The pretense among medical professionals that there is a mystery surrounding the unusual surge in severe myocarditis in babies and pediatric myocarditis is dishonest and appalling.

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I would say there is a likely chance that the mother received an mRNA shot while pregnant or exposure from breastfeeding.

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All things jab adverse effects goes to my telegram page. Thanks Doc.

We saw this coming.

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It’s the vaccine stupid

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Of all the horrors caused by these bioweapons, the fact that it is doing this to babies and young children is the most heartbreaking.

God forgive me for the thoughts I have about the demons who have caused this.

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The WHO and all the other 3 letter places knew this would happen, they're evil, plain and simply, horned demons.

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The lots are not consistent. Plus, the shot migrates through the body.

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Adam Rowland, Injured by AstraZeneca in the UK, Speaks Out:

"You know what's going on. You know what's going on."

Vaccine Damage: Real People - Adam

by Debi Evans, UK Column, Published December 1, 2022




DEBI EVANS: It is quite utterly shocking. Adam, I want to thank you so much for being so brave and speaking out. I know this has been completely exhausting for you. But as always, it's your voice that we need to hear. I would like to give you the last words. So Adam, you've got a message for the professionals, and for the public about that. What would it be?

ADAM ROWLAND: The professionals, Debi, it's, I'm absolutely disgusted. It's horrendous how they're treating human beings that were told to do the right thing. I was told to do the right thing. I'm a professional person, I'm not misinformation. They're completely ignoring us, our government, the people that's supposed to serve us.

June Raine, you're supposed to be the chief of the MHRA*, June. I watched you laugh at us. I watched you laugh when somebody asked you a question today. I brought questions into the board meeting that I attended a public board meeting today. You laughed at us with disrespect.**

There's enough evidence, June. There's evidence on the ONS website*** warning 301 people after the covid vaccine dying within 45 days. It's irrefutable evidence. Yet you're telling me that it's all been investigated. I put a question to you. Show me evidence that you're investigating this data. Make it transparent. You didn't answer the question.

It's inhumane what I'm going through and what others are going through. You think that we can just be ignored? I'm telling you this, June and your colleagues, we ain't going to go away. When I die, you can have that on your mind. If you can sleep at night.

Well, you disgust me. You absolutely disgust me, how we've been treated. I would never treat another human being like that. I just hope you sleep well at night. Because you know what's going on. You know what's going on. We never got told about the AstraZeneca vaccine why it was pulled so you know it's dangerous because you wouldn't have pulled it. You haven't got the decency to come up and admit that you're wrong. You'd rather just sweep us under the carpet.

I tell you, I'm not going to go away for all those people who're vaccinated, until my last breath you're going to hear from us.

And for anyone else who's suffering vaccine injury I know how it feels and I'm telling you you've got to start speaking up because these people don't want us to speak up. They want to sweep us under the carpet. They want to forget about us. And they want us to die. And that's how they're treating us and it's that simple.



# # #


Read the post about this interview at:


*June Raine is CEO of the UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)


See also


** Debi Evans, nursing correspondent for UK Column, reports with clips of the board meeting starting at 1:00:34.


From the show notes:

MHRA: worst board meeting yet—insensitive, offensive, dangerous

51:47 Debi Evans introduces 15 November board meeting: exclusive full footage will be up on ukcolumn.org soon

52:29 MHRA board meeting ignores questions from several Covid vaccine-injured online attenders about safety and serious adverse reactions

"Are you realising the public are watching you?"

Unanswered question by Covid vaccine victim Charlet Crichton

Adam Rowland's unanswered questions

1:00:00 Clip: MHRA says it is difficult to present safety data to the public

Mike Robinson comment: This is sales patter

1:04:05 "Champagne on ice"—second clip from board meeting showcases the frivolity of MHRA Chief Technology Officer Claire Harrison

Wayne Cunnington’s blog on Substack [https://waynecunnington.substack.com/ ]

about the whole MHRA board meeting bursting into laughter at a patient safety question 

Account of 15 November MHRA board meeting by Wayne Cunnington

Wayne Cunnington’s past article for UK Column

[ https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/dangerous-vaccine-and-medical-failures-waynes-story ]

1:09:00 Tweets from the public show extent of rage against the MHRA

***ONS is the UK's Office of National Statistics


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Yesterday I passed the Women’s health center where I gave birth to my 2 oldest sons. You couldn’t miss this big blue sign with an arrow pointing to the emergency entrance that said “Fetal Cardiac entrance”

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That is what I thought when I 1st read the tragic "baffling" news of increased myocarditus in babies. But not one of those fools is going to look at the obvious 1st place to look.

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who is not a law they are lawless murderes who doe not abide by our laws who is wanted to cease and desist who does not control any peoples governments do not control WE THE PEOPLE - That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

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"In a society that rewards cheats, slaves and the generally mentally impaired, what place does an abstraction known as 'truth' have?"

Barry Varkel.

"She took off her knickers, eased herself down onto Pinocchio's nose and moaned: 'now lie to me baby and just make them totally incredible".

Barry Varkel

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"Myocarditis in neonates and infants"? Happens all the time -- at least ever since early 2021 it happens all the time...

Thus "Enterovirus infection"? If course it is.

"If health authorities want trust, they have to place the role of the COVID vaccine on the table."?

Why would they do that? This obviously has nothing to do with the safe and effective "vaccines"!💩

That, Dr. Alexander, and they know damned well when the truth finally gets out their lives will be short and their deaths long and quite unpleasant.


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It's hard to know which doctor to go to, if WHO is acting like a witch doctor.

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"The UKHSA did not respond to questions about ruling out any links to the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine."

Why would they respond? The Welsh are second class citizens in the UK, guilty of having repelled the Roman invaders rather than submitting to them. They are not of Italian descent and will never be forgiven for this by their present day occupiers. Why would the UKHSA look a gift horse in the mouth if the jabs are ethnically "cleansing" the UK of Celts?

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Entire cohorts of both vaccinated and non, variables of gender, race, age, then age, race and nationality of mothers, with types of illnesses is a huge basket for the stat nerds, and gathering all data as each cohort ages. Bilderbergs have their fav nerd NGO for profit-non-profit ready, I'm sure.

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