Matt Drudge has seemingly disappeared from pubic life.

The Drugged report is a rag, with less credibility than the Enquirer.

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I've heard drudge sold to Google

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Haven't cared about or read Drudge in 10 years. It used to be relevant.

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At one time Matt Drudge supported President Trump. WTH happened. What a disgusting piece of

thrash he and his minions turned out to be toward President Trump. Anybody that is mature and of

sound mind and body wouldn't do these things. By the looks of it, Matt Drudge has gone off the rails.

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Drudge no longer owns that site, it was taken over by someone else right after the 2016 election, under duress. It's not the same site.

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Drudge is a gay jew. EVERY one of Drumpf's kids are married to, or dating crooked jews. Ivanka actually became a jew. All of Drumpf's jew lawyers, like Cohen, stabbed him in the back. His company, is run primarily by jews. Does this trend EVER pop up to you, as a group that can not be trusted in a once, white western nation, given their 2000 year history of HATRED of whites in general, particularly Christians?

So, for those still childishly stuck in the Uniparty Hoax, there is NO POLITICAL solution to the severe decline and decay you feel around you. I can't type it away. You also can not pray it away, as you will note Jesus slept while 200M people were murdered by JEWISH Bolsheviks in the 20th century, and he is still sleeping as Africans, Muslims and assorted sub 70 IQ miscreants flood our nations.

Only ONE thing will save us. A WAR that each of us physically fight, against the jewish cabal running/ruining the world. Our world.


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Satan uses sinful people to interfere with honest people of integrity lije yourself, for their own fame and gain no matter who they stab in the back. Dr. Alexander at least you are on the “SHEEP ROAD” or the Jesus road and they are on

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God bless you Dr. P. Alexander for truthfulness & bravery with courage.

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100 years ago today they regularly put people in prison for telling the truth, not f**k all has changed,

Just that before people would speak publicly and get tossed in jail like Eugene Debs, the RFK-jr of our times;


100 years ago George Seldez would say 'tell the truth & run', cuz if you told the truth and they caught you, they would put you in prison and toss the key

Not fuck all has changed, just that now they have AI that looks for wrong-think and they lock your bank, or call the pigs to go knock your door down, per 1984

Like the pastor in Canada 10 years in prison for preaching, that COVID is a satanic OP & mRNA which is 100% truth,


Drudge is clearly catering to some audience 'national enquirer' style say "bat-boy" 1980's, how many obese USA housewives in check-out lines bought NE just to find out where bat-boy was getting his hair done

Why? Who knows? Who cares? I'm sure there a lot of anti-trump people that get sucked into that headline, playing to his base is what drudge does


Back to Truth. Trumpers can't handle the truth about their Orange Icon

That's OK, nobody cares about the truth, just get Trump back home to DC, to make those liberals go nutz

Oh the TRUTH ABOUT COVID TRUMP?? U can't handle the Truth


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