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I don't have a dog in this fight other than the truth and I could care less whose ego gets bruised whether it be Malone or you or anyone else. I think the lawsuits are petty too but then maybe I don't "the full" story and if it were me, maybe I'd sue too...dont think so but maybe. I did, in real time watch Stew Peters throw a gotcha moment at Malone while I was watching in real time. I've been following for over 3 years and am confident enough. The f ing patents are in the patent docs from official gov site-You can't dr this shit when you go to the original source. Anyone who has ever been involved with patents/entrepreneurs know how it works ie you get a patent, someone else references/credits your patent, builds to it (the 2 Penn scientists) and then repatent it. It happens ALL the time. Stews assertion that the original inventor of mRNA is somehow equal to the inventor of the VACCINES doesn't even make logical sense....but its a great way to use media click bait to increase your views and gain followers under the banner of being a messenger of God. If I invented the hyperdermic needle am I responsible for heroin overdoses b/c they used my delivery method? I don't even really want to take time out of my day to write this but I feel like if I don't say what I believe, many many people will continue to be misled from some sort of MD pissing match between egos. Everytime a false statement gets released from people we look to for guidance, our side gets more and more divisive and its hard enough to go against CDC/NIH/WHO etc etc that we will never win. Let all accusations be made (although you should be accurate & fair for your own integrity), and all truth come forth, and every beef play out in front of the world. Free speech will eventually get us to the truth. With that in mind, I offer this Malone along with Kirsch and Weinstein did tell the world way back in June of 2021 about the lipid nano particle leaving injection site, and explained the dangerous shots to other organs, IVM/Hydroxy, his treatment, his warnings and stands in direct contrast to what you keep telling me. The 3 of these guys were the first who went quasi mainstream on the record. Everyone should watch and make their own critical thinking determination https://odysee.com/@BretWeinstein:f/how-to-save-the-world%2C-in-three-easy:0

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I’m with you. I’m growing tired of the division.

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I think Drs. Sucharit Bhakdi, Mike Yeadon and Charles Hoffe beat them too it.

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I don't believe Malone took the shots, I think he just said that so people would take him seriously. No one would believe he'd lie after admitting he took the death shot.

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Do you have any evidence that's a fact and not just a weird opinion, Hannah? People believe all sorts of weird bullshit. There's a big difference between knowledge and belief and between fact and opinion.

An irrational false belief held with great conviction is called a "delusion."

How do you know you are not deluded? What tells you that your belief is rational and not just a brain fart?

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The guy claims to have invented the shit.

He states that the tech is not ready -- not safe - not fully tested.

But he took the shots?????

I guess he's mentally retarded.

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He states now that it's an immature tech.

He did the 1st experiment with it 40 years ago and had done jack shit since then.

Is there anyone who took the shots who didn't do a dumb thing?

When was taking the shots ever a smart idea Eddy?

How many shots have you had?

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I worked out from around March 2020 that the Covid thing was bullshit -- I'd been expecting something dramatic to hit as cheap energy peaked - which it did in 2019...

I have done business in HK and China for 20 years and have a lot of contacts in the PRC... the fact that people flooded out of Wuhan during Chinese New Year -- and the virus did not spread was the tell... surely if it was the Black Plague 10.0 it would quickly be everywhere.

It was not. Therefore I knew it was a psyop.

As for the vaccines... I obviously have had no shots nor will I.

When they announced Operation Warp Speed I had to laugh... it was a joke right? Nope...

Just for fun I had a quick browse of the internet and look what I immediately found:


Malone claims to be some kinda prodigy ... he probably has his IQ on his name card.

Yet he didn't think to do what I did and check to see if there had been any progress with the original SARS Covid... nope -- he just queued up with the MORE-ONS ... injected the experiment ... and took his coupon to Dunkin and had a coffee and a donut...

Come on man ... let's be sensible.

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Well the mainland Chinese didn't touch it but they're half a standard deviation higher on IQ tests on average than Americans. So you may be right. But smart people do some dumb things sometimes. Look at Trump. He's not dumb but he was front of the line for a lot shot. Or was he?

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The Chinese didn't? How do you know what is in their version of the shots?

I've seen plenty of clips of Chinese doing the twirling vaccine injury dervish of death... you know ..where they spin round and look up the sky before dropping dead.

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I'm I not allowed an opinion now. I think you've veered outta your lane.

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No, everyone's allowed an opinion.

I was just curious as to whether that's all it is.

You probably know the old saying: "Opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got one."

It doesn't follow from what I said that you're not allowed an opinion.

That's an error of logical reasoning.

I was just trying to find out if your opinion or belief was rational or irrational, so I'd know which of those categories to assign it to.

I've got my answer.

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You are either here to bash people or you're here to bore people, either way it would be nice if you'd stop. I don't have time for this crap from you, Thanks!

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He took them because they were being sold as “cure,” for long Covid.

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Dr. Paul Elias Alexander, I have to admit. I did think it was odd that Malone was never 100% against the vaccines*. He said, "Only people with the highest risk factors should [make the decision to] take it" or something to that effect.

In reality nobody should ever take any of these gene therapies. Malone had to know that. He was well aware of how the mRNA tech failed miserably in testing for years a Merck. Merck spent more than 1 billion dollars on mRNA tech and were unable to make it beneficial. That's why they abandoned it, there were intrinsic problems with mRNA itself, not just the delivery system.

Malone said this on video at a gathering. He also went into detail about how it was the DoD that drove the whole project. He explained how the whole push was to get the delivery system FDA approved, so that it would open the door to other mRNA vaccines in the future, but that Pfizer and Moderna were the only ones who would benefit from sales. He also writes considerably about 5th Generation Warfare.

To me anyone who is making people stop and look around is doing more good than harm. It's like when Bill Maher has a moment of clarity. Sure, he's definitely NOT in agreement with me on 99% of any issue, but he does make some people stop and look around. People who otherwise might never do so, as they are influenced and spoon fed information from compromised sources. When someone lefties consider "one of their own" pipes up, they listen.

In the aggregate, I don't know whether he's looking out for his own interest, while trying to damage the competition, and score some cash in the meantime, or if he's honest. If Malone has an angle, I'm not sure what it is.

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There is the clip of him in Hawaii with his wife asking teens what their concerns with with the vaccines ... and recommending they take them.

I can't seem to find it

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He did tell the world on the Bret Weinstein interview. He was subsequently deleted from Linkedin and Wikipedia etc and that censorship continued throughout 2021. I can't stand this focus on a mute point that he didn't warn the world. As much as I believe you have saved us with information and your diligence and focus, you are discrediting yourself with vindictive pettiness. The Breggins started the squabble, should have apologized and it would be over. They made a bad decision out of pride. This article from Italy in June 2021. https://www.ilfattoquotidiano.it/2021/07/04/usa-uno-degli-scienziati-dellrna-messaggero-denuncia-censurato-da-linkedin-dopo-aver-espresso-preoccupazione-sulla-trasparenza-del-governo-rispetto-ai-potenziali-rischi-dei-vaccini-la-polemic/6249833/

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I am subscribed to this Substack for the information, and though you may be making a valid argument, it’s kind of tiring to be reading constant references to Malone. I get it, he may have obfuscated the damage done by the mRNA technology., And he may be doing so for monetary gain… let’s try to focus on the information for people if possible. I would like to stay subscribed, but I’m not here for that

But again thank you for gathering the. information that exposes this technology and the damage it can cause.

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I will try, but I am being fair, I am reporting what others share too...I am not into censoring. We were before, I wont be part of that.

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Robert Malone got the jabs and was vaccine injured. I wouldn’t think he would have taken the shots if he knew that? 🤷‍♀️🤔

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If he didn't know, given his background, then he is dumb as a door (or maybe a doc these days).

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When did he work on mRNA? Wasn't it 40 years ago? Kirsh took the shots too and Kirsch is fsr from stupid.

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Well, according to him:

Dr. Malone holds numerous fundamental domestic and foreign patents in the fields of

gene delivery, delivery formulations, DNA vaccines, and mRNA vaccines.

If I, a tech guy, knew definitively from early '21 how and why these things had to be deadly, why didn't Bob?

Steve K made a lot of money in tech (optical mouse - maybe more), but he was 100% trusting of the Health Authorities. He has admitted that was a big mistake, which it was. But I never did and never would, call Steve stupid.

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Steve K thought that they health "officials" were actually doing what they are paid to do. That's all. Anyone not actively looking into vaccine technology at the time might have assumed so as well.

The only reason I knew something was up early on (and didn't get jabbed) was the way they were pushing vaccines like a crack dealer. They were actively avoiding any attempt of treatment outside of a vaccine. If there were a true emergency -- triage would be the absolute first thing. Instead we got, "Go home and self isolate, drink Gatorade and get over the world's deadliest virus!" Too much was happening that didn't make sense.

But then I inherently question most things, because anything that's rushed is often a scam. Details are skipped, because the details would reveal the scam (...now if you'll just sign here). It's also the reason that congress likes to pass 3k page bills 1 hour before a vote. Zero trust there either.

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Felgner who Malone worked with and who created the first LNP is tipped to get the Nobel prize for their work together that led to the mRNA jabs, with Malone to be excluded because of his opposition to the jabs. Malone in the last 3 years has reportedly become a scientific outcast. He may be the coinventor on several patented innovations but is being claimed that since his initial work 100s of other scientists worked to bring the RNA jabs into existence and that Malone in effect knows jack shit about the more recent work over the last few decades.

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Keep in mind whenever I suggest on the Kirsch substack to stop wasting everyone's time bragging about offering A Million Dollars! to debate him - knowing nobody ever will...

to instead allocate 20k to hiring a PI to give us the goods on Tiffany Dover....

I am threatened with a ban...

I change tact to - why don't you print 500k stickers with Vaxxes are Deadly messaging and set up a site to sell them online cost + shipping --- and his followers could stick them all over the place including in public restrooms where there are no cameras.

Nope. He ignores that. Prefers to threaten debates to the cheering applause of his followers.

He is DOD. He is in play to ensure the anti vaxxers remain on SS and do not cause real trouble.

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I think he's got a touch of OCPD, the same disorder as Fauci and Walensky. Most antivaxxers have got it, same as the jab pushers.

Both jab pushers and antivaxxers are extremists, mirror images of each other, with the sheep in the middle in between the polar opposites.

That's why we're such suspicious, judgemental, hateful, paranoid negativistic motherfuckers,always ready to fault find and think the worst of someone.

We're just like them.

You won't find a bigger bunch of whack jobs and angry hateful, full of themselves people anywhere than on this stack.

Most people here have got the personality of Fauci, Jim Jones and Hitler and so has Kirsch

That means Kirsch thinks he knows everything, isn't open to reason, is absolutely convinced his way of thinking is right and it's his way or the highway.

That's why he rejects your ideas

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Did he and is he?

He insists he invented them and that they were nowhere near ready for the market.

Yet he injected them?

Hard to imagine

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Again, I appreciate all your work, enthusiasm and serious evidence of the COVID19 treason, ALL great!

But, WHO is going to unify The People so this serious evidence of Treason can be addressed properly?

How about you contact Lex Greene to understand what a real Freedom Movement looks like…the sooner the better because the Treason is continuing!

Our strength rests in our numbers and unity, nowhere else. So, we either work together to put an end to the evil insanity, or we perish together!

UNITED, We can do anything we want!

DIVIDED, distracted, deceived, demoralized and/or defeated, there is nothing we can do!

Lex Greene, writer with a serious resume has another important piece out for those who value UNITY for Freedom and Liberty!

Click on Lex’s name to read his last 3 pieces so we all can get in the same lane!


P.S. My gloves came off 15 years ago, working with the NORTH AMERICAN LAW CENTER group. I highly suggest if you want to unite with people actually working real solutions…contact Lex Greene!

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Malone is DOD... he is a false actor... his purpose is to deflect anti vaxxers from the truth.


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The whole roll-out of the mRNA vaccine was the hight of human hubris and foolishness, perhaps rivaling the attempt to build the Tower of Babel.

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Dr. Alexander. DR MALONE will be on Epoch TV today 1:00pm Eastern about How to Detox From SPIKE PROTEIN. I subscribe to Epoch and got an email this morning. Hmmm did your pressure work?? IDK. 🤔🤔

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I read a good substack regarding Dr Malone and while he appears anti vax and I think he is, whenever the subject of mRNA changing one’s dna is broached in a broader conversation, he quickly changes the subject. Apparently done this a few times. I mention it so the next time one sees Dr Malone being interviewed, see if this situation comes up. Just saying. I don’t have an opinion of Dr Malone one way or the other.

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The Japanese biodistribution data is really Pfizer Confidential Document 2.4 translated into Japanese and not an independent series of experiments. Malone presented this data in the podcast above June 11, 2021.


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Dr Robert Malone almost died after he got the double dose of Covid jabs. Just sayin.

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