Yeah, that worked so well last time...🤦🏼‍♂️ what a bunch of imbeciles.

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After the last 3+ years of patently-obvious, orchestrated bullshit insanity over a non-existent "novel virus"; lock-downs, travel bans and almost forcible mass injections of a deadly dangerous experimental drug, these ass-clowns are asking Poopypants Biden for yet another travel ban over yet another "novel respiratory virus" in China? (BTW since the attempted SARS fraud of 2003, this is the third?)

How stupid can anyone be?

Oh and by the way Dr. Paul? You do a little digging into odd corners of research, you'll discover smallpox was never eradicated, it's still very much with us...🤔

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while we're at it, lets wear three masks, distance 6 feet, shut down businesses, shut down churches, lock down our elders to die alone, and take totally safe and effective vaccines that make the people running everything even richer...

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Tragic politicians have gotten involved with medicine and making money off killing.

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Rubio is an idiot!

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Totally in agreement. This sycophant has never done anything worth noting for his constituents or otherwise. He’s an absolute fake.

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Good luck with that. He will let as many sick people in as he can. Look at the border.

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There is an open southern border with people coming over from all countries.

This idea of stopping flights is useless.

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The NY governor, the one that wanted people to be her apostles and tell their friends they love them... and to get the jab blah blah. https://regs.health.ny.gov/volume-title-10/content/isolation-quarantine-and-restrictions Title: ISOLATION, QUARANTINE AND RESTRICTIONs Effective Date 03/09/2020 This looks like it needs a deeper look.


Senator George Borrello Urges Governor Hochul to Refrain from Re-Issuing Rule 2.13


ALBANY – In the wake of the Appellate Division’s dismissal of a lower court ruling in favor of the plaintiffs in Borrello et. al. v. Hochul, Senator George Borrello has penned a letter to Governor Hochul requesting that her administration refrain from reissuing Rule 2.13, “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures.”

Sen. Borrello cited the constitutional concerns surrounding the rule that were referenced by State Supreme Court Judge Ronald Ploetz in his original ruling on the case. His July 2022 decision was in favor of the petitioners, Senator Borrello, Congressman Mike Lawler, Assemblyman Chris Tague and the citizens group, Uniting NYS

“In dismissing our challenge on the basis of ‘standing’, the Appellate Division conveniently sidestepped the important questions in this case about the constitutional separation of powers. Judge Ploetz thoroughly reviewed that issue and ultimately agreed with us, citing the fact that the State Legislature had already spoken on the issue of isolation and quarantine orders when they enacted Public Health Law 2120 in 1953,” said Sen. Borrello. “The administration’s win ‘on paper’ is an empty one without a judgement on the merits of the case. Nonetheless, for us to let this stand unchallenged would pave the way for future abuses of power and loss of freedoms New Yorkers deserve and expect,” said Sen. Borrello. “The Hochul administration can end this now by removing their support for this heinous regulation. Barring that, we are hopeful that the Court of Appeals will agree that there are profound issues at stake and agree to review this case.”

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Interesting site with information. A must read, so sick of this crap https://www.sciencedaily.com/news/plants_animals/genetically_modified/ Researchers have genetically engineered the first mice that get a human-like form of COVID-19, according to a study published online November 1in Nature. They cover a variety. They giveth the disease, then experiment on those who get it. "That these mice survive creates the first animal model that mimics the form of COVID-19 seen in most people -- down to the immune system cells activated and comparable symptoms," said senior study author Jef Boeke, the Sol and Judith Bergstein Director of the Institute for Systems Genetics at NYU Langone Health. "This has been a major missing piece in efforts to develop new drugs against this virus." Problem of Large DNA

The new study revolves around a new method to edit DNA, the 3 billion "letters" of the genetic code that serve as instructions for building our cells and bodies.

While famous techniques like CRISPR enable the editing of DNA editing just one or a few letters at a time, some challenges require changes throughout genes that can be up to 2 million letters long. In such cases, it may be more efficient to build DNA from scratch,

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The "narrative" on when the novel coronavirus began to "spread" in Wuhan has changed. For more than a year, the official narrative ("the settled science") was that local residents began to get infected in mid-December 2019 at a live market.

Later, more people said, "No, 'case zero' was probably three WIV scientists who allegedly got sick in November" (per "U.S. Intelligence" as reported in an influential story by the WSJ).

However, some of us think the virus must have been spreading by mid-October 2019 when the World Military Games were held in Wuhan ... because many people got sick with Covid symptoms while at these Games.

If that was the novel coronavirus that made those people sick, doesn't common sense say the virus must have been spreading in Wuhan residents BEFORE these thousands of visitors arrived? If so, that would push back the start of "virus spread" in Wuhan to at least September 2019.

My point is that whether we pick mid-December or September 2019 as the "birthday" of "virus spread," this virus had been spreading for many months before we had the lockdowns to slow or stop "spread."

People who were infected in Wuhan would not have stayed in Wuhan. So even President Trump's travel ban of January 30, 2020 would have happened far too late to stop "virus spread." By that time, millions of people might have been infected and travelled all over the world.

The timeline on virus spread has always been way off IMO. But no one is supposed to question this "official" timeline.

Another important question: Is/was this virus very contagious or not? I say it was. So if infected people left Wuhan, they would have infected many other people ... who would have infected many other people.

What we didn't see until late February (in Italy!) was any spike in excess deaths. My take-away is that the virus was indeed very contagious ... it just wasn't very lethal. It wasn't killing people in any noticeable numbers. This prompts a couple of questions: Why did the virus suddenly become extremely lethal in, say, late March and April 2020?

Or was the virus not particularly contagious in its early form? I doubt that. The "severe" and "widespread" ILI in America tells me something was making more people sick. The first wave of Covid was probably in November 2019. It got worse in December and perhaps even worse in January and early February. By mid-March, the virus was petering out on its own.

By April, does anyone really remember many friends or family member who were coming down with Covid (flu-like) symptoms in their towns or houses? Probably not. But plenty of us remember many people who had those symptoms in November, December, January and February.

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My daughter and her husband took one Pfizer shot despite me warning them not to. When I found out I made them promise to not take the second one. They didn't and they looked at all the information I gave them and now are spreading the message to anyone who will listen. Their kids wer enot vaccinated. Two days ago their neighbour gave birth to a new child and the comment from my daughter was 'thank goodness she is now and antivaxxer. We have to work to save one child at a time by waking up as many as we can.

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Rubio is on Bill & Melinda Gate’s payroll. Rubio can not be trusted.

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I am asking again for a ban on all congressional activities. We do not need these losers leading us down another fake pandemic road.

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Here in America there are not respiratory illness cases? How dumb…

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