For those not in the UK the BBC ran a programme last night titled"Unvaccinated" and essentially tried to ridicule the unvaccinated via the host Prof Hannah Fry. It was odd as the "experts" stated it was safe to have Covid vax with pregnancy. (Not to my knowledge.)

This then surfaces today


Quite frankly as a service to the public can I just put on record that my VERY strong advice is, do not believe a word the BBC utter/broadcasts or puts its name to.

A wholly untrustworthy broadcaster and not just on Covid btw

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Shut up and get your cancer. I mean, your booster!

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And reading all of this and all of the comments - having just listened to Fauci, I felt faint and nauseous at the same time. He is moving all responsibility from himself to the CDC - touting them as the best place to get all the best information and data. The vileness of it all, the aftermath of pain, suffering and death is beyond my comprehension. It highlights the extraordinary goodness and overwhelming nature of the care of Dr Paul and others who are doing all that they can to keep us safe, informed and protected from the most egregious evil that has walked this Earth. I cannot thank you enough.

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In 2020 there were approximately 10 million cancer deaths worldwide.

I wonder what the numbers for 2021 and especially 2022 will be. Do you have an idea when we will have these numbers?

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Never. They are all not published data anymore. CDC will not publish excess deaths either.

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-One of my friends from Peru, now about 25 years old. Stable Fibroadenoma for many years. Never increased in size since it was diagnosed several years ago.

-She took three vaccines, the third one was a mRNA vaccine, (although she did not really want to take the vaccines) in order to be able to participate in social life.

-Guess what happened.

-The following routine medical examination showed a 50% increase in the size of the Fibroadenoma although during all the previous years it had never grown.

-The doctor is mystified.

-My friend wonders if it could have something to do with the vaccines and asked me. She mentions that there could, theoretically, also be other reasons.

-I agree with her that other reasons may always be possible but told her that there is a high likelihood that it may have (also) been the vaccine due to the temporal association and because of the biological plausibility, because there are biological explanations for it and because many other people have the same problem following vaccination (many doctors see an increase of cancer in vaccinated people).

So I sent the paper from Seneff et al. in which these top scientists explain that the vaccines lead to massive harm of the immune system and cause "widespread dysregulation of oncogene controls, cell cycle regulation, and apoptosis"

So in other words: You have intelligent tumor control systems in your body. Then you take the vaccine and the intelligent system gets dysregulated. Great idea!!

-My friend suspects that the vaccine may be responsible. Will she report it? I do not think so. I think she does not even know where to report possible adverse events.

-Will the doctor care or mention or admit that it may be the vaccine? No. Will the doctor report the case? Never.

-My friend said Peru just started the 2. booster. Will she take the 4. vaccine? I do not know but I would not exclude it, she wants to continue her social life.

-Will the doctor tell her to take the next vaccine? Yes, why not??

Dr. Alexander, what do you think?

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And they just keep giving these death injections to every man, woman and child. And coerce, bully and pressure those who refuse.

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And what does that tell you?

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That they are desperate to help us :)

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Yes or maybe desperate to stop the "man-made" climate change?

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I remember reading in Igor's substack that COVID itself reduce the number of lymphocytes. Maybe COVID itself (besides the injection) responsible? Perhaps cancers are 20x in jabbed sheep but also, let's say, 5x in unjabbed. I am not a doctor, perhaps I say stupid things...

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yes, it reduces CD 8+ T (cytotoxic, cytolytic) etc. Yes too, but remember, this is why we are so angry, it is the spike that is the toxic endothelial pathogen and causing the damage to the immune system, so if the vax induces you to make spike, the same toxin now is in mass trillions uncontrolled in you, 24/7...you do not need the virus to get the ill effects of spike, you yourself is making the deadly spike toxin

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Thanks! I would like to know the date for jabbed/unjabbed.

I heard the following conversation between a nurse and other woman like 2 weeks ago (Spain):

- Nurse: We are seeing a lot of cancers lately, I don't know why.

- Woman: Don't tell me it's the vaccine!

- Nurse: No, no. It's not the vaccine.

End of story. Brainwashed.

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It's a mystery I tell you! That nurse is a brainiac. She KNOWS it's not the shots but doesn't have a CLUE what it could be.

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Oh, wow! That blog is fascinating and alarming...

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Thank you. I hope many read this who are interested of these genetic injectables.

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As Dr. Vanden Bossche stated in April 2021.

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Judy Mikovits, Sherri Tenpenny, and Stephanie Seneff warned us about this 2 years ago. Looks like they were right.

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If you're in the 'unvaxxed' control group, stay in it.

For the sake of science (amongst other things).

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I think many readers are interested also how increase the risk of infection and disease 13-fold?

- Get injected with the experimental genetic product, of course.

From another great scientist, Dr. Byram W. Bridle:


I'm forever thankful for these BRAVE&TOP scientists who came to our help! If it wasn't for them, I'd be lost and may not have had the bravery to follow my gut. Of course I could quickly see so many lies in the "official story" and could see that people were not dropping dead if in some kind of shape/age.

Cheers from Finland, where both the propaganda and blind belief in it has been massive and I've lost plenty of useless contacts because of that. If I was a bit meaner I'd wish them the monkeypox or that vaccine too but no, I want humanity and science back.

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The predictions of failing immune systems caused by COVID vaccines are not happening nor the increased infections of more severe variants. Now the world goes back to normal. So what do I do? Do I apologize to everyone who was vaxed I had told would be getting increasingly sick? At the very least the vaccines have proven to not be actual "vaccines" as promised.

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