So even the infected aren't outta woods yet! And why I never understood the unjabbed celebrating their " natural immunity" as a win...

Sure getting the jab regularly is much worst, but we all will be infected with sars 2 and that should humble us all..

But we can cross street n be hit by car today too n die..

Just keeping it real.. live as though today may be your last..

Are you ready to meet your Maker?

Do you know Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour?

You dare not be wrong .. where you spend eternity lies in balance

Only one road leads to heaven,, but there are countless roads that lead to hell..

Be ready today!

Call out to Jesus ! He alone saves!

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Doc, once again amazing work.

Do you feel we have reached the point where we actually need to pick up the "creators" of this weapon system, virus and vaccines, maybe an old 220 volt line from a discarded clothes dryer, and proceed to get the truth, and all the truth.

Just think of the potential "revelations" such a clearly un-constitutional act could reveal?

After all, "They Drew First Blood."

Just thinking out loud here.

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So now they can blame infertility issues on the virus and cover up if the vaccine is causing infertility.

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this can't be true. surely pfizer and of course the fda would have done these cheap and easy in vitro studies during approval process. .......oh wait, that might have screwed up the narrative. that to me is fraud by omission and enough to drop the EUA and liability screen.

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How interesting. The virus the globalist unleashed on us has the globalist desired affect of affecting fertility! What do you know! So does the vaccine. Maybe I hey are downsizing us. Keep taking your jabs sheep.

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LOTS more money for fertility drugs and fertility clinics.......this was already the case almost 20 yrs ago with sperm count being low and couples having a hard time conceiving....the solution was that science can help with that.....it will only get worse.....I used to joke that there will be fertility clinics on every corner , sort of like Starbucks...and that was a while ago....imagine the future.....

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Not terribly surprising given the fact that based on Pfizer’s own data the highest spike protein concentration is in the ovaries.

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They can now decide who is allowed to breed and who isn't - exactly what the Naaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzies did.

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Why is it so difficult to reason not to put anything in your body that you can’t get out? Vax is playing Russian roulette …infertility, blood clots, heart issues, palsy, cancer, ….

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Dr. Alexander,

Please clear up a debate that has been sparked by some of the comments.

Is the concerning spike the natural one or the artificial one in the "vaccines"? Is the study talking about natural infection or infection by "vaccine"?

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Being foreign proteins the spike protein are susceptible to lysis by proteolytic enzymes.

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So it's not just the bad medicine injections, though they make the situation far worse, but a natural infection of the body by the unnaturally planned, produced and released man made pathogen inappropriately labelled SARS-CV2, rather than correctly calling it "Fauci's Disease".

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