It’s so amazing how the data is there and people just blindly trust.

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Trump will not save anyone. He made this happen with Warp Speed

that he will never apologize for.

I am sure he is getting rich off the poisons too.

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Since we all now know that COVID19 is a bioweapon event, can we agree that the event is treason from within?


Mother/Grandfather Lion saddened to see so many doing things that do not matter as this battle to take America down continues to rage!

P.S. O’Biden Regime World War by Lex Greene @ newswithviews.com…keep a tight eye on this writer as he has a serious background!

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Mar 9, 2023·edited Mar 9, 2023

"THEY" always win;

Study the "Spanish Flu" 1918 carefully people; It was verboten for MSM to talk about it during WW1, 50 Million people died, more US MIL servicemen died from the flu than combat;

Post WW1 it was never discussed ever again; 100% memory holed as we say;


In all prior GOV orchestrated pandemics, nobody at the top went to jail; Why would this time be any different, sure they might find some low level sucker; Seriously? Everybody that played along is now a Billionaire, why would they risk losing their winnings? They paid off left&right, RINO&DEMO; Everybody worldwide was given billions of USD to march with the COVID band;

What I see is mostly re-direction, which is a typical 'exhaustion' play by MSM; They jerk people in different directions daily until everybody just 'tunes out' and say's lets move along;

Spanish flu was much worse than this, the flu came from USSA, mid-west army bases, men were shippped in box cars where on arrival 1/2 were blue and near death, then packed on ships and sent abroad, everywhere they went on leave, entire local population ports got wiped out; It's only called the 'spanish flu' because at the time Spain was 'neutral' and nobody else on earth was talking about the 'flu' other than spain, so bingo it gets dubbed 'spanish-flu' and NEVER corrected;

If you see WW1 as just a de-population operation not unlike now then everything will make sense. Banker War's are not for killing as the end-game, they're for making regions worthless so that investors can buy-low&sell-high and rinse & repeat, since 16th century UK banking they have been orchestrating wars all over the earth so that insiders know where to park their wealth and earn max ROI.

Lastly everybody was given a choice, quit your job, refuse the jab, stop traveling, refuse the worthless 'test' PCR, ... IMHO the ELITE must be laughing their ass off because they have in actuality culled the dumb-asses and perhaps their wish of only 500M civilized people remaining will be the end-run;

That said given the mRNA was ONLY administered in the West, we actually aren't getting rid of the worlds dumb-asses, we have just gotten rid of the dumb-asses in EU, USA, & UK-Commonwealth, US colonys like Japan, Taiwan, So-Korea;

Russia&China had their own traditional non-mRNA vax called sputnik&sinovac, so they are fine, and Africa refused the shit,

Bill Gates owned all the COVID&mRNA patents, he pushed mRNA as the only 'acceptable vax' to TRUMP; Gates family going back to 1920's were obsessed with "EUGENICS" wiping out the dumb and only having herds of super-men&women on earth;

Will these people go down? Will they lose their wealth?? Never happened before in human history. Even the South-Sea Bubble of UK in 17th century, none of the elite went down, only the pawns;

Average USSA population knows nothing and the system will scrub the 'data', back to Kardashian folks.

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Anything for a buck. Lives mean nothing. These people are shameless.

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Stay tuned for an important piece out by Lex Greene in a day or two…

I only hang out with persons who took an oath to defend freedom until they die! Problem is that these oath takers were not the only ones who were to guard our Freedoms…WE ALL AS AMERICAN CITIZENS WERE SUPPOSED TO DO THIS, TOO!

We are saddened to see at this late date many persons still doing things that will not help to reclaim our country as the battle rages on…

Mother/Grandmother Lion

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Dr. Alexander,

My lovely girlfriend is an ER doctor and objected to taking the clot shot. She mentioned some women who took the jab are no longer having periods, and last week she saw two women ages 25-32 whose nipples have been bleeding on and off for the last week, and both took the jab 3 weeks ago.

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When big Pharma has our politicians in Washington both left and right in their back pocket we keep going down the road to hell!

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Redfield testified today. So, you tell me that he didn't know where the China Virus came from in the beginning. He came on TV from the White House with Frauchi and the Scarf Lady Birx and he didn't know what liars they were about the Plandemic. I don't buy it.

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A FATAL FOUNTAIN: Spike Protein Nanotube Dissemination through the Myocardium Induces Lethal Calcium Tsunamis

How the Spike Protein alone, as a cellular “toxic spill,” travels incognito and induces fatal arrhythmias.


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Right on, Dr. Alexander!

Dr. Vinay Prasad said this the other day: "The FDA is spending its credibility like monopoly money."

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The CDC also needs to be broken apart, they are recommending the damn vax for kids going into school yearly!!! We need to SHUT THEM DOWN NOW!!!

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Pfizer never mandated its own vax for its own employees.

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Over the last few decades, the FDA has been reduced to being nothing more than a big pharma drug marketer and pusher. Your life may depend on how much you trust these substances (any drugs) approved by the FDA with one blind eye and the other tied behind its back. In the fake reality that this agency is protecting the public, the opposite is now true. They have designs on murdering the public.

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Thanks, I started a podcast with this.

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OMG! Mamas, don’t give this poison to those babies! Don not let your loved ones be used as lab rats!

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