Thanks for your relentless passion, good karma to you sir...

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Hugely important. One would think that stopping the “virus” where it enters the body would resonate with the masses. After all, it’s just common sense. ( which, when you think about it, ain’t so common anymore)

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I learned about the diluted povidone iodine to spray in the nose and back of throat...got it from Dr. McCullough or the FLCCC. I ordered a 6 oz bottle of the iodine and some empty spray bottles, then boiled water and made my own povidone iodine mix to have on hand. I did this fairly early on, right after I learned about it. Every since then (1.5 years or perhaps longer?) every single time either I or my husband felt that familiar "tickle" or slight rawness/soreness in the throat that something might be developing, we would use the spray right away, just for a few days to be safe. The tickle disappeared by the next day every single time and we haven't been sick one time.

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OK, so I have seen this type of info several times but not with the exact recipe and I have struggled to try to get it correct. Let's say I want to make a nasal spray of povidone iodine that I put in a spray bottle and spray up my nose. 1. Should I just dilute it with distilled water, or should I dilute it with a saline solution to prevent burning? While preventing burning sounds good, it may also prevent being absorbed into the mucosa? 2. What should be the final concentration of PI once diluted? 0.5%, 0.6%, 1%? I find this info very hard to verify to enable me to actually do this. Lots of vague references but no firm recipes. Same questtions go for hydrogen peroxide. Thanks.

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Contagion a Fairy Story!

There is no evidence of a new disease!

100 years of attempts at demonstrating transmission of any disease have all failed.

🔴Tracey does an excellent write up!


🔴Another worthy publication is a summary of dozens of transmission attempts!


We are all awake and no longer trust any publications from a Medical source.

We have formed our own team of researchers and peer review council!

Welcome to the new World of real Natural Health and Healing!

✔There is no virus

✔There is no test

✔There is no contagion

I just love and appreciate this substack!

➡There is no covid. There is no "covid". THERE IS NO F£CKING COVID. https://open.substack.com/pub/georgiedonny/p/there-is-no-covid?r=yz29c&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=email

To summarize I'll leave you with this final thought.

"The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance....it is the illusion of knowledge" ~ Daniel J. Boorstin

Be wise and trust in your own discernment! We have been deceived!

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