He didn’t fail.

He succeeded, just like Mengele

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Correction.. They succeeded beyond their dreams.. As he has since HIV and the mass graves of the little black orphans. If you don't want to come off as controlled opposition, you should start calling it like it is.

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Yep they tested it on black orphans and all the people involved let them..

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This is just another Q operation..... "Oh we'll leak out drips and drabs to the human cattle, let them feel like justice is just around the corner."

But this is democide.. On a glabal scale.

Little nothings.. Sit on your hands. Wait for a savior. Don't worry... The "Experts" to the rescue!

The same experts that led you into the trap.

Who then want to be hero's for exposing their own quisling participation.

Wake up!

How's the Kissinger report look now?

It was fine as long as it didn't apply to you.

Mussolini behavior deserves only Mussolini justice.

Until that is the calm for action.. It's all placating and waiting.

Waiting for this democide to complete its cycle. Which will take a minimum of five years.

Examples of trustworthy Experts:

Dr Yedeon.... What would he know after being VP of Pfizer and their top researcher for a quarter of a century.

Dr. Madej.... Predicted everything over a year before there was a waxine. Come on... You can't produce Billions of doses in a year. Of course they had them ready for years. The patents prove this out.

But the plane she and her husband were In mysteriously crashed. But for the grace of God, she and her husband survived.

Dr. Tenpenny... She was telling the truth about covid and the Scary Scary RSV 🤣☑️ for years.

But she's recently suffered a stroke.

That's a few ways to control the "Experts."

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I agree 100%

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Fauci didn't fail, he succeeded in pushing the depopulation agenda. He is a psychopath, sadist and mass murderer doing his globalist masters bidding. Same goes for Birx.

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It feels like he will never be arrested for his crimes

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We are using a different scale for success. He has not failed at making himself and a select few others very rich.

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Prosecute the vain troll of bureaucratic death. See RFK Jr.’s expose, The Real Anthony Fauci for case details. Prosecute the troll.

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Unfortunately, many people - including the youngest among us - are paying a very steep price... https://eccentrik.substack.com/p/why-are-the-young-dying-so-fast

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Its easy to understand.. Failure towards us means success for them, that is why he rose to the top because he failed us.. They do not let people who are honest, truthful and caring about GOD creation people, to rise to the top... You have to be EVIL and do their bidding to rise to the top in any industry, that's the price they have to pay, and we receive the brunt of it because that is what it is all about.. It is an avowed enemy to man, and it will enrich and deceive man to do his bidding by destroying his avowed enemy man or each other.. They who do the destroying will also be destroyed when they have served their purpose, but they are deceived into LOL, thinking they are special, it just inflates their EGO and gives them status, and titles and money and tells them ,they are special and should rule these cattle humans LOL, works Everytime.. Good Doctor please put this POS and mass murderer and criminal and coward on the list of the Horsemen Dr Andrew Hill.


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Dr. Evil did his job to the best of his ability AND his intention was not to help heal anyone, but rather to poison them.

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And why dear Lord did Trump not know any better than to have this psychopath at the helm in 2020?? 🤯🤯 Maybe he benefitted as well? I hate to think this but he keeps taking credit for the huge lie that was warp speed! He needs to address all the deaths and destruction now!

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No, none of these horrid scum failed...they have been able to murder millions in plain sight.

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"not once use the podium across COVID to address body weight and how obesity was the single highest super-loaded risk factor behind age with co-morbid conditions, or the need for a healthy living, not once,"

in fact the ones that could least afford the weight gain, gained the most:

"Those who reported being very overweight before the pandemic were most likely to gain weight (65%) "


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