Hmmm... I wonder if they have been doing the same spin with global warming... I mean climate change. For that matter, how about Ukraine, inflation and potentially the biggest of them all... elections.

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Absolutely. All lies with data to prove it. However, people have been indoctrinated since the 1950s to believe what the professors told them in the universities. That’s the narrative. It’s unraveling but not nearly fast enough. It’s going to take the death of a family member or close friend to wake them up.

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tbh, it still doesn't wake them up 😔

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Unfortunately, there's more than a grain of truth in your comment/reply.

Case in point, where I reside (in the farthest Western tip of Texas) I've noticed a rather odd resurgence of the voluntary wearing of the shaming muzzle. I first noticed it roughly 45 ~ 60 days ago. Are you, or anybody else, witnessing the same?

Has the programming really been that thorough and complete? SMH! So sad. So unfortunate.

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I live in Quebec, Canada. Today I witnessed people wearing masks walking down the street-it's currently -8 Celsius. People are still operating their motor vehicles masked up as well. Though I haven't seen the face shields and goggles for quite some times anywhere though lol. Hospitals masking appears to almost be a permanent measure now unfortunately Currently we do not require "vaccination" to enter a hospital to visit an injured/ill friend or family member it has been suspended until further notice. The hand sanitizers remain in all the stores but it's not enforced and appears voluntary now, many staff wear them voluntarily also. I would say a solid 20-25% of people here masked up, with many others remaining in a perpetual state of fear of COVID and other pathogens-who still line up for flu shots, or Prevnar vaccines etc, and this despite them personally questioning the logic of the COVID jabs. I'm at a loss, I no longer try to even engage in any rational discourse with these individuals.

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I see much the same in the USA, sad to say and see. So many duped by the lies of so many. A little virus with 99% cure rate, you would think people would have responded with it a cold or flu nothing to get upset over, but nope people listened to the propaganda and fell in line for the unnecessary killer shots! They walk around with masks that are causing more harm than good and taking boosters that will lead to death or disability or severe injury and still they sleep.

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Still have to wear masks in doctors offices(some of them),have to wear them in hospitals, and hospitals still giving people grief if you try and ask for unvaccinated blood or blood products. My husband was going to be refused for life saving heart surgery, I guess it was a blessing the hospital killed him before that surgery!

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You know they do. Liars lie. It's not usually a one off thing, like normal people. Normal people lie to not hurt peoples feelings, or to not get in trouble. People that lie to this extent are narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths, and others, people that really aren't right mentally. They lie for the joy of lying, for control. But, sadly, they are usually really good at it and create believers. People that are gullible, maybe not very bright, people that know nothing about the field being discussed. It's easy to be taken in by these people sometimes.

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Deliberate ? Planned ? Of course it was ,the mRNA vaccines were on their way .$$$$

And pharma is still trying to cash in .

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Absolute lies from A to Z. So many believed it, still do even when evidence is right under their nose.

I have to admit this was a very well designed publicity stunt to prepare to sheir the sheep from all rights and some to get slaughtered. Brilliant. The Devil can't tell the truth, he uses what he's so good at: lies and lullabies. And most of "us" followed the wolf.

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The fear variables were well mapped at Tavistock and the Stanford Research Institute.

Lifted weights at 5 am, in a state that has not had a mask policy in over 2 years. Yet, the GMO Sheep dutifully douse the machines with carcinogens, prior to straddling them with their masked visage. There is a group of five guys, who all look like a cross between NFL linebackers and NYC Mafioso from the 40's! Love these guys, they rip in to the masktards, and generally wear some lewd, "Anti-Brandon hats and shirts. When men, were men.

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Dr. Alexander, please explain why those PCR tests had to jam that long stick into people's brains?

What exactly was on that swab?

Was it an inoculation of a sort? Testing everyone is foolish, why did they push this test on everyone?

And now they suddenly drop the tests and vaxx pass to do cultural events...WHY?

Did they meet their numbers goals for injections?

The Georgia Guidestones "tear down" was mission accomplished.

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here ya go, Chris...🎯 Qtip_P.C.R= ear jabbery/ anatomy 101 ...* see pic on pg 6

& ALL things nefarious will be revealed ...


'...The long swab inserted into the nasopharyngeal cavity all the way to the roof of the nose to

collect remnants of viral RNA from the nasal mucosa, the tissue that lines the nasal cavity, damages the fascicles of the olfactory nerve,

which,as it turns out, has dire consequences for human health and lifespan because the olfactory nerve is one of only two windows in the cranium through which viruses and bacteria can move from nose to brain, thus can cross the blood-brain barrier, the other one being the trigeminal nerve.

...The PCR tests, therefore, serve two important roles for thedepopulation program. In the short-term, by repeatedly damaging the olfactory nerve with nasal swabs the incidence of viral and bacterial infections is rapidly raised and this helps governments create and sustain the impression of a pandemic.[pg6 scary pic]

...Some will argue that if a nasopharyngeal swab test is performed properly, thus at an angle of

no more than 30 degrees from the horizontal, it shouldn’t touch the olfactory nerve. However, if performed at an angle within 30 degrees from the horizontal the swab can touch the trigeminal nerve,which would affect the sense of taste and even sight.

Moreover, to damage the sense of smell and/or taste the swab need not harm either the olfactory or the trigeminal nerves, it need only irritate the mucosa of the nasopharyngeal cavity, since the two are closely interrelated, which would also affect the entire limbic system


principia-scientific.com /why-you-should-refuse-your-employers-regular-pcr-nasal-swabs/

Why You Should Refuse

Your Employer’s Regular PCR Nasal Swabs | Principia Scientific Intl.

10/11/2021by John O'Sullivan

At Principia Scientific International (PSI) we get many emails from workers coerced into having regular COVID tests by employers or else risk losing their jobs. In this article we explain why you should refuse the test, because the nasal swabbing may be as dangerous as the unproven experimental jabs.Did you know that there are toxic ingredients, not only in those jabs, but also on the tips of those swabs they insert up your nose?... these nasal swabs contain ethylene oxide and they breach the blood/brain barrier if incorrectly applied.

...Let’s look at some of the basic Science Facts on testing:

A nasal swab test is a PCR test

PCR tests are for rapid DNA replication

Coronavirus does not contain DNA, only RNA

A PCR test cannot replicate RNA and therefore cannot detect coronaviruses

So, what are they really testing and what are people testing positive for?

In our view, there NO SCIENTIFIC basis to use a nasal PCR swab to test for COVID19.

A sane, reasonable person would see that we have been lied to and misled about the test and should also ask: what else have they lied about?

On April 12, 2021 we reported that:“The Académie nationale de médecine, an independent but official learned society in France, published a statement on Thursday warning that nasopharyngeal swabs used for PCR tests to detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus “are not without risks” …” a growing amount of data show that “complications” can and do occur, some of them “serious.”

...Our article ‘Nasal COVID Swabs With Nanoparticles Cause Brain Damage!’ (February 17, 2021) revealed that PCR swabs may be contaminated with dangerous nanoparticles. I cited a study from Trinity College, Dublin which affirms that nanoparticles alter DNA and cause brain damage.

In the article it was re-affirmed that nasal swabbing offers no extra value in COVID19 virus testing.

“Key cause of concern is that the intrusive long swabs make contact with the delicate cellular barrier at the top of the nasal passage in close proximity to the brain. This is precisely the site which may be compromised by metal nanoparticles referred to in the Dublin study.

When these nanoparticles enter the brain their cellular messengers are released and may cause damage to the DNA of developing brain cells. ..

In another of our articles ‘Video: Covid 19 Nasal Swabbing EXPOSED’ ( April 01, 2021) we showed a video of young British mother making the shocking discovery that PCR test nasal swabs contain a dangerous chemical known to cause cancers. Shockingly, our governments are unconcerned that deadly ethylene oxide, used primarily to produce antifreeze, pesticide and as a sterilizing agent, is a key component in the COVID19 nasal swabs widely used on our children.

Health care workers often jokingly describe nasopharyngeal swabs – the extra-long Q-tips used for many coronavirus tests – ‘brain-scraping’ implements, as we reported in our article ‘Stop Using These Dangerous ‘Brain Scraping’ COVID Nasal Swabs!’ ( February 18, 2021).

How much worse is it that the ‘brain scraping’ is being done with a fibrous tipped swab laced with a known carcinogenic?

We urge readers to refuse the have the nasal swab and insist that some other kinds of sampling be used, with the caveat that no PCR test should ever be used to determine a diagnosis of anyone who is asymptomatic of disease. This is especially so because the inventor of the test, Dr Kary Mullis, said; “Anyone can test positive for practically anything with a PCR test.”

So, why do they do it?

As with the constant fear porn, then mass masking and social distance, the whole point of the nose swab is for mindless obedience, as it violates our bodies. The nose swab is a demonstration of power, the power of a psychopathic elite to control our bodies – to dominate and violate us – both psychologically and physically...

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The magnificent terrible marvel of selling short while executing a synchronized destruction of the global economy. So simple. So evil. So easy.

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Biden and Trump administrations full of Council of Foreign Relations treasonous traitors to our soverignty. They were with the swamp.

Free Julian Assange

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Yes, I have found time and time again that tracking and tracing leads back in many instances to CFR, and Harvard….as well as a few other entities. The cross connections readily reveal themselves if you know how and where to look. I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

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Yes and it has had far more to do than with defeating the will of the American people to elect Trump. It has been and continues to be a worldwide takeover. The dream of every imperialist since the first civilization has become real. Anyone who knew anything about science understood there were no reliable tests for Covid. Epic scamdemic for sure. And people still buy into it.

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Mother Fuckers put me in High Rage!

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I cry in the shower, it’s pathetic

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Dr. Alexander (or anyone), I have a burning question!

My orbit is very small. Most everyone I know felt ill following the jab. Intuitively I felt this was verification that they got the real McCoy (not saline placebo). But today they "seem" just fine.

Is it foolish to gauge the potency of the jab by adverse reactions experienced during the initial 24 hours? Adverse reactions being fever, aches, etc. No permanent injury...

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This is very interesting Mckeekitty - my orbit is very small too.

But I've kept track since January 2021 of people's state of health since their injections and I've found about 90% to 95% of people I know or know of, who received a Pfizer, Moderna or J&J injection, have had continuing illness of some sort or died. Neuropathies, cancers, blood clots and heart issues and/or at a minimum, constant cold/flu symptoms.

A few do seem to be "just fine" - but I don't live close and they too could have constant colds and flu or another new but minor health issue and not say anything to me about it.

Hell, I'm not injected and I've had weird stuff for the past 2 years!

I am worried about the babies I know of born to injected moms and dads. The few I know of seem very well – but I wonder if they will be able to have children? It will be decades before we know that.

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😆Yeah, not only that, they lie about everything! There is a recent book by Malone about that ...

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Reiner Fuellmich first flagged this in his uTube presentation in I think April 2020 and it was the first clip I knew of being taken down by uTube. At this point I realised all was not well coupled with the mask wearing guff. Sadly I didn’t realise how bad it was.

It is entirely clear that the entire Scamdemic was built on the utterly fraudulent use of the PCR test.

The rest is history…. Sadly.

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Hoffman LaRoche of Switzerland was the licensee of the PCR for COVID-19, home too of the World Enslavement Forum. Never trust a Swiss gnome.

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Sen. Sanders asks Moderna not to hike COVID vaccine price


What an absolute Joke our senate and congress is.. Instead of complaining about the poison bio weapon killing people and stopping its distribution at once, he is concerned about price gouging, so the poison can be more affordable, so more can get the poison bio weapon and increase distribution.. Where do we go from here with these corrupt and EVIL people..????

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Sanders is the worst sort of lightning rod deflector for the ones seeking to destroy and bring about their facist communist New World Order. He played with the likes of Hillary and Podesta and had an agreement with them in 2016 still undisclosed.

Free Julian Assange

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These people are lower then dirt, I run out of words talking about these EVIL POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Our "savior" bernie sanders? 🤢🤮

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Yet folks still worship him as a socialist godhead.

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People are stupid.

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It was indeed and I have written about this for Conservative Woman and UK Column----add in Vaccine passports, asymptomatic ,transmission, vaccines preventing transmission, death rates---and "they" knew it from the start.


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All right, you caught me in a very bad mood. Of course, THEY DID WHAT THEY DID. So now what? What do we do now? The MONSTERS are known to us. Perhaps...if we embrace THEIR WEAKNESS and move beyond, into our own internal uniqueness that is our dazzling STRENGTH at its core and see ourselves as an essential ingredient of the whole, seeing ourselves as special, which is what we are. Why do we hate ourselves? We need to see ourselves, as beyond ourselves. We must love ourselves and as such accept ourselves, as unique. And in that regard, it is our destiny. WE ARE IT.

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Mass psychosis formation is always deliberate.

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