I made my come-back, having gone to where no-one should ever go alone. Fifteen years thence, including jumping the next BWF attack, you have taken the words right out of my mind.

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Thanks for looking out for us and keeping us safe and healthy by sharing your advice, Dr. Alexander.

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My doctor from the Pain Clinic, which had done Radio Frequency Ablation procedures a few times, when Covid hit, encouraged me to get the shot, when I asked about it, his wife an ER Doctor, he ended up retiring early in his career, no doubt because he couldn’t keep lying, but I never got a retraction from his statement, sadly.

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Here’s one for you. A medical school in Japan is still conducting some classes over Zoom. It is too dangerous to have the med students on campus all day every day, cuz covid, so the electives, some of them anyway, are over Zoom this semester too.

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No individual baselessly afraid of what is essentially a common cold (for healthy people) has the fortitude to become a doctor.

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True, but it is not just the students, everyone at the school from the top down, except myself and possibly two other part time teachers, is wearing a mask.

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Well done adhering to your convictions.

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Yes, but as the saying goes; no good deed goes unpunished. I now teach less than a third of the classes I taught prepanic.

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I wondered how you had "gotten away with" not masking. Now I see that you, in fact, didn't. (I have to believe that a bright AND level-headed bilingual doctor in Japan has other sources of generating income... Wishing you and your family the best.)

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Ah, while I do teach at a medical school, I am not a doctor of any kind. After three and a half years stuck at home, my Japanese which never great in the first place is almost nonexistent.

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At least I could respect my doctor for retiring, and not being like these Yes-Men! I had one RFA procedure from him after Covid, and I do worry a little bit that possibly he put a chip or lied and gave me a Covid shot here in California, but I never had any illness or really any reason to think that, except for all the shenanigans I’m hearing going on! My GP had gone off the rails with me, when I had a terrible headache for 3 months, like 8-10 pain, swollen glands in the back near the base of my neck, and I told her the only thing I had done is get the Flu Shot in 2018, and she literally screamed at me! I didn’t get it until what I’ve seen happening to people after their Covid Shot, and things go wrong!

So some of these doctors have been jerks for a while, and Dr. Giordano at the Pentagon in some clip said that is how these doctors are supposed to react: So we lose confidence in our Health Care System (done!) But, that then they would roll out (in their Hegelian Dialectic) the One Health System!!!


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12 year old student speaks about medical freedom at rally in NYC

911 jeddi, August 31, 2021



CHRIS:* Hi, I'm here with Violet. She was one of the speakers at today's medical freedom rally and she was scheduled to start at a private school in Manhattan but they were requiring that all the students wear masks and get tested and she was very much against it. She gave a great speech today. So Violet, just have a few words to say about how you feel about the mask mandate and all that other stuff?

VIOLET: I feel like it's not right that the schools are forcing the kids, you know, to wear a mask, to take tests and to make the vaccines, you know, it's just not right to the people. And it's, and it's the right of bodily autonomy, the right to own your own body. And like, nobody can tell you what to do with your own body. I don't have to wear the mask, you know? I don't have to take the vaccine. I don't have to get the testing.

CHRIS: I agree with you.

VIOLET: It's my body, you know? And I should be able to go to the school without having to wear a mask and it's a shame that I don't, it's a shame that I can't go.

CHRIS: So you're not going to school. You got to make other arrangements, that's [inaudible]

VIOLET: I'm thinking about homeschooling. I don't know what we're going to do right now, you know?

CHRIS: I like that idea, the homeschooling idea I think is a great thing. Can I ask you what are your, I'm sure you've had conversations with your friends? What do, how do they feel about this?

VIOLET: Oh no no no no no. I've lost all my friends, you know.

CHRIS: Oh really?

VIOLET: Yeah. There's this girl downstairs, you know, like two flights down. You know, and the thing is that every time she comes up, she wears a mask to my place and the mother's like, she can't come up without a mask until she gets her second dose of vaccine. You know what kind of child abuse that is?

CHRIS: It is child abuse, I agree. I think putting a mask on and decreasing your oxygen is, is child abuse in my opinion. You know, I'm not a doctor but I just don't think it's right that anybody should be cutting off their oxygen supply. And do you have any friends who are, like, with you in this fight—


CHRIS: Like, anybody? You're on your own.

VIOLET: Yeah I'm on my own.

CHRIS: You're a one girl army!


CHRIS: Well good for you, I have a lot of respect for that that you are willing to stand up for what you believe in, and I know that your mom is on your side and and you know that's a great thing. So you've got nobody to support you in terms of like kids of your age, huh?

VIOLET: No, but I'm so grateful to have my mother who thinks like this way, you know? And so grateful that you know, we are able to [inaudible] this together and just so happy that, yeah, you think this way, you know, and that you have this point of view, and that we're not not blindsided.

CHRIS: And you've got a lot of people here, if I'll just move the camera you can see the rally. All those people are here with you, too.


CHRIS: We're all supporting you and we agree with you 100 percent. So just want to say, Violet, love what you're doing. Keep up the fight because there's nothing more important than your freedom, right? So just keep up the fight, keep doing what you're doing. Thank you very much for all you do.



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The person filming this does not identify himself in this video, however, in another video on this same channel he identifies himself as Chris. See "NY State senator John Liu doesn’t care about thousands of NYC teachers who lost their jobs"


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Violet's mother taught her well. (Except, unfortunately, for all the "likes" and "you knows" peppering her speech. Smh.)

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(Ah, well, I could, like, you know, use another go at Toastmasters myself...)

I quite agree, major kudos to Violet's mom, and to Violet herself— and also to Chris who filmed this extraordinary interview.

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YA BETTER BELIEVE IT! 🚂💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

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