When they talk about healthcare they are mostly interested in depopulation care: contraceptives, abortifacients, abortion, trans-mutilation, euthanasia, etc.

Changing the topic, RFK is asking if he should run for President:


Here, I give 7 important tips, what about yours?:

Open letter to RFK.

You are better than most. We encourage you to run for President or any other political position but not in the Democratic Party, because it supports abortion and gender ideology. Those 2 things are not negotiable! You can found an independent party with Tulsi or become Republican.

7 points to avoid some of Trump's mistakes:

7 points you don’t seem to be aware of:

1. The root cause is freemasonry. They are the deep state. They infiltrated all levels of power. We need a law forcing them to publicly disclose membership to secret societies under obedience to a higher rank, whose orders are above patriotism.


2. They forge currencies and buy media, listed corporations, puppeticians, etc. We need freedom of legal tender and currencies based on real assets (gold, silver, copper, lithium, flour, canola oil, whatever real and unforgeable):

1 of 5 (don't miss the 5th):


3. What are their plans and how to beat them:


4. Why is the system rigged and how to solve it:




5. Decarbonization is anti-science:


6. They want to kill us all:






7. This is a spiritual battle between satanists and rest of the world. Without prayer, you are doomed to fail. What we see in the material world is the expression of the metaphysical realm.


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So many readers have called for Trump to denounce the jab that I can only conclude that they must be considering getting it and would need Trump to denounce it in order to not do so.

What other rationale could there be for calling on Trump to denounce the jab?

It would be great if Democrats were going to go and get jabbed because Trump denounced it but the reality is that most of them have already gotten the jab.

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This is IMPORTANT for all you medicare people who need drugs, and I'm not one of them, but you need to understand what is going on;

J-C Deagle Report says USA population reduction by 90% by 2025; The planning is not a bombing, population reduction is two-fold

1.) The young leave the USA because there are no jobs

2.) The old can no longer afford health-care and die of natural causes; Medication becomes too expensive; People that can revert to natural remedy survive; Grow their own food;

You need to understand this has been the plan since the 1950's, J-C Deagle was Rockefeller Foundation strategic planner; That's why the report is named after this report, is to Rockefeller foundation what CIA-FACTBOOK is to spooks;

I'm just saying its NOT going to get better, its going to get worse, they have no intention of solving the problem, its just the normal every 4-6 generation purge, USA doesn't get wars, so they have to cull by other means.

If you want to survive I would say go to Mexico where you can get all your drugs for a few bucks and stay there, better yet go to India where you can get all drugs for penny's cuz that's where they're all made.

In USA big-pharma sells shit to you for $5,000 that cost them one-nickel, they have been doing this for +50 years, and nobody in DC is going to do shit. The US-CONGRESS gets GOLD PLATED healthcare and they don't give a flying fuck about the citizens;

So if you want to live, then go to a non-western country with cheap pharma, if you want to die stay in the USA.

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It’s hilarious... they’ve never decreased healthcare spending. They must be mental.

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The game plan of the Council of Foreign Relations and the other policy influencers is the destruction of the fiat currency and by extension, We the People, the Republic and national soverignty and human rights embodied in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Hemorrhaging money will destroy the currency and usher in the global BIS monetary and climate based resources control system. In a word, totalitarianism and it willbe hybridized with facism and communism and called a democratic government. A bigger falsehood than anything any of us have ever borne witness to.

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The best way to cut medicare costs is to encourage people to eat a proper human diet, which would include as much animal products as possible. For example, people on a very low carb (keto, ketovore, or carnivore) diet would have no need for insulin due to type 2 diabetes.

See https://www.dietdoctor.com/authors/dr-david-unwin for examples of de-prescribing that can be done with a better diet.

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At this point, there is no reason to trust the leftist government about anything.

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What makes you think they have failed? Look at this country. They see an overwhelming success as our boys become girls, our girls become prostitutes, and our grandkids become abortions. Don't be so quick to judge your enemy's goals as a failure when you don't even know their goals, and don't judge them as incompetent when they have achieved so much.

Praise Lord Trump and Biden too

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